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Live Dealer Roulette for New Zealand Online Roulette Players

There are several benefits when playing online casino games with live dealers, here is a few for starters:

  • You can interact with the dealer during your roulette game, and you can also have a guide open for help you in betting. It’s not as boring as spinning a robot all over again.
  • The best casinos are offering you actual personnel at real tables, no live dealer bots and pre-recorded spins.
  • The live dealer roulette tables are the best way for New Zealand roulette players to try their luck without the fear of being tricked by a manipulated software, so they are 100% safe.

Playing online casino games from New Zealand or any other part of the world can get boring sometimes, and it feels like playing a simple casino video game. The experience of such games isn’t real enough, and a man always ask for more when it comes to playing roulette on-line.

It doesn’t matter how hard the online casinos are trying, the Kiwi casino players need more. For them, trying out a live dealer roulette online opens the way to another level of experience, and it’s just amazing too. 

If you are playing live dealer roulette from New Zealand you can feel like you are in a real brick-built casino without the inconveniences of being there personally. The live roulette brings the casino table and the cute croupiers into your living room: it feels real, and very comfortable. You can play with your real-life New Zealand Dollars like you were in the room, and you can win as much as you can, depending on pure luck. Probably the best feature of the live dealer roulette games is that they are not rigged, so you won’t feel cheated.

On your screen, you will see the usual betting interface, but when you place your bet, you can’t use the ‘spin’ button. You have to wait for the croupier to say no more bets and spin the roulette wheel. This isn’t a video game finally, and you can see the table, the real-life dealer and the actual, physically existing roulette wheel. While you are waiting for her to be ready, you can chat with her, tell here a joke or something. The croupiers of the online live dealer games are usually pretty women, who smile, wear a neat uniform; however there are male dealers too. New Zealand roulette players shouldn’t ask the dealers out since they are usually on the other half of the planet.

The online casinos with live dealer games are not fooling the player: there are no pre-recorded moves and spins, there are not bots who play. On such sites, the NZ roulette players get what they need: non-rigged game with real-life dealers and real chance of winning.

Important Factors for Kiwi Players at Live Dealer Casino Sites

There are too much casinos online to handle, and with the tight competition between them, an NZ player should be careful about where to play. Due to the legal restrictions only international casinos could come to mind, and with our help you can find out which ones are worthy or not. There are several matters to consider when one is looking for live dealer casinos for Kiwis, and a good casinos should have all of the following features.

The casinos should have a professional croupier who smiles, looks smart and cute, and dressed-up properly. A casino environment for live dealer New Zealand casinos are imperative – a dark basement is not a casino, there might be some issues later, so avoid such places. For New Zealand live roulette players the payment options are important: great bonuses, good deposit options and quick cash-outs are important. An honest online casino always makes the payout percentages public. A top-notch and easily reachable customer service grants a feeling of freedom, especially when they are available during Australian business hours, or even out of that. Since it’s a live video feeds the software have to be fast, optimized, and available for most devices.

The requirements to play live dealer roulette games

So, first and foremost you have to have an account at an online casino which accepts Australian casino players, and Australian dollar deposits too… and has live dealer roulette rooms of course. Our online Australian casino reviews can help you with finding the best ones to start with. When you are inside, you should download the software, since in-browser playing might be troublesome. The best live dealer casinos offer optimized software that runs smoothly on most machines. You should get a webcam too, because the top live croupier casinos offer video conferencing too. In fact, a good laptop might be the best choice since they have everything at one place, and you can play where ever you want.

On your end, it’s important to have a stronger PC or laptop, and preferably an Internet connection with at least 8-10 Mbps guaranteed speed. However, these casinos usually offer good live streams, so a bit slower connection might be enough.

How to bet at live roulette tables

The first thing you have to know, is that most live dealer casinos accept Australian dollar, so you know how much money you actually spend, without the confusion of money exchange. There are different limits at the online casinos, but it’s a quite regular to have a minimum limit set at $1, while the maximum is usually around $500, so the big players can enjoy the thrill of playing too. In comparison to actual casinos in Australia, at the live roulette tables you are not forced to cough up $10-$25 as a minimum to spin.

How to play the live dealer roulette

The course of a game is the same as anywhere else, but there are some differences compared to the normal casino games. You can place you bet, but you have to wait for the croupier to call the “no more bets!” and then she spins the wheel. Because a croupier usually handles multiple players, a game can take more time than a spin-win/lose-spin game, the non-live tables offer.

Kiwi Live Dealer games FAQ

What is Live Dealer Roulette?

The live dealer roulette is an online game, where you can play roulette from New zealand with a real croupier at a real table. This is possible through your usual casino software, but you can also see the live stream from an actual casino, which is quite exciting.

Are such games available for New Zealand roulette players?

As most casino games, roulette is popular in New Zealand and it’s often played online by Kiwi players. The live games are also open for New Zealand to explore and enjoy, usually at anytime from anywhere where they can connect to the Internet.

When can I play?

Since the online casinos are usually working with a crew that shifts regularly, most of them offer 0-24 live streams every day. This means you can play literally whenever you like, it doesn’t matter if it’s in New Zealand business hour or not.

Are the live dealer games rigged?

They are absolutely not. It’s against good sense and law. In fact, the live dealer games are much safer than the non-live software, because they are not pre-programmed bots. At a live dealer roulette table you have as much chance as you have at a brick and mortar casino in Sydney.

Is live dealer roulette available for different variations?

Absolutely! You can play the popular European roulette at usually any online casino. This is a quite common form, but you also have the option to play American and French live roulette at real tables.  Before signing up on a casino site, you can always find the featured games’ list, make sure to check it if you are looking for something in particular.

Hints and Tips

  • Use real money: playing with actual dollars gives the live game a more lively feeling, and if you win, you win for real. With the low betting minimums you don’t have to be afraid of losing much, and remember – it’s still safer than a simple bot-game.
  • Interact: you can, and you should interact with the croupier at the table. You can ask about the rules, complement her or you can flirt with her. She will respond in one way or another. If you have some issues, feel free to discuss it.
  • Try several games: if you enjoy playing live roulette online, you should try the different types of it, like the French or the American. However you should be careful with the American roulette since it has two zeros! Also, you may like to try live dealer Black Jack or Baccarat too.

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