The 5 Most Popular Online Slots Games for You to Play

It’s no wonder online slots are a big hit. Slot machines have always been one of the most sought-after features in any casino. There’s something about the sound of the reels lining up that keeps people on their toes. It gives a thrill like no other. This is why it is no surprise that these casinos slots have also gathered the same kind of crowds.

Slots is a game of chance. It is not something you can manipulate to increase the odds in your favor. There are no strategies here in terms of making the reels show the same symbols. More often than not, it’s pure luck that’s at play. This is why those who play slots leave their strategizing to the way they spread their bets. They play with the odds and see which approach can yield the best amount of wins.
[wpex more="Read more" less="Read less"]Slots is a game of chance. It is not something you can manipulate to increase the odds in your favor. There are no strategies here in terms of making the reels show the same symbols. More often than not, it’s pure luck that’s at play. This is why those who play slots leave their strategizing to the way they spread their bets. They play with the odds and see which approach can yield the best amount of wins. [/wpex]

People have been playing slot machines since the 1890’s. Initially, the game was patterned after poker. The game quickly became popular and most bars around the US had at least one. Of course, the betting system wasn’t solid back then. Different bars had different styles. In some bars, they would give away a free beer if you get a pair of kings. For others, a royal flush can give you a cigar. It all depends on what bar you visit.

It wasn’t until the 1970’s that video slot machines were made. From here, the popularity of the game just kept rising.

Most Popular Online Slots Games

The best online casino is the one that provides you with the most options to play slots online. What makes playing online even better is the fact that there are a lot of variations to choose from.

Yes, slots online now come in many different forms. It depends on your individual preferences. Look at what looks most appealing to you. Usually, different games also give different payouts. Look at some of the most popular online slots games available in different online slots sites:

  • Frankie Dettori’s Magic Seven

    Frankie Dettori is an Italian horse-racing jockey. What does this have to do with slots? Well, one of the most popular slots in online casinos is dedicated to him and his wins. Behind this game is Playtech, and it’s evident they want players to experience Frankie’s biggest victories. The moving graphics on this slot gaming brings you straight into the horse tracks. This is one of the things that makes this game even more exciting than your usual slots.
    The game features 5 reels, with 25 paylines you can rely on to give you big bucks. You can expect free spins and some expanding wilds as well. The basic goal of the game play is for you to get at least 3 of the same symbols in the right order. You can also get the grand prize if you catch 5 headshots of Frankie in a single row. This can give you up to 7,777 times your bet.

  • Desert Treasure

    The word treasure alone should tell you how much money you can get from this game. And with the word desert into the mix, you can expect what could keep you from winning. There are scorpions and snakes and beetles. But go past all these, and you can find the X that marks the spot.

  • Thunderstruck II

    The strike of lightning is one of the things that makes Norse mythology a popular theme. This also makes it a great twist to a slots game. The perfect example – Thunderstruck II.
    Thunderstruck was already amazing. So you’d of course have to expect that Thunderstruck II is even better. And it is! The graphics alone can leave you awestruck. It adds an even more surreal feel to the entire game play.
    Here’s something that’s even better. It has 243 pay lines all in all! The great hall of great spins just leaves you astounded with one possible win after another.

  • The Incredible Hulk

    Remember how strong Hulk is? Well, that’s the same kind of strength you’ll witness when you play The Incredible Hulk. Notice how Hulk gets stronger the madder he gets? It’s the same thing you’ll experience here.
    Basically, you’ll see how multipliers go up each time Hulk smashes things. You’ll see expanding bonuses, progressive jackpots, scatter and bonus symbols, and more and more multipliers!

  • Deal or No Deal

    Deal or No Deal is, as you probably know, one of the most popular game shows on TV today. But its also popular with online gaming enthusiasts. This slot machine is one of the most sought after.
    It’s the same concept from the show! The more patient you are, the bigger the rewards! And as both the TV version and the slotplaying version are both games of chance, expect your heart to pound non-stop as you wait for possibly the biggest wins of your life.

Can’t wait to play these exciting online slots games? Here are a few basics for beginners out there.

Slots Online Guidelines

Still unfamiliar with the basics of playing slots online? Here are a few basics that can help you out.

If you’re worried about being cheated out of the game, you should stop right now. Online casinos are controlled by Random Number Generators (RNG). This means that everything that pops out of your screen is random. And yes, this system is fully tested and used across all slots games online.

What does this mean? This only means that your chances of winning relies on luck. There is no way for you to manipulate the game. There are no patterns that will tilt the odds towards your side of the screen. This also means that whether you win or lose, every game is fairly executed.

Now, a lot of you probably know that the basic way to win here is to have the same symbols from the left reel to the right reel. Although this is true across in all slotcasinos, there are also a lot more ways for you to win than this.

Today, the creators of slot games have increased the ways on how you can win. This should be good news, after finding out that no pattern or strategy will tilt the odds of the game. This means that at least, you can strategize in terms of how much you can get should you get lucky. Different games have a different number of pay lines. In fact, some games can offer up to 100 pay lines!

Since slots now come in 5-reel formats, hitting 5 symbols in a row will also yield the highest payouts most of the time. But this is not the only way for you to hit the big time. Online slots offers even more chances of winning. Here’s how:

  • Wilds

    A lot of online slots have wilds, which are special symbols that can stand for any other symbol. Let’s say you already have 4 of the same symbol in a row, then the 5th reel yields a wild. This would then be equivalent to 5 of the same symbols, which means that you win!

  • Scatters

    Scatters are another set of symbols that gives you payouts even if they are not lined in a single row. Let’s say you get 3 scatter symbols found in random places on the screen. This will still be equivalent to a payout even if they do not appear in a straight line or in any specific pattern.

  • Free Spins

    Usually, free spins are more than what the name implies. Yes, the spin is free. But this may also come with additional multipliers, additional wilds, or special features that could increase your winnings even more.

  • Gamble

    Ever won a spin and hoped that you could double that amount you won? Well, that’s what the gamble button is for. Not all slots have this, but the ones that offer this option allows you to double your win after the victorious spin. In some cases, you could even multiply that win by more than twice!

  • Progressive Jackpots

    When you say progressive jackpots, it means that every time you bet, a percentage of it goes to a jackpot pool. Of course, you have the chance to win this jackpot depending on the mechanics of the specific game you’re playing.

Are you excited to start winning big through online slots? Try a few games now and see which theme brings you the biggest luck!

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