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Best Real Money iPhone Casinos and Gambling Apps

If you’re one of the lucky many with an iPhone, you know that there’s an app for everything.

Almost everything.

If you like gambling real money, you’ll find the pickings pretty slim for real money gambling apps.

The AppStore only offers real-money gaming apps to people in countries or states where it’s legal. Where it’s not legal – such as most states in the U.S. – you must gamble on a browser and not an app.

Still, even in the U.S., there are iPhone apps out there. But they’re limited. Many are from low-ranked, untrustworthy online casinos, so be careful. And some, such as the Harrah’s app, are coded poorly or have unreliable servers. Imagine your app crashing or disconnecting just as you’re about to win a bet. Unfortunately, in a virtual world, it can happen more often than you think.

For this reason, we’ve ranked the best and most popular real money gambling apps and mobile sites for iPhone. We’ve used a combination of the app’s reliability, game variety, and the trustworthiness of the casino to review the app or casino.


What Are the Best Real Money Casinos for iPhone?

Of these three considerations, the casino’s trustworthiness and fairness are paramount.

Before you choose any iPhone app or mobile online gaming casino, do your research. Check the casino’s reputation, terms and conditions, customer service, and bonus policy. Then check the blacklists, the online forums, and the user reviews before you register with the casino or even download the app.

What are the best real money gambling apps for iPhone? The ones backed by a casino that treats you fairly.

What Are the Most Popular Real Money Gambling Apps for iPhone?

  • Vegas Paradise

Vegas Paradise is the hottest real-money gambling app in the AppStore. Why? It offers a wealth of games, great graphics, fair terms and conditions, good bonuses, and excellent customer service. Payout times are slow, though. The bad news? If you live in the U.S., you can’t play.

  • PartyCasino and PartyCasino NJ

PartyCasino and PartyCasino NJ are popular both in Europe and the U.S. You’ll find a wealth of games at Party Casino, including live dealer games.

The Party Casino iOS app is spectacular, with some of the highest user rankings in the store. The streamlined app function allows you to customize the app for the games you want to play.

You must, however, watch your login status if you’re using the PartyCasino NJ app. Players have reported that their servers are not the most reliable, so the feed is often dropped or the app logs you out in the middle of a game. This is more than a headache.

You can lose a winning bet if the feed drops or the app logs you out. You’ll get your bet back by calling customer service, but not the money you would’ve won.

  • 32 Red Casino

32 Red Casino ranks as one of the oldest players in the online business. Their iOS app is spectacular, with some 500 games, and leads the pack in iPhone downloads. More importantly, they are consistently ranked as one of the most trustworthy online casinos, with fast payouts and reasonable terms and conditions. If you live in the U.S., however, you’re out of luck.

  • Jackpot City

Jackpot City is the most downloaded real-money casino app for the iPhone. Hands down. While it offers hundreds of games and a great user interface, it shows up on several blacklists because of predatory terms and conditions and unresolved customer issues. Jackpot City shows that sometimes the most popular online casino apps don’t always correspond to the best online casinos.

What Are the Most Popular Mobile Site Real Money Casinos for iPhone?

  • Royal Panda

Royal Panda does not offer an app for iOS. However, its mobile site optimized for iOS browsers is superb. It’s the gambling site most frequently visited by users outside the U.S. With a generous catalog of games, fast payouts, great customer service, and fair terms and conditions, it also consistently ranks as one of the best online casinos in the world.

  • Bovada

Bovada is the most popular online casino in the U.S. and attracts a large crowd internationally as well.

Bovada offers a wealth of games, including live dealer games and sports betting. Payouts, however, are slower than other casinos. In addition, their bonuses come with limitations that seriously erode their value. Otherwise, Bovada is a good, trustworthy destination for iPhone players. Keep in mind that Bovada’s Mobile Casino App isn’t more a mobile site – you don’t download or install anything. The “app” plays on your iPhone browser.

Ignition Casino, open to players in the U.S., offers an app that you download and run through your mobile browser. That means it’s not really an app, it’s a browser-based casino. Ignition consistently ranks as one of top online casinos in terms of fairness, trustworthiness, payouts, and game variety. Ignition also offers browser apps specifically for poker and video poker.

  • Sloto Cash Casino

For U.S. based players, Sloto Cash ranks high in trustworthiness, customer service, and cashout speed and maximums. Sloto Cash Casino offers a generous number of software games, but no live dealer games or sports betting. While they offer an app for Android, on your iPhone you will have to play the mobile site.

FAQ: Top iPhone Casino and Gambling Apps

What should I consider before choosing an iPhone gambling app?

Before you even think about downloading a real money gambling app on your iPhone, it's crucial to conduct thorough research on the casino's reputation. Look for fair terms, reliable customer service, bonus policies, and existing user reviews. This step is essential to ensure the casino's trustworthiness and fairness and, most importantly, to steer clear of potential scams. Your caution and informed decision-making are key here.

What are the top real-money gambling apps available for iPhones?

Get ready to be excited! Some of the best real money gambling apps for iPhone are out there, waiting for you to explore. Take Vegas Paradise, for instance, known for its extensive game variety and excellent customer service. Or how about PartyCasino, which offers a high-quality iOS app experience and a wide range of games? The thrill of these apps is just a download away, but remember, availability may vary based on your geographic location, especially in the U.S.

What are the most reliable real money mobile sites for iPhone?

For those who choose to avoid downloading an app, Royal Panda and Bovada offer optimized mobile sites for iOS users. Royal Panda is celebrated for its fast payouts and fair terms. At the same time, Bovada is popular in the U.S. for its diverse gaming options and reliable payouts despite some bonus limitations.

How do I handle issues with app reliability and server disconnects?

When using gambling apps like PartyCasino NJ, it's common to face server issues or unexpected logouts. If this happens and it affects your bets, it's advisable to contact customer service promptly to resolve the issue and recover your bets. Ensure the app you choose has dependable customer support for these situations.

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