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Explore the Thrilling World of TikiVikings Slot Game

A Unique Option

TikiVikings is a new slot that has come hand in hand with Microgaming with Justfor theWin, in an epic collaboration that promises a lot for casino lovers.

The slot in question has quite interesting possibilities for players, since it has about 20 lines in the payment, while the range of betting options goes from low to high. This game stands out for being the fourth in Justfor the Win that is designed only for fans of Microgaming games.

Despite this, several slot machine players have been able to appreciate more a series of slot machines called Lockit Link, belonging to Aristocrat. This particular game has become so important that even casinos have taken full rooms for these specific machines.

It can be said that TikiVikings has taken a bit of inspiration in this slot since the type of bonuses it offers is quite similar to what is in Lockit Link, a function as a lock in the turn of the Symbol Lock.

TikiVikings Slot Screenshots

tiki viking
tiki viking

Where to Play TikiVikings Slot for Real Money:

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When one of the symbols is rotated in the form of Vikings or even those that have the shape of what is as a logo in the game, it is possible that the screen is locked while a free spin is given, all this when a victorious combination enters in action.

But what happens when players make spins in winning combinations no matter what type they are, or when bets are paid by spinning more times? It is simply possible to grant more spins that would be considered as additional, all until the winning combinations are formed.

It is possible to see a meter of special updates of symbols, everything is on one side of what the screen would be, and when they are rotated to receive the symbols on the reels that have matches until forming what would be a combination to win, which allows seeing much beyond just a twist.

You always have a chance that several symbols on the reels that have less profit are updated to something with a higher value.

The area of the slot where you can see this is in the 5×3 reels on the 20 payment lines. As for the slot it is possible to see it with low volatility with average, which would explain that some maximum payments are actually low in disposition, even up to 300x, which would be equivalent to $75 thousand.

The most outstanding characteristics are based on being a game with high repetitions, symbols that are blocked and update meters that give larger symbols.

Prizes and bets available

The bets that are had in this slot are actually quite good, since the minimum is about 0.10 cents, and the maximum reaches $250. Only that amount allows interesting access to the 20 lines that are always available.

The prizes that are given in this game are somewhat disappointing, at least for a part of the players, since the jackpot comes only up to $75 thousand, an amount that is not so bad, but if compared to other games you can see the difference.

The symbol that has the TikiVikings logo is the trigger that is needed to participate in this prize, it is enough to give about 5 units that pay the amount of the total bet in a 15x, that is, about $5,750. It is normal to get some free laps, more so yes, it is very difficult to achieve all this.

The game itself has been described many times as a machine that has low-average volatility, which may put it in an intermediate position within its possibilities. In any case, when it comes to lower higher payments, it is always possible to have an interesting rate at hand.

The features that make up the TikiVikings slot

This is an important point that should not be forgotten when proceeding with the start of a game, as this can show the difference that the game has with others; and it should be noted that TikiVikings has quite interesting things that not every slot would have.

At one point you have what happens when a winning combination comes into play thanks to the symbols that are of a higher value, such as warriors or even the one with the logo, they can activate a Re-Spin that allows the Symbol Lock Something that can be seen almost instantly is how every activation symbol is locked in the same position where it is at the moment, to later take another turn.

The goal always has to be to collect as many symbols for profits that are original, give way to improve these, and thus obtain a larger payment. When some of this does not happen there are simply no more turns.

Another important feature is based on the meter for symbol updates. These can be filled so that a specific function is triggered and gives the possibility of improving the symbols that are blocked in the following turns, which obviously will allow larger payments.

The design and theme

The story is an important step for slot machines that represent a bit of fun, and in TikiVikings, they are not acquitted of this fact. Here you can see how warriors end up in a region that is in the Pacific, a tropical paradise where hundreds of different adventures abound. This idea is quite interesting for a conventional slot.

Viking warriors are quite involved, almost so much that they can be seen on the screen very regularly, with small details in their hair that make them friendlier. The development of the game is very fluid in itself, so every player will feel quite satisfied when trying a couple of games on it.

In conclusion

It can be considered that the level of volatility that TikiVikings represents is a little lower, something that many people would consider as disappointing. Even so, it has the characteristics to be a very interesting game to play, with an entertaining story and a low risk of which many players would be satisfied.

At first glance it shows that it is not for anyone, but when you take love and the story changes a bit.

FAQ: TikiVikings Slot Game Insights

What makes TikiVikings stand out among other slots?

TikiVikings, a game that stands out in the slot market, is the result of a unique collaboration between industry giants Microgaming and Just for the Win. This partnership has birthed a game with a distinctive Symbol Lock Re-Spin function, a feature that locks winning symbols in place during a re-spin, increasing the potential for bigger wins. This game is a must-try for Microgaming fans, offering a unique experience in the crowded slot game market.

How does the Symbol Lock Re-Spin feature work in TikiVikings?

When you land certain symbols, like the Viking or logo symbols, they can trigger the Symbol Lock Re-Spin. These symbols lock in place, and a re-spin is awarded. If additional matching symbols land during the re-spin, they also lock, and the process repeats until no new matching symbols appear, potentially leading to significant payouts.

What betting options are available in TikiVikings?

TikiVikings offers a wide and flexible betting range, starting from as low as $0.10 to a maximum of $250 per spin. This range is designed to cater to both casual players and high rollers, empowering them to choose their preferred betting level and enjoy the game's 20 paylines.

Are the payouts in TikiVikings competitive with other slots?

While TikiVikings offers a maximum jackpot of $75,000, which may seem low compared to some high-volatility slots, its lower to medium volatility makes it a less risky option for players. The game provides consistent, though smaller, wins, suitable for players who prefer a steadier gaming experience.

What unique design elements does TikiVikings incorporate?

TikiVikings is not just about its unique gameplay features, but also its captivating design. The game combines Viking themes with a tropical paradise setting, creating a one-of-a-kind storyline. You'll find Viking warriors in a Pacific island setting, a visual treat that adds a playful twist to the classic Viking slot genre. This unique design is sure to keep players engaged and entertained.

What should players expect from the gameplay and volatility of TikiVikings?

TikiVikings is characterized by a balanced low to medium volatility, ensuring players can enjoy more frequent wins, albeit smaller in size than higher volatility games. This balanced volatility makes it an ideal choice for those who prefer extended play sessions with a lower risk of significant losses, giving them a sense of confidence and security in their gaming experience.

Slot TypesVideo Slots
Slot Game FeaturesWild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet0.01
Max. Bet30
Slot ThemesRegional
Slot RTP96.95%

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