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Lost Slot Pokie

Lost Slot is another very interesting game that, like all the games of Bet Soft, has a widespread and passionate audience. This slot has very beautiful and very real animations, and the theme of this game is around the Victorian era in Egypt. The game contains very important symbols such as: Mummies and other symbols that belong to old Egypt, but another symbol is the British explorer who is looking for ancient Egypt treasures.


Where to Play Lost Slot Pokie for Real Money:

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How to Play

The game offers many important services such as: free spins as well as bonus rounds. Bet Soft has shown great potential in building electronic games and this electronic game has built it in the best possible way. Visuals of the game, music, and animation are very attractive, and the scrolls are direct to Tutankhamun and his treasure. As mentioned above, the game has a lot of interesting sounds and music that fascinates the players and makes them feel very privileged when playing because the game is over many years back and makes them dream about those years.

The game consists of several symbols important ones that in fact give a lot of wit to the player to gain considerable money value. Some of the most prominent symbols in this game are: Egyptian, Ankh archaeologist and eyes symbol.

Bet Soft as always is very beautiful and exciting it makes players want to play as much as possible and feel comfortable. Animations are the most important elements of this game. The game is very beautiful and has plenty of space where players can play and enjoy.

Features of Game

The game consists of 30 lines and is built in classical coordinates 5 and 3. The player can decide where to play in how many rows they are from 2- 60 but the game does not enjoy the auto-play option. The player has a lot of chance to get a roll in this game the player must find this in the midlevel.

But there are also multipliers that multiply the respective player values by double, five or three times. The player can play at very low starting values that do not go in great value. A player can take up to 5 explorers a considerable sum of 500 coins, for 5 pendulums he can take about 75 coins and 200 coins for 5 Mummy.

This game creates the option of activating the bonus round and there is a feature called Monkey Click, this is a very important feature in the game because it is activated when a symbol has been hit in the fourth wheel.

Benefits of Game

The player here will find the monkey and there are a lot of chances that the player will win big money and the prizes will be very promising. The player must understand the rules of the midfielder. He should know that if he plays with the center spins he has many chances to win. He should know how to hit the appropriate combinations so that through the combinations he gets rewarded.

The player has a lot of chances of winning a lot but the minimum is 6, whenever the player has a win in his favor then he will be rewarded very well. As mentioned above, the player must be careful about the combinations he will make, as they will give him the opportunity to reward.

A player who wants to win the round of Mummy Tomb needs to consider having to hit 4 symbols and these symbols must be the symbol of the eye in this way will open the door and there will be other mummies around. The game has many features that help the player to be rewarded and one of them is the right combination to win 2 rolls of wild rolls.


The monkey symbol, representing the wild symbol, is the one that triggers the bonus round when displayed in the Fourth roll and also has the option of selecting 6 seats in order to receive rewards. The most important feature in this Slot is the new roll function, which is mainly in the center roll. The player can gain free rolls as long as it creates the rotation speed of the center. The player can benefit from many rotations as often as he does this combination.

If the player sees that there may appear about 4 symbols of mummies on the screen then he will have the opportunity to increase the revenue. In this game, several buttons must be used that are very important for the movement to be activated. In the beginning, the player can use the buttons: Select a currency button and place the coins on certain lines and set a minimum or maximum bet for each row.


If you want to move the scrolls then rotate option is valid and in this way the player can start to activate different moves in order to benefit. The player can make the possible combinations and gain as much as possible through all the moves. The player can experience a very nice story because this story is conveyed in time during the time of the mummies and their glorious times. The player can see the archaeological excavations as well as the fascinating temples that are full of mysteries but at the same time rewarded for all by monetary values. The game offers many important elements: The animations are very beautiful and full of life almost seem real. Come and enjoy the magic of this wonderful mystic game!

Software Betsoft
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.02
Max. Bet 1
Jackpot 500
Slot RTP 92%

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