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Bier Haus Slot

In this world of games and slot machines, people can become real lovers of bonuses and even wilds with sticky particularity when the player gets the right combination, and for this, we must emphasize: the game needs to have such a feature of the sticky wild. The players are really hooked when the music rises and the emotion, as a result, can also rise to its maximum expression.

This game Bier Haus is inspired by a common bar of German origin where an incredible local festival is being held. Players will receive invitations for pleasant talks with other people and will be able to fit in with each other while playing for a while. Bier Haus has for its interested: a good amount of graphics that have very good quality, very good sound effects and can also make sure when playing this amazing slot. Its screen has five traditional reels and forty varied payment lines; it even has a balance of one thousand coins and four rows.


Bier Haus Slot
Bier Haus Slot

Where to Play Bier Haus Slot for Real Money:

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All you have to do is Press the Button so the Reels Start Spinning

The reels have a very attractive design to look at and have graphics that fall on it like acorns, a jug of beer, barrel, an accordion, a castle. Among the most important graphics are the diamonds, the clover, and the heart. The main and most important being undoubtedly the beers and the Bier Haus girl that comes in two options, the girl with the green background and the girl with the purple background, both with different characteristics, since the one with the purple background is the one that triggers the rounds of bonuses

With a Beer in one Hand and another in the Betting Machine

To play a slot game like Bier Haus you have to admit that you need a lot of money to bet; well to take advantage of this betting machine takes time. This means the player can spend a considered time and still not take advantage of it. You can play a few minutes, only if the player has at least sixty credits in hand and betting at least twenty credits because these can be consumed extremely fast. This is just the minimum amount of bets playing all the pay lines.

This is when people ask the reason for players to continue playing this game that brings so much time with no chance of profit, and the answer to their questions is as simple as the player reach the graphics needed to get the combination of unlocks the bonuses will be open the probability that if the player gets between two and three sticky wilds at once, the number of credits and prizes can be shocking. Bier Haus bonuses are from another world!

Sometimes you can win from twenty to thirty free spins and if the wild graphics fall on the same line, that’s when you can get great prizes at every turn. You can get up to more than eighty rounds free and if as the free spins progress the combination is obtained again, these other spins are added. The slot games are the big favorites as far as attractions are concerned.

The company WMS Gaming has a list of slot machines that can be obtained without a problem on the internet. Games like Kronos slots, Zeus Slots, Palace of Riches, super jackpot Party slots, among others.

The Bier Haus Slots game did not have a very big impact in the UK, nor in Australia. However, the physical casinos have aspirations of having slot games like BierHaus in their facilities; this has as a consequence that this betting game can obtain a greater recognition not only in Australia and the United Kingdom but also in other parts of the world.

The slot games have very different names and especially very unusual, they are not only called slot games or slots, they can also be known as fruit machines, pokies, among other names that depend on the origin. To play Bier Haus like online games with real money in the UK: just visit the pages of the online casinos in that same country. If the origin of the player in New Zealand or Australia, you can walk through the online casinos and you can quickly find a list of the best casinos.

Beer Haus was created and released to the public in the year two thousand and two and became the game that has the best beers. The huge glasses of beer are one of the biggest attractions in the graphics of this betting machine, barrels and leather pants. The most famous symbol for people who know about the game is the blonde girl who acts as a waitress in BeerHaus; she is an essential piece on the way to prizes.

If the player gets five or number of the Beer Haus girl chart, with one of them in each line of play from the first to the third, a bonus will be knocking on the door. And the more Beer Haus girls get the player: the more free spins he will get. With the opportunity of up to eighty free spins. The sticky wilds with which you must get to make real money, good money in great amounts in the bonuses.

If the opportunity to get the beerhaus girl is presented in a considered amount, then the player could win six and even more wilds on the screen during the entire time that the round of free spins takes. And this could only be translated into money and much more money.

But as mentioned above, Beer Haus is one of those games that came out in the years two thousand twelve and two thousand thirteen have an inconvenient disadvantage, and that is to get some profit is necessary to have enough time and money. And just as this happens, in the next second the player could get with prizes after huge and even more incredible prizes.

This game, according to statistics, did not get much movement in its ranking after its release, however, the figures changed by two thousand thirteen after obtaining a high demand for both virtual and physical casinos. This may have been due to the fact that despite some pros and cons that collide, players can claim that very good winnings are obtained when playing, even with the minimum number of spins.

Everyone wants to Enjoy a Party Atmosphere and Joy as Bier Haus Offers

This slot game in addition to the aforementioned bonus feature does not possess any other way to win strong prizes. However, it will not be very difficult to see the Beerhaus girl fall into the drums of the game, because this is arranged in such a way that this girl appears very often in the different drums, and one over another. If you get a strong bonus in Bier Haus there will be no excuse to enjoy one and many more beers!

To know the information of this game and to know how to play it, it is only necessary that the player approaches the machine, because the panel of this game is designed in such a way that it not only offers amazing graphics and spectacular colors but also details until which are the graphics that trigger the rounds of super cool bonuses and small tips that could be helpful at some point. Once the game is started, the player will have total control over what happens in the game.

Software WMS
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 40
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.05
Max. Bet 40
Slot Themes Gold
Slot RTP 96.28%

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