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Online Pokies 2022 – Best Casinos to Play

Pokies were initially created as another option to entertain the online gamblers, in no time they have instantly become New Zealand’s most famous online gambling. As their secret ingredient for their success, the nice storylines, and the stunning, great graphics have always trapped the imaginations and have captivated the interest of every online pokies fan.

Although the online slots expression is widely used in America, for Kiwis, they term it as pokies, which is an equivalent poker machines term shortened spinoff. So basically this is how pokies originated and was embraced in New Zealand.


Long before Kiwis patronized and loved slots, gamers were able to enjoy their pokies games is at land-based establishments. As a matter of fact, there are a lot of gaming spots that were founded in some pubs in New Zealand, which makes it possible for the patrons to play the most know and popular slot games.

Well, it has a great difference to play online pokies at your convenience which is of course, at your home. This may be through your normal desktop computer or laptop, but even iOS and Android devices are capable of handling the online casino games. But we really cannot avoid to have disadvantages and advantages when you playing online compared to when you are playing with physical pokies. Like for example,when you are playing slots machines in a pub, you are more likely to drink with of course not water, but any drinks, right? Well as a chain reaction, when you are almost drunk while playing, many circumstances may arouse like to be honest, bad things that might occur like a fight or any scandalous scenes. This might trigger the gambler in you where in you will be troublesome and more likely to bet everything you have without thinking straight. Well, this is exactly the first rule to consider when playing on land base: never play when you are drunk.

Another great difference when you play online pokies and on grounds is that when the limiting machines. What I am talking about is that when you are playing slots or progressive jackpot at the casino, you cannot anticipate whether the machine you used to play or where you want to play will be free for you, because technically you do not own the machine in the first place. So you absolutely do not have the assurance that you will achieve the game that you want when you are about to play, unlike when you are playing online, the limit is through your fingertips. You can choose whatever game you hop on as long as you have your own device because you are the only customer that your phone will be serving to.

Regarding the rate of payout, the favour is indeed for those who play slot machine online than those who play in land based pokie machines. So yes, I will support my statement. When you play in land-based, the ordinary payout percentage that you will possibly have is going to be somewhere around 80% but luckily for those who are online, you will generously reach a maximun payout of as much as 97% return to the player. This implies that casino is keeping lower amounts in profit online player.

Online gamers will surely be glad to know that in term of bonuses, you are still in the winning side (check Jackpot City for a great one!). In case you pick any of those online casinos which we offer at our site, you will rejoice to see that most of these sites great deals as a welcome bonus, free spins and match bonuses.

The welcome-related bonus usually is a specific amount of real money or reward the casino gives you through depositing the said account as soon as you join and register in the game. Often, this is considered as “match-up” extra:they will be compatible with a percentage of your first deposit when you sign up. Well you might wonder what percentage I’m saying, for example, you deposited an amount of 1000 NZD, and this automatically means that you will receive an extra 1000 for free.

But you might ask, why would they give me such a match bonus, is there a catch though? Well I don’t see any negative thing about this “catch” that I see, because you will still gain something out of this as a matter of fact. In order to withdraw the bonus they gave you, you must first have a “wager” reaching to a certain amount required. The factor how many times you have to play through the bonus amount varies for each casino that’s giving you the bonus, and also, be noted that terms and conditions are applied in this matter so better be cautious to fully understand the situation and requirements.

With regards to the payment system, it’s a bit advantageous for those who play in land base because they will never encounter any hassle in terms of paying, because it is true that it is more comfortable to pay when your cash is on your hand as compared to when signing up and paying through cards and all, but what the online players can be bragged about is that it will only take you 2.5minutes to set up your online wallet, which is somehow favourable on this part. Also there are many various options given in terms of paying online so there is no worry at all.

The best of all benefits of playing online pokies is that you have the option to play without money involved, you get free spins, a huge selection of different slots and better payouts. This is all true as you visit the site, you don’t have pay any amount unlike when you are at the casino, because free online games are given primarily intended for the players who have just started and still practicing the games. So this can aid you to ease any tension you have before actually betting real money and playing with slot machine games. You can play a lot of progressive jackpot slots with huge prizes like Mega Moolah, Fortunium, and many more.


  • Can I Play for Free Best Online Pokies ?

Of course, just simply go to any casinos we recommend and sign up to play slot machines. After signing up and securing your own account, you are then ready to play and enjoy casino games and free pokies. But this means that you cannot generate any winnings particularly cash money even if you win in any games. All the slot games that you play with no cost are just merely for fun.

  • Is there a bonus features even if I didn’t make any deposit? How can I avail of free credits?

Some of the casinos that we recommend here will actually give you real money bonus just by playing free spins. This can be possible even if you are making any fund deposits. No downloads and registrations needed. Still they have the terms and conditions though on how can you be able to avail the bonus features through withdrawing any money you generate in playing.

  • What is the minimum deposit requirements?

Most of the casinos that we recommend do not have any minimum deposit, which means that you can deposit real money on any amount you want from one dollar to start playing your favorite pokie games or progressive jackpots like Mega Moolah.

  • Can play free pokies through any of my devices?

The devices supported by our casino games are iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, android Mobile or tablet, Mac computer, PC, Laptop and any Windows laptop, so you can your favorite games online on any device.

  • Can I play mobile slots even if I am outside New Zealand?

Yes, online casino can operate in AUD and NZD and have dedicated customer support teams available only for New Zealand players.

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