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5 Safe and Entertaining Casino Games to Play in 2022

Las Vegas is perhaps one of the most prominent places that many people tend to go to when they need to spend a week with entertainment and excitement takes over. “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is a famous saying that many people often use to describe how far a trip to Las Vegas can go if you only focus on having a good time.


Despite all the excitement that Las Vegas is brought up to be, it is important always to look deeper and scrutinize the reality people often face after all the excitement wears off. One of these often-overlooked things is the amount of money you often lose in Vegas and how debt will follow you if you lose all your money. It is common to find beginners losing all their money on their first try. 


Gambling is a double-edged sword as you have the potential to become an instant millionaire and lose out on your asset and finances. Therefore, it is always essential to take gambling slow and limit yourself by using a certain amount that you don’t mind losing and wouldn’t directly impact your budget.


If you want to make money safely, you will want to choose to play games with the lowest house advantage while also having a reasonable payout. Here we have selectively chosen games that many players can quickly learn and game an increase in payout. Be mindful, however, that all the games here aren’t guaranteed to make you win a lot but assure you that you won’t have spent all the money you earned while also getting your fair share of entertainment and cash back.



One of the popular card games and the origin of the term “Poker Face,” it is not uncommon to find casinos lined up with poker tables filled with players playing the game. Some casinos even offer rooms just dedicated to playing Poker. 

The main reason Poker is considered a safe game to start playing is that it is a game of skill rather than gambling. Although some elements of luckiness and gambling are present, it takes a lot of talent to make full use of your cards, read and analyze your opponents and adapt to the scenario. Because of this, Poker usually sits at a 99.72 RTP as experienced players can end up walking out with more money than they brought in.

Compared to other games on this list, it takes a lot of time to get better with Poker, and it might be a couple of games before you can realistically earn more money than you spent. However, Poker is still an incredibly fun game to play and allows you to develop skills that are necessary for other games.


Craps is a game where the longer you play, the higher your odds of winning are. We recommend this shared common advice among veteran gamblers where the key to winning at the end is playing long enough to catch up to the house edge.

Craps is a game largely dependent on the dealer, as winning a round depends on the dice roll they could get. The game is simple and casual as it only involves rolling dice. Results for a round can be a win or a loss with a win happening on two scenarios where 1.) You place a pass-line wager on the shooter to win and 2.) where you bet on the shooter rolling dice instead of their number. Craps offers, on average, a 98.59 RTP, which allows players to not lose out on a lot of money. However, this also means you can’t earn a large amount of money while playing the game as it is more casual and laidback with minimal risks.


Blackjack is a game that is incredibly similar to Poker, where strategizing for a win can end up in you winning the round. The odds for the game are also considerably even, as you have around a 50% chance of winning if you end up with a good card count. People are not uncommon to get thrown out of the casino because of several rounds of blackjacks.

The game is simple enough to understand as you need to beat the dealer with the sum of the number of cards in your hand without going over the number 21. If you are looking for something challenging but don’t want to go through the steps of learning Poker immediately, consider trying out Blackjack, as you only need to brush up on your card counting skill while learning a few strategies to lead you to victory. 


Baccarat and Craps aren’t that different, as both games have a fair chance of leading to your win. It is often agreed that in baccarat, you have a reasonable chance of winning it if you bet on the banker than better on the player.

The game provides excellent value for your money as you can get enough entertainment from several rounds while avoiding significant dents on your finances with its 98 RTP. However, exercising caution when making side bets is essential as they can eat a considerable amount of money if you lose multiple times.


Everyone should be familiar with roulettes as it is a common sight next to cards in any casino. A typical game of roulette has a wheel of 38 numbers, and the dealer spinning the wheel for the ball to land on a certain number and betting on the number the ball lands on can net you a payout based on the odds. The odds scale is proportionally based on the number of bets you made, with 12 having the lowest odds possible.

Roulette is a game you wouldn’t want to spend too much time in, as the odds of winning can vary greatly. It is not upcoming for the house edge to increase to 5% as the game continues, which is why experienced gamblers often walk away once they earn a profit that they can use for other games.

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