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Online betting in the United States Prohibited?

With all the scandal that the bitcoins have caused around the world, it is not surprising that many platforms – especially those of casinos or gambling – use them as a form of recurring gambling, which is observed in games of the caliber of Blackjack, Poker, Dice, and even the slots.

Thanks to some public blockchains that are transparent, several of the protocols demonstrate to the general public that these procedures are fairly fair. But even with all that, many of the US states are banned from using this resource, mostly because a politician cannot place bets on state money.


The money on the internet

Something that is well known is that Bitcoin has been used as a revenue resource in Spin Palace casino games practically since it was launched.

Online betting in the United States Prohibited?

At that time users entered through well-known platforms, such as perhaps the Stoshidice or the Sealswithclubs, and of course, Just-Dice.com. These websites have run into a large number of people who left a lot of money in the form of cryptocurrencies and bets.

Even on one occasion, Erik Vorhees proceeded with the sale of Satoshidice at approximately 126,315 BTC, which at that time amounted to about $11.5 million.

But, even with the number of online betting pages that Bitcoin has, many people residing in the United States are unable to participate thanks to the massive blockade that exists towards residents. Which means that if a person is in the territory, usually the IP address can betray him will not be able to enter.

In a more specific way, if a user of the nation enters through Bitcoin Cash Game, the first thing that will see a message that serves as a geographical blocker, explaining the reasons why it is not possible to play with real money. Even with that, these same people can proceed to play but with some chips considered “test” which means they can still have fun.

Due to a patriotic action authorized by GW Bush, police officers have the right to arrest people who offer any kind of service in online gambling by Americans.

The fact that a country that has freedom as its main position is simply not able to allow a citizen to do everything they want with the money that is theirs in online platforms is a bit contradictory.

However, there are still some states that do have permission but in poker, such as Nevada, Pennsylvania, Delaware, and New Jersey; In addition to that, the reservation for Native Americans is also included.

The reason that prevents people from a quiet game of online poker in the United States is mostly due to legislation called UIGEA, which was approved by a congress and was promulgated by President George W. Bush himself.

It should be noted that this law is quite complex and was added to a security project in the annual port law, where even sports websites are excluded, which incidentally have some requirements that are regulatory.

A law cannot process US citizens on an individual basis, the only thing it does is to aim directly at companies that are not in the country, that is, foreign companies, as well as foreign operators of the casino game.

The UIGEA can give all law enforcement agencies in the country the necessary tools to criminalize all those promoters of online betting services.

In public opinion, it is believed that it is quite silly that Americans are not allowed to bet online, which is even contradictory since that is where the capital of casinos in the world is located. Sites like Las Vegas and Atlantic City are legal regions where much of its economy is at stake, thousands of people attend every year just to play.

But these places do not abound, and for the majority, they are too far away to go every weekend, so many left want to enter the casinos.

All of the above has given rise to an important debate, why in most states it is not allowed while in others it is?

It is believed that virtual games would easily boost the entire economy in the United States, but this only if the UIGEA no longer existed, because many casinos currently only operate in foreign lands. What would end up channeling money in the US economy.

Just think of the exuberant amount of people who want to bet, while the growth in jobs would be gigantic in customer service areas or even in software development.

And despite the fact that the UIGEA was promulgated in 2006, many attempts were found to include gambling for citizens. An example of this was seen in 2011, where US police agencies managed to stop up to 3 different types of operations that focused on virtual casinos, these were: Pokerstars, Full TiltPoker and even the AbsolutePoker.

Because of the information given by the police, they violated the UIGEA, while cheating several financing institutions only to process a lot of money, such as a billion or even more, all coming from gambling platforms that served citizens.

What is better?

Many have a strong belief that this makes no sense, mostly because the government does not have sufficient grounds to condemn casino games. Well yes, they do, the government wants to continue with the implementation of a monopoly that uses force and coercion as a maximum point, which would allow the citizen to play lotteries that are manipulated and by themselves.

For this reason, politicians have a little more opportunities to obtain certain types of funds that come from lotteries and even companies under tax regulation.

The legalization of virtual games would mean the loss of control in the funds; in addition, that part of the funds can be directly diverted to the operators that are approved.

When a voluntary consensus is created, officials who are elected will simply not be able to infringe their same unfair rules.

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