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Magic Spinners: Spin the Reels for Colorful Wins with Fugaso

Casinos are increasingly looking to innovate with more games that attract attention and are very attractive to players. Fugaso, for example, is one of the game developers who have launched a fun and colorful slot game for this 2019.

It is known as the Magic Spinners, and its strategy consists of a bowl that has a wide variety of fruits that include, oranges, lemons, cherries, grapes, bananas, and prunes, to extract directly.

In addition to a couple of special images, the images have a special value, it is the case of 7 in flames that pays up to 2000 Euros if there is the coincidence of 5 of these images, a new way to win real money.

Another of the advantages offered by this game designed by Fugaso is that it has integrated 10 pay lines, and in this case, players can activate the ones they want.

All the information about the payment lines, as well as their designs,  are displayed in a table, there you can see how these payment lines are paid both ways, a good strategy by Fugaso.


Specially designed features

Like any Ruby Fortune game, the Magic Spinner also has its own characteristics, such as the fact that the wild cards only appear on the second, third and fourth reels. On the other hand, the image represented for the wild card is three spinners with a jewel in the center.

progressive Jackpot

The wild cards keep the symbols in the same place before a new turn has been granted to complement, the wild cards also come to replace the symbols.

Magic Spinner was released by Fugaso as part of a series of jackpot slots. Due to this the bets that are paid, help to increase the value of the progressive jackpot, which is grouped for real money players.

There are several ways to contribute to this boat, the progressive jackpot has three levels and in each one, it has a higher value as it is played. The first and the lowest in the mini jackpot, followed by the jackpot madi, and the one who pays the highest is the maxi jackpot.

The jackpot series has launched more than 30 slot machines. On the other hand, in July 2019 the Magic Spiner will become part - along with other titles that are well known within the casino games, such as, Mega Power Heroes, Cosa Nostra, Plagues of Egypt and Knockout, Fugaso Airlines, TrumpIt Deluxe-, of the magical slot machines.

Among those mentioned are the Magic Slots, it is a game that represents a design based on ancient Egypt, includes all the symbology of that civilization: the pharaohs, pyramids, and all the magic of that ancient world.

Its excellent design allows appreciating the graphics with bright colors, which will transport the player to a very real trip, in addition to rewarding the player with more luck.

Another of the slots that will hook the player is the Agic Spinners; it is the latest release by the software provider of Fugaso.

This game is designed in a very balanced way for the player to have fun in a perfect mix of fruits and magic. It has 10 pay lines and 5 reels.

At the time of playing there will be a great uproar on the part of the restless agitators that will load the game with much emotion, nothing traditional to be a game with fruit design. Each player is invited to bite each of these delicious fruits in the slot machines.

Really leaky

How to play in Magic Spinners slots?

As the name implies, in each turn there is a magic that stalks the luck of the player, it will depend on what the player establishes in each of the bets before making the spin of the reels.

The +/- lines and the +/- betting line are the buttons that will help players set the level of bets, you can increase or decrease the level in each of the spins.

Once the bet level is decided the Spin will get the reels and the spin move.

When the player gets tired of spinning the reels manually, he can choose to press the autoplay, there he can choose the number of times he wants the reels to spin without having any interruption.

The most satisfactory thing for the player is when he obtains his victory and can press Collect, to obtain his winnings, or also - if he wishes - he can double it. If so, then he has to press Gamble to start the function again and try again duplicating them

Slot features

The three jackpot levels, mini, madi, and maxi are also available in Magic Spinners, each of the values ​​of these jackpot levels are available just below the reels and at each of the controls.

These jackpots are given in a progressive way and that is why they have different values, ranging from a minimum to the maximum, although their RTP is a theoretical 4.5%, that is, that the prizes are given in a percentage of 2% for the mini jackpot, 1.5% for the Madi jackpot, and 1% for the maxi jackpot.


In the Bejeweled Fidget Spinner, the wild symbol is the highest priority, and during the game, this is the one that replaces the other games, the wild will appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, and if so, then it will be a winning line

If this happens then the wild card will be supported for the reel where it appeared, this will allow it to turn again with the rest of the other reels.

To play

The Gamble button is the one that allows you to double the winnings during the show, or when you get the victory. If you wish, the player can double their wins by pressing the Gamble button, this will restart the game again.

The player can choose what color the card will be, it will be drawn once he has chosen. If he wins again his win will be doubled, otherwise, it will cost him all the wins already obtained and he will have to return to the base game, this will you can do for 5 more wins.

This Magic Sponniers game has some very basic and common features with other games, but it is classified as very exciting and fun by the players, as well as coming with an RTP of 91.5% without a jackpot.

Although it is already a fairly basic and widely played theme, it offers the fun and gratification that players are looking for.

FAQ: Unveiling the Magic of Fugaso's Magic Spinners Slot Game

What is unique about Fugaso's Magic Spinners slot game?

Magic Spinners, a vibrant slot game introduced by Fugaso in 2019, captivates with a fruity theme featuring a colorful array of symbols, including oranges, lemons, cherries, grapes, bananas, and prunes. Unique to this game is the high-value symbol, the flaming 7, which can pay up to 2000 Euros for five matching symbols. Magic Spinners integrates ten pay lines, which players can activate selectively, offering flexibility and enhanced control over the game mechanics.

How does the progressive jackpot in Magic Spinners work?

Magic Spinners boasts a thrilling progressive jackpot system with three levels: mini, midi, and maxi jackpots. As players place their bets, they contribute to the jackpot pool, amplifying the prize amount at each level. The progressive nature ensures that the more the game is played, the larger the jackpot swells, with each level offering a more substantial payout than the previous. This system injects an extra dose of anticipation and the promise of significant wins.

Can you explain the unique features of Magic Spinners?

Magic Spinners has unique features designed to enhance gameplay and increase winning chances. The wild symbol, represented by three spinners with a jewel in the center, only appears on reels 2, 3, and 4, substituting other symbols to create winning combinations. Additionally, the game features a Gamble button, allowing players to double their winnings through a card-color guessing game. This feature can be used up to five times sequentially, provided the player continues to guess correctly.

What are the advantages of playing Magic Spinners online?

Opting for the online version of Magic Spinners presents a host of benefits, including the freedom to enjoy the game from any location and the luxury of setting your own pace with features like autoplay, which spins the reels naturally for a chosen number of times. The online platform also facilitates easy adjustment of bet levels, empowering players to fine-tune their strategy and overall experience. Moreover, the vivid graphics and seamless animations deliver an immersive gaming experience.

How do payout lines work in Magic Spinners?

In Magic Spinners, payout lines are designed to reward wins from both directions, doubling the chances of scoring a win on any activated pay line. The game displays all necessary information about the pay lines in a clear table format, allowing players to understand how each line works and how payouts are calculated. This transparency helps players decide which pay lines to activate based on their playing style and budget.

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