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Jade Tiger Slot​

Let’s mention another famous gaming developer who creates the player’s ability to benefit from considerable value. The game is developed by Ainsworth, an online gaming company located in Australia and its headquarters in Sydney. Jade Tiger is a slot that, besides emotions, creates the player with the ability of financial upgrades. This slot consists of 30 lines that are available also from 5 rolls. The game’s playmaking is very interesting because it connects with ancient Chinese culture in search of precious ornaments


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Wild Symbols

There are also symbols of distribution and wild in this case the distribution symbol is one that can pay for the first prize which has the value of 150,000 coins and the value of a coin of 3,000 coins. The game is based on the culture of ancient China and they pay much attention to precious stones as they have a spiritual relationship with colors and the creation of valuable jewelry with these stones.

Also in China, there are 6 jades that pertain to rituals and spiritual, spiritual, and spiritual relationships, and these 6 jades are gui, cong, zhang, bi, hu, huang and each of them represents something related to the north, south, east, west, heavens and the earth. The game at first may seem a bit disappointing because it may seem as if you are not the right appraiser and the greatest success for all the players. The player will need a little while to find the right combinations to gain certain money values and also the player is able to win up to 2000 coins as long as there are 5 icons of the koi or flute appear on the screen.

Main Symbols

The biggest win a player can take is and then his earnings multiply by 50. As we have mentioned, in other equally important games created by various developers of electronic games there are the main symbols that are the most important are: distribution symbols and wild symbols.

By means of distribution symbols, the player can play up to 100 coins in a line but can set a maximum of up to 3000 coins. But the player can also place 0.01 coins as a minimum bet and the game can be played in several lines, from 1 to 30. Ainsworth has managed to create high-quality games and all the exception players are passionate about and feel a lot of positive emotions when they are rewarded and when they hear the beautiful sounds of the game that is obviously exciting.

Tiger Symbols

The wild game in this game is the tiger symbol has the power to replace all other symbols that are available except for the distribution symbol that you can’t substitute for. The above mentioned is the importance and function of wild symbols and distribution. The distribution symbol is one of the most important symbols for the fact that it gives very big profits but gives the player the opportunity to win and the free spins which in total are 10.

The rotations which we are referring to are not ordinary rotations but they can replace different icons. Free spins can be obtained when the tigers are placed in the 3 middle rolls if the player wants to add other spins that may be 5 then he has to place 3 coins in the same roll. If the player, places Lucky Boy in rolls 1-5 then Feature Lucky will be enabled. The player may be given free rolls mainly from 1 to 5 rolls which may be wild symbols. Saying above and above if the tiger symbol appears in the 3 middle rolls then the Lucky symbol is activated.

Big Reward

The player must be shown carefully in combinations that make combinations that will make it big and rewarded. Ainsworth has never been disappointed in the development of electronic games and knowing the commitment of gamers and gamers, of course, we are convinced that we will always be improving.

Ainsworth is a development company located in Australia and all that decide to play this the game understands that the footage of the game is typical of Ainsworth but unfortunately the phonogram is a bit disappointing. The game is very rewarding and magical and always evolving. The player has the biggest chances to win at the moment Lucky Feature appears and has a very, very great impact.

Graphics and Design

The way the game is constructed in the graphic and visual aspect is built in the best possible way and the player will undoubtedly feel great emotions. The game is of a high quality but it may happen that the music does not attract it because there are some sound bites freaked out. Symbols are the ones that of course have the advantages, also there are symbols that pay more, for example, the fish can reward with 20,000 coins in a bet of 3,000 coins.

Everyone who wants to play is welcome and it is a very easy way. People just have to search the game in App Store and then to click the button download and then to install, after all the game will be in a personal device and then the player can play all time he/she wants. The game is very rewarding and everyone will be satisfied because of the emotions the game can give and also the huge amounts of money. You are welcome to come and to play every time.

Software Aristocrat
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 3000
Jackpot 1500
Slot RTP 94.2%

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