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All About Progressive Jackpots and the Best Jackpot Games to Start Playing on Mobile

Slot games are typically played in casinos lined up with different slot machines and games for its patrons to enjoy. Nowadays, however, online slot games have risen to popularity as it allows anyone the ability to play slot games easily but also offer more diverse and unique games to enjoy. Among the variety of online slots you can play, progressive jackpots are among the most popular variants because of the rewards it offers to players simply playing the game. This variation appeals to players of different risk profiles as it grants them the opportunity to become instant millionaires.


Classic Slots Vs. Progressive Jackpot Games

Playing classic slots or progressive jackpot usually boils down to personal preference. However, both games have their own sets of pros and cons you need to consider, and knowing these is key to choosing the right type for you.

Standard or classic slots are mainly distinguished from the fixed amount you can earn for each win and the highest prize. Therefore, regardless of their playtime with the game, every player will make the exact payout amount if they hit the same results.

Progressive jackpots take this a step ahead as the prizes you can earn from them continues to increase the longer you play the game. Furthermore, you can also proportionally increase the rewards by increasing your bet as it contributes to the final payout.

Both slot games usually offer the exact match with spinning slots and getting lucky with the results but drastically reward players in different fashions. Classic slots are ideal for players looking for a quick game, as playing progressive jackpots won’t allow them to utilize the advanced feature fully; the opposite is true for players looking to spend a lot of time gambling.

Advantages of Playing Progressive Jackpot Games

The main appeal of the progressive jackpot is the jackpot itself, as it gives players a goal to accomplish with a corresponding reward that matches the difficulty. This appeal is advantageous as more extended playtime means better bonuses at the end.

Other than that, there are additional benefits that come from playing the progressive jackpot games, such as:

• Bigger prize pool compared to other slot games
• Opportunities for multiple jackpots
• The prize pool grows and changes as the game progresses
• Readily available, easy to use, and understand
• Supported and Optimized in Mobile Platforms

Progressive Jackpot Games You Can Start Playing

In light of the popularity of progressive jackpot slots, it is not surprising that they have a massive library of games you can choose from. Its main appeal of becoming an instant millionaire makes it easy to attract players while also being convenient to start contributing to its success. Here are some of the best mobile jackpot games you can play to jumpstart your path to becoming a millionaire.

Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is a progressive jackpot game well-known for its compelling story and quality gameplay. The game has its players explore a world filled with mystery, romance, and hidden darkness and a cast filled with different characters and the secrets they share.

Forbidden love and a juicy story aren’t the only things this jackpot game has to offer; aside from its main gameplay of a 5 x 3 slot reel, it also features bonus features that add to its charm. Part of the bonus features includes free spins, wild symbols, scatters, and bonus rounds, all stylized to the game’s hauntingly calm thematic. Additionally, the jackpot portion of the game grants players an opportunity to win up to 12, 150x your stake, which perfectly plays into the instant millionaire possibility.

Immortal Romance is fully playable on mobile devices, and the system is being developed and released by Microgaming and built on HTML 5, which assures you that you don’t have to worry about any game break bugs and problems.

Mercy of the Gods

Taking a break from all the mystery and Romance, from Immortal Romance to the scorching deserts, Mercy of the God has you explore the world of Ancient Egypt to earn a bountiful fortune. However, the desert and the pyramids aren’t the only things you can expect from this game as, following its name, gods and deities from Ancient Egypt also make their appearance.

The slot game has you explore the ancient pyramids as an archaeologist to solve puzzles and find the treasure for you to take back. The treasures you earn are heavily related to the main game, as you can get gifts such as free spins, double wilds, scatters, and a jackpot. Mercy of the Gods is playable on both desktop and mobile without losing out on quality for the latter.

Imperial Riches

Escaping the ancient pyramids and heading to scenic Japan, Imperial Riches places you in a game with an aesthetically pleasing Japanese theme and stylistic hanging lanterns to match. The game is available on every desktop and mobile platform and offers a unique jackpot system from the ones mentioned here in the list so far.

Imperial Riches incorporates five jackpots for players to win from, with 3 out of the five being progressive. Imperial Riches so far offers you the best opportunity to earn a lot as you effectively triple your chances of going home with a large payout with its unique triple progression. The game also offers additional features such as free spins, wild symbols, bonuses, and an avalanche feature that makes your trip exciting and worthwhile.

Grand Spinn Superpot

The last game combines classic slots with a progressive jackpot system with several features that help improve the experience. The game offers four jackpots, with the first three (Mini, Midi, and Mega) being fixed and the last one, the Super Jackpot, being progressive.

The game is straightforward for players to play as it doesn’t complicate the reels available and the way the jackpot increases. Imperial Riches makes it an ideal game to play for players looking for an easy game to try out and familiarize the progressive jackpot system.

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