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Responsible Gambling

Playing at online casinos should be a recreational and fun activity. There are free games listed on this website, which are available on the online casinos too. These games are for fun, and they don’t involve real gambling. The gambling sites our website links to, however, do offer real money gambling. To keep it safe and fun, you have to be responsible when you engage in real money betting and gambling.

Be in control

You can keep playing for actual money fun if you play responsibly, and follow some simple guidelines. One of the main advices you should consider is to limit the amount you spend, and do not exceed it. Also, if you experience negative series, you may have run out of luck – if this is the case, don’t stress, just take a break and return at another time. Always make a deposit you can afford, and which you are can afford to lose!

In case of problems

When you feel that it’s more of an addiction than a fun time activity, you have to stop gambling. If you experience mental issues, you find yourself spending too much, you should stop immediately and seek professional help. The following organizations may help you:

  • GamCare
  • Gamblers Anonymous: 1800-002-210
  • org.au
  • gov.au
  • nsw.go.au

Close out yourself

Those who experience any issues with their gambling should exclude themselves. Most online casinos have strict self-exclusion options, and if you feel gambling is a problem, you should exclude yourself from physical locations for gaming too!

Protection of minors

Parents and adults who share a computer with minors, must pay attention to their activities in order to keep children from gambling. Always make sure that minors can’t enter the casino website or use any adult’s account. Follow these guidelines to lower the risks:

  • Always keep your login information safe and hidden
  • Never let the browser save your login info
  • Use parental control software

Don’t leave the computer with casino client or website opened.