Advantages and Disadvantages of Auto Play In Slots

July 17, 2015 phpadmin online casino games


The slots are the much loved game in the casinos worldwide and you will rarely find a hater of this game. It is fun, exciting and money wise lucrative as well. The online gambling casinos have seen a lot of variation and innovation due to the evolving technology. If you have played online casino games […]


Top online casino payout rates

May 5, 2015 phpadmin online casino games


Casino payout rates are not constant rates that are audited by a reputable third party to gain the trust of gamblers. Payout rates are displayed in percentage, and the percentages are different for different games. There are different percentages for each game and also different for different top ranked casinos. Most of the time payout […]


Ten exciting online casino games to play

March 10, 2015 phpadmin online casino games


Casino games are great fun. Some play for money, some for pure entertainment while there are a lot who play for both the things. Entertainment is guaranteed in all sorts of casino game. Since the advent of technology, so much variety came into the casinos. Specially, in the online casinos a lot of variety is […]


Popular Christmas Themed Online Slots

January 13, 2015 phpadmin online casino games


Who doesn’t love gambling? There can’t be no soul who doesn’t like gambling, it is the adrenaline rush, the dopamine surge the mixture of hormones secreting in the body and brain when we take a risk. And this is the risk that the serotonergic people crave, what humans can get addicted to a little too […]


Secret Santa Slot Review

November 4, 2014 phpadmin online casino games


The Christmas season is just round the corner and so is the most apt online slot game according to the occasion. Microgaming is all set to celebrate this Christmas with the online slot game lovers with its Secret Santa slot game. Microgaming has a history of successful online casino games so every time expectations are […]


Party Time Slot Game Review

October 15, 2014 phpadmin online casino games

The name of the slot speaks loudly of the main theme which is all about a colorful, musical party where players are entertained in a classical way. Party Time is one of the most desired classical slot machines by Microgaming for its lucidity and level of fun. The factor of simplicity distinguishes Party Time slots […]


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Safest Online Casino Payment Methods

August 12, 2014 phpadmin online casino games


There are multiple mediums through which one can deposit as well as withdraw funds from the online sites. These mediums are authenticated and trust worthy. There have not been no fraud cases against them and they are effective and fast. Some big names in this industry are: NETeller: This company has been the most successful […]


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Best Mobile Casino Sites & Bonus On Your Phone

July 8, 2014 phpadmin Online Casino


The Australia Online Gambling industry has fast improved over time with thousands of games launched online and better quality graphics and animations. Today, online casino games are right on your palms with games on your phone to play any time you want. With millions of casino games now available online, you have a chance to […]


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Jason And The Golden Fleece Slot Machine Review

June 10, 2014 phpadmin online casino games

Jason And The Golden Fleece Slot Machine Review

Since its introduction in the online gaming industry, Jason and the Golden Fleece slot machine has hit the ground and now become the most popular and cherished game of all time. The game offers various parts that many players are falling in love with. With also a huge number of ways to win on every […]


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Mobile Casinos: The Game Types

May 14, 2014 phpadmin Online Casino

mobile casino

Online casinos have acquired a huge popularity after the development of mobile versions. There is no doubt that online desktop versions lead the race. However, the growth rate of mobile casino games is surprising. Surveys state that by 2020, almost all mobile platforms will deliver online streaming mobile applications, which are currently limited to flash […]


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