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Variety and Classification of slot machines

There are many types of slot machines, they are classified in many categories, and these are deduced from many factors, which allow them to be determined. This article gives a brief analysis of the different ways of dividing the slot types of slots.


Slot machines are usually organized according to the type and their denominations, one of the ways to organize them is according to the currencies they receive, since some only receive pennies, while others can only receive dollars, but there are also those that they are combined and receive multiple denominations of coins.


Number of reels

The “reels” are the symbols that are located on the front of the machine, these reels were previously metal hoops, which when pulled by a lever turned inside the machine, these reels have been replaced by video screens, and these reels or rings are shown symbolically.

slot machinesThe number of reels has also changed over time, previously used to be 3, now the new slots are more finished and use 5 reels; this makes it harder to win with these reels that were added to them, but at the same time it allows the boat to grow, and the prizes are greater.

Type of game

Time and technology have allowed the slot machines to have changed a lot, previously the games were very basic with only 3 reels, currently, and high technology allows having a highly interactive game, with 3D images, with multiple functions, Very attractive and enveloping sounds.

There is a wide variety of slot machines around the world, depending on where the player is, you will find a different type of slot machine. Some types of slot machines will be detailed in the following list.

Slot machines class I and class II

The machines are usually classified according to some jurisdictions of the United States, with only one of the two classes or game class as class II and class III. Those of class III are usually those of games cataloged as traditional slot games, these machines are usually only found in casinos located in Reno, Las Vegas, Atlantis City, as well as other different games.

As for class II slots, they can generally only be found in smaller casino locations, such as those located in states where only Native Americans are allowed to operate casinos.

The most traditional type III machines are also known as “Vegas-style” slots, usually the spin of the reels of these machines, are what determine the result, for each spin of the reels is independent; since they are totally random, anything can happen, according to the parameters established in this game.

On the other hand type II machines, has other guidelines to win or lose, and is more like a lottery. In this classification you could say that the players go against each other, and not against the house as is the custom in the Las Vegas games, in this classification, they face each other to see who takes the prize older, and it’s more like a lottery game.

The players here look, feel, and act in front of a slot machine, but the reality is that mathematical calculations and machine settings are more like bingo; When the results are given, they are based on the previous results, only a certain number of wins and losses are allowed, in a certain group of groups.

Slot machines flat versus progressive

Slot machines that have a fixed jackpot are called “flat”, were very common, and previously most had that category, currently, it is still common to find them in casinos like Playamo, although their jackpot is low, compared to progressive prizes, it is easier to win than progressive jackpots.

Slot machines generally have a jackpot, which is very difficult to win, and it increases over time, it gets very fat as time goes by and nobody gets it, comparing many times with the prize of a lottery.

Each time it is played on the machine, the game usually takes a small percentage of each bet that is added to the jackpot, this allows increasing the jackpot even more until someone finally wins it. Once someone has already won the prize, the boat begins to fill up with the initial jackpot.

Within the categories there are other categories, that is to say, the slots can be subcategorized in others, there are machines that are independent, and the jackpot is only exclusive of them in particular, these machines are usually called independent progressive.

Also, the boats in the network are very common, that is to say, the jackpot or jackpot is shared between several machines in a single casino.

Slots online versus on the ground

Online slots are usually played through the internet, and money is also handled in this way, but your game works just like traditional Vegas games.

Online casinos have a great advantage over land-based casinos, online casino tends to have higher prices than land casinos, because their expenses are much lower than online casinos, and they can pay a higher percentage to their winning players.

Slot machines lose versus tight

This “loose” slot term is because these machines usually pay more money and more frequently, quite the opposite of tight slot machines.

But for a player it is not easy to determine when it is loose or tight, you can only verify it with the experience of the game in the machines, and the evaluation of the payment percentage, thus it is a matter of perspective. But these opinions can be discussed in the internet betting forums, where players will find a variety of opinions on this topic.

Payment lines

The payment lines determine the combinations, and pay when they are achieved during the game, these are usually located in the center of the three reels of the traditional machines. But currently the most modern machines have several payment lines, and they are very complex.

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