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How to Play BlackJack Online at New Zealand Casinos – Online Guide

The Blackjack is quite a popular casino card game, which originates in America, but it’s also popular among Kiwi casinoplayers. It’s a really quick game, and in online casinos it’s more popular than ever, especially if there are options to play in a “player versus live dealer” method. At first the Blackjack may look like a simple game, but it has several rules.


The Blackjack is played with a regular 52-card deck with no Jokers in it. Brick and mortar casinos use several decks (called a shoe) in order to make the game faster (there is no need to reshuffle) and to make it harder to count the cards.

At first look, the Blackjackrules are quite simple. Blackjack can be played by a group of people, and by only two: the player and the banker. In most cases, the online casinos have Blackjack software which features an AI as the banker, and the player plays against the computer. It’s quite common for online Blackjackgames to offer a software which allows player versus player games. Let’s take a look at the basic rules. To play the game, you have to buy chips, usually from the banker, or in case of online casinos, you already have the chips. Different colours mean different values: the lowest is the white (worth $1) and the biggest is the black (worth $100); also red chips ($5) and green chips ($25) are available at most casinos. Casino sites and single-player software may have lower or even higher value chips. 

If you have the chips, and everyone is ready to play, you have to place your bets. Every table has a minimum and a maximum limit for the bets, so pay attention to the descriptions and signs. The players don’t cooperate and they are no playing against each other, and the only competition is the bank (the dealer). After each hand, the Blackjack players can either hit or stand; there is a whole lot of Blackjack strategy which claim to know when to hit and when to stand. The dealer hands out two cards for the players: the players’ cards are face up, while the dealer has one face down. While the player can freely decide what to do next, the dealer’s hands are tied: he/she has to hit or stand – if the dealer’s hand is under 17 she has to hit, otherwise it’s always a stand. Naturally, if the dealer has a natural 21 (from two cards) everyone loses who doesn’t have a blackjack too. A natural 21 – which consists of an Ace and a ten-point card brings the player 1.5x of the bet (so you bet $10, and you have a Blackjack, you receive $15).

There are several Blackjack side rules which make it possible to grab the opportunity and get the best out of the game. For example, the insurance is a widely debated option, and most strategies are advising against it: if the dealer’s visible card is an Ace, the players can bet whether it’s a blackjack or not. The insurance bet is the same as the original bet, and winning yields at odds of 2:1. As a safety side rule, the player can surrender and get back half of the bet. The player can split the hand into two (with the same wagered amount) if the starting cards are of the same value. Those who feel like they can beat the dealer’s hand can double down their bet, doubling the original amount for greater yield.

The Blackjack is easy to play, and if it were created nowadays, the casinos likely wouldn’t offer it, since it’s too friendly with the player, while the dealers have to follow strict rules. The Blackjack is a positive expectation card game, since you can see positive return in a few games and the other players are not strategizing against you. The Blackjack basics are simple, the overall game is easy to learn, and though there are several types of the game, the base principles are always the same: you have to stand near 20 or have a Blackjack to win.

Basic Blackjack strategies

  • Depending on the dealer’s face-up card and on your hand, always hit until you reach or exceed 17!
  • Most systems and strategies are against playing the insurance, and they are usually right. It’s a loser’s bet, so leave it – you still have better chances to win!
  • If you want to make sure you have better chance of winning, you should get charts and cheat-sheets when you play online – and look for live dealer games!
  • If you learn to be a blackjack card counter you can play the insurance if you are sure that the dealer has a blackjack. At least you get back some of the wagered money.

Always have lower and higher value chips, especially if you don’t want to be everything at once, or you are playing a betting strategy.

Blackjack FAQ

  • Which is the best deal: playing blackjack without dealer or with a live dealer?

It looks like that most betting and playing strategies are preferring the live blackjack games, because there isn’t much chance of running into a faulty program, and you can play with the real casino’s blackjack rules.

  • Are there any way to play free blackjack without downloading?

Yes, the best online casinos offer free games too, which you can play with the virtual money granted upon registration. These free games are available through the webpage, or you can download the casino software too.

  • Is it possible to play blackjack without money?

Again, the answer is yes. Most casinos – online casinos – offer the players a virtual account with virtual money. You can use that money to play for fun, or test your strategies against the computer. You can’t play blackjack without money with a live dealer.

  • Single-deck blackjack vs. shoe blackjack, what’s the deal?

The Single-deck blackjack is more predictable, especially if you are playing with multiple players; it’s also easier to count the cards. The shoe blackjack games are faster, but there are other odds of winning.

  • What are the odds for winning, and what strategy should I follow?

It’s hard to tell exactly, because the odds are depending on the number of decks, and mostly on the rules: the dealer stands at a soft or a hard 17, when you can double down or when you can split your hand, and whether you can surrender or not.

  • Are blackjack machines rigged? And what about the casino games?

It’s illegal to modify a machine to swallow the players’ money, and it’s not common. This is true for the downloadable and in-browser casino software. Gambling is a regulated field, and there an honest, top casino wouldn’t risk its good reputation with rigged software are cheating dealers.

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