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Gold Diggers Slot

Gold Diggers, is a very interesting slot that contains a very beautiful and fascinating theme for all the people who decide to play. The theme of this game is the excavation of many precious materials such as gold. The game is very nice and attractive but also very profitable for all the people who decide to play. The game consists of 30 lines in which the right combinations are made and also consists of 5 rolls with on which the rotations are realized.


gold diggers
gold diggers

Where to Play Gold Diggers Slot for Real Money:

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Gold Diggers Slot – The Slot You Can’t Miss!

The game has interesting themes because it shows for two brothers looking for gold and fall in love with a girl who has the same mission. The same mission as the characters of the game is also the players who want to play the game. Their mission is also to earn as much gold as possible and to reward them with benefits. The game apart from the themes has a very interesting design that is very similar to other games created by Bet Soft. These slots are not very difficult to play but even if an individual has difficulty he can try to learn how to play.The game also contains important and not just symbols. One of the most important symbols of this game are: dynamite, mineral wagon, a beacon, pick ax, hammers also contains the characters of the game who are a lovely girl and two brothers.

Game of Bonus

Game Gold Diggers is a very interesting game because the theme that it uses creates a lot of emotions and many benefits simultaneously. The game creates the opportunity for free games and if the player knows how to play it can benefit the bonus round and also activate the distribution symbol. The game is designed in a perfect way and has many features it can offer bonus rounds with just one click. As mentioned above, the game has a lot of benefits because bonus rounds can be activated simply by right clicks. The Gold Diggers Slot is a slot that besides interesting themes makes the player feels comfortable even in the monetary aspect.

If the player has 3 symbols of the dynamite displayed, with a stroke all the symbols can fall, so only with the right moves the player wins and activates the different symbols. The player can also earn additional bonuses by using different combinations of symbols in the right place. The player can benefit from the various bonuses when he finds the symbols that are hidden in 3 places and the player must find the digging points. The game has many benefits and also the proper combinations of the symbols will make the player achieve the big prize. For these games, there are also the values that each coin will have.

How To Play

The Golden Coins range from 0.02 to 0.5 NZD, the player can also place a bet with the maximum coefficient of 125 coins. The player must place 5 symbols of the Miners in order to hit them and be rewarded with 500 coins. A player can decide on how many coins he will play, but the lowest value for the currency is 3NZD on all lines where the player is going to operate. Animation of the game is very beautiful and at the same time very impressive. The players feel that they are experiencing something real when they come into contact with this game since every element of it is almost alive. The developers of this game have been very careful to give emotions and players will feel rewarded.


The players before they start playing must be prepared for the game and the symbols that they need to pay more attention. They should first see the bets they will set, except that they should choose the value of the currency, the number the coins they will use and the rows they will activate. However, the values may range from the minimum value to the maximum value.

To the right of the screen will appear a table showing the full table of gaming benefits, thus showing the real value of the payments that the player has benefited in all rounds. Gold Digger has many useful features compared to other Bet Soft games and is well suited to create a bonus. This game is likely to benefit from various bonuses and may increase the player’s monetary value, always making the right combinations.


As we mentioned above, if there are placed in row 3 Dynamic symbols, they will fall and replace all the other outbound symbols, and will also activate various options such as the Click Me option. There is also the second screen that favors the players with bonuses but here the symbols change because it consists of advertising symbols, and the player has to make the right moves in order to get the hidden currencies in 3 digging places. Gold Diggers have the theme of enriching and getting as much gold. If you consider yourself worthy of this game in order to make the big and proper combinations to make money, then do not hesitate to play.

Elements of Game

The game is very rewarding and at the same time very interesting, it makes the player feel very happy with all the opportunities to win and to be rewarded. The game has many impressive elements and some of these elements are: Symbols that are animated are fascinating, as well as they look very real and true. The game apart from the entertainment pans also enables the aspect of the reward and the monetization of the monetary values and in this way, the player feels very good because besides the emotional satisfaction is rewarded and materially too. You are welcome to earn all the rewards and create even more opportunities to win and to enjoy. The game provides you with a lot of opportunities to play and to win, you can just download and install it and the game will be in your personal device in each time you want.

Software BetSoft
Slot Types 3D Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.02
Max. Bet 150
Slot Themes Gold
Slot RTP 91.23%

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