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Double Diamond Slot

Are you a classic slot machine games enthusiast? Well, if you haven’t found the right one yet, this game could be the one for you. This is a classic slot machine game that uses the typical 3-reel slot system. Due to its simplicity, it is very popular among the players. The game has a high win rate and it is pretty fun to play with. Even though it uses a very basic game system and the prize you can get is not as big as in other slot machine games, we’re sure you’ll have a pretty good time while playing with it. It’s not complicated to understand, after all!


Where to Play Double Diamond Slot for Real Money:

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Features and Symbols

The simplicity that the game shows is what makes it so attractive. The prizes you can get is not as big as with other slot machines (the max. bet is 3 coins, while the max. prize is 2500). The symbols used in it are also pretty simple, having the “7”, the game’s logo, and many others that are easily recognizable when you first try the game. Just like many other slot games, you need to stack at least 2 of these symbols so you can get a win. But there’s more to it, as you can use the Double Diamond symbol which is represented by the game’s logo. The Double Diamond symbol is the one that awards the player with the highest prize, which is 2500 coins, but only if the player is able to stack it in three reels on one of their lines that are being used in the game. It’s very much easy to win in this simple slot machine game, as you don’t have to stack three of the same symbol every time to get a win, actually, you can win even if you stack only two of them in the same line. You can discover the 27 ways to win that Double Diamond Slots can offer you since it’s a 3-reel simple slot game.

Let’s Go in Deep About How the Game Works.

The player decides the reels and the bet that they will put on them and then, they have to press the “spin” button. Pretty simple! The game is available for play with real currency, which includes the North American ones (USD/CAD) and of course, for European players, the Euro. The player is able to get bonus rounds as well in this game, but these mechanics are a bit reduced in this game due to its simplicity, but what else can you ask for a 3-reel classic slot game? This symbol is able to give the player a bigger prize with the multipliers, depending on how many of them you stack in the same reel, for example, getting one of these will give you a x2 multiplier, and two will give you 4 and so on. Not that hard, right? Unfortunately, the game doesn’t have an online version game for PC/MAC OS, but if you want to try it first before looking for in a casino, you can try the app that has been developed for both Android and iOS for free; you can look for it in the respective app store for those systems.
Software IGT
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 3
Paylines 1
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol Scatters Free Spins
Min. Bet 10
Max. Bet 3000
Slot Themes Vegas
Slot RTP 95.44%

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