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This time the main event was the winner of the Iranian resident in Germany Hossein Ensan, he has had the honor of occupying 50th in the position of winners in the entire history of WSOP. In Hossein prizes alone, he takes $10 million, and at the age of 55, he becomes the oldest winner of the WSOP, in the last 2 years of this main poker event.

In addition to celebrating this event, other poker professionals who have gone down in the history of this game were also included, as they passed to the poker hall of fame.

These lucky players were Chris Moneymaker, and David Oppenheimwas the two poker legends to participate in this year’s prestigious HoF; the first is the Stars poker ambassador and winner of the main event in 2003. They are players who have already made history in this event.

Ty Stewart is a member of the Governing Council of Poker Hall of Fame, has shown his esteem towards Chris Moneymaker, making very flattering comments about the performance of this player during poker, which has positively influenced the other players, Chris has motivated the players to follow their dreams of becoming professionals of this, so popular game; For Ty Stewardt, Chris Moneymaker has been one of the most important figures of all time in the game of poker.

Oppenheim also has his appreciations about his own recognition and participation in the history of poker, for being recognized as one of the greatest of all time has been for his own teammates has been very rewarding, and feels much honored to be one of those selected for the Poker Hall of Fame.

With very moving words, he has declared that he feels very fortunate, of being able to achieve his dream of becoming a professional player, something he truly loves, and that he has given him everything he needs to live, for him his job was always his passion.

Oppenheim has always responded to all those who ask him about his performance as a player, about how hard it has been to be a professional, and encourages all those who play at a high level, to continue working hard. For him, the passion he has felt for the game has been his greatest inspiration to travel that path that few have traveled, and he feels very grateful to receive such a high honor.

After this great event, all the players were left wanting much more, and the gaming industry does not stop and is looking for new and fun emotions, the UK players are having a great time navigating all the casinos, and try all the games with their new technologies.

Casinomir has a mission to fulfill and is to find the best entertainment sites, with games, promotions,and bonuses very attractive to all players. Online casinos are among the best sites, they have a great list of the best casinos in the world, and more are being added every day. These make sure not to lose the opportunity to enjoy a new game, as well as the most profitable offers and promotions.

Casinomir is aware of everything that happens in the online casino industry of the United Kingdom, in this way the different options of online casinos will be updated daily, in terms of bonuses and promotions.

To make a selection of the best online casinos, tests are done to measure their quality, based on the criteria they have already established; An exhaustive evaluation is made of each of the games, bonuses, promotions, payment methods, site designs, as well as technology and mobile options; All these parameters are measured before making any review.

Offers are negotiated directly with casinos on lines that have already been selected and placed on the list; all this is done so that the players have even more fun and have all the chances to win; In the same way, the leading software developers are monitored, to see what they have to offer to online casinos, such as table games, slots and as well as prizes and progressive jackpots.

Casino players in the United Kingdom have Casinomir to closely monitor all the movements of these online casinos, so players will have the most up-to-date casinos, and they will offer the best chances to win with bonuses and promotions very attractive; they are responsible for closely monitoring all those places that are in development for players to visit regularly.

The list provided by Casinomir has the best of the best in casinos. Any player who wants to play something specific, such as roulette, slot machines, blackjack, just search the list, and use the guides found there to give more guidance. Lovers of online casino games can now enjoy the excitement, fun, and real money prizes again, thanks to the help of Casinomir

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