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The Gambling Scenario in New Zealand

New Zealand is one of the biggest hubs for online gambling. Many Kiwis love to play a game or two at some of the best kiwi casinos online to satisfy that urge of winning real cash prizes during leisure timings. With a variety of games available to feed the excitement of gamers, the environment is ever high on energy in the web casino industry.

There are many questions which arise when someone new is trying out online gambling for the first time. The cash amounts offered by casinos amazes people and at the same time makes them question the authenticity of the website and the entire process of microgaming. These doubts are natural and arise in everybody’s mind at some time or another as the internet can be a platform for many hoaxes. However, the New Zealand laws regarding online gambling are extremely vigilant and therefore, one can be assured that no foul play can be committed.


The Casino Control Act (2006)

The act was drafted and implemented to provide guidelines for various land based gaming services to operate. It tells the various casinos their capabilities and limitations and helps to maintain a code of conduct under which the different gaming services are required to function in relation to the way they offer their interactive services and handle the cash wagers made by the gamers.

The Australian authorities do not permit the nationals to gamble at any Australia based online casino. This is where international casinos are brought in to cater to the gaming needs of a significant number of Australians. There are different laws which govern the operation of internet gambling in Australia. The two main acts which look over the gambling actions on the internet in Australia are the Interactive Gambling Act (2001) and the Casino Control Act (2006)

Gambling policies have always been the focus of the states as the state and the territorial governments deal with providing and regulating gambling services to the citizens. Since the time the Commonwealth has been associated with playing a role in the regulation of gambling services, the process has become more norms oriented but online casinos remain legal in Australia. The laws of the country have made it possible to create a controlled environment in gaming and as the figures say, Australia remains one of the top countries to indulge in online gaming and gambling.

The Interactive Gambling Act (2001)

The IGA aims to reduce the effect of interactive gambling in Australia. Therefore, its purpose is to regulate certain services which are provided by interactive gaming providers. However, there is no statement in the IGA which prevents a national from engaging in online gambling. It only prohibits the online casinos to offer real money gambling services but they can advertise the same to the public.

According to the Australian law, all real money mobile applications are banned and are therefore removed from platforms such as Google Play and App Store. This also led to the ban being followed by Google and Apple on such apps but these services can be accessed by Australian players.

If any Australian citizen wishes to acquire real money services then he/she can do so. There is a list of other apps which can be used to get such services. The list is discussed in the following paragraphs.

Popular and Unique New Zealand Online Casino Games

Pokies, slot machines, Bingo and Sports betting remain the top games and activities at the NZ gaming scenario and remain all time favorites. These games too are under certain regulations.


There are laws which regulate the use of the pokies in New Zealand as pokies or slot machines are regulated by the State or Territorial governments. Guidelines issued by the national government must also be adhered to. In order to operate gambling through pokies, certain licenses and permits are required by the service provider.

Sports Betting:

Placing bets on sporting events are permissible only if they are made through their respective channels. There are many great sites like Betway and Spin Palace Casino where you can bet on sports online. Live/In-Play Wagering has recently has been made illegal as it is considered to be ‘interactive’ in nature according to the IGA.


This is one of the most widely played online casino game. There are multiple sites such as All Slots and Casino-Mate which offer bingo and other variations of bingo such as Ballistic Bingo and Super Bonus Bingo. Since the game requires deposits, there have to money transfer protocols which need to be adhered to, therefore these sites come under regulation.


Websites such as 7 Sultans, Casino-Mate, Guts Casino, Royal Vegas and All Slots can be accessed to play various scratch cards. Gamers can use Oz Lotteries to create an account an purchase any kinds of lottery tickets but Oz Lotteries is not permitted to offer scratch cards.

Although there are restrictions and regulations when it comes to internet gambling, online casinos are legal in Australia. There are still a number of games which can be accessed by Australian players. You just need to find the right casino and there are quite a few which can potentially be your favorite destinations on the web. Some of the best legal online casinos in Australia are:

  • Spin Palace Casino
  • Ruby Palace Casino
  • Leo Vegas Casino
  • GDay Casino
  • Royal Vegas Casino
  • Casino Mate
  • Guts Casino

Mobile Gambling

As seen earlier, the IGA changed the way the authorities were dealing with gambling providers and therefore this also led to the ban on real money mobile apps. This legislative ban was subsequently followed by the ban from Apple and Google on such mobile apps but this does not mean that such interactive gambling is illegal for Australians.

There are different apps available which are 100% legal and safe to use. Royal Vegas Casino and 888 Poker are two websites which can be downloaded either from Google Play or App store. The Apps require certain specifications when downloaded on mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets. Through these apps, you will be able to play real cash games and place your wagers in AUD and aim for the big win!

Casino Websites

Many websites which offer online casinos are legal in Australia. These sites can be accessed through the regular browsers. In order to play casino games on these sites, a certain procedure has to be followed. Creating an account would be the first step. The money transfer takes place through online money transfer platforms.

Some websites for sports betting include www.Sportsbet.com.au, www.Sportingbet.com.au, www.Centrebet.com and www.TomWaterhouse.com.au. There are other casino websites which operate beyond the Australian borders. The recommended websites include Casino Mate, Royal Vegas, GDay Casino etc.

FAQ’S on legal casinos in Australia

Most people are concerned with the casinos being legal. The above mentioned topics make it clear as to which aspects of online gambling come under strict regulation and which are meant to be used by the gamers. Another question that is asked is on the taxes. Any player does not get taxed on his/her winnings until they show themselves as a business or a firm in which case the required taxes may be applicable.

There are different regulatory bodies which govern online gambling as a whole. It is extremely important that the site on which players engage themselves in online gaming is 100% legal in Australia otherwise it may lead to strict action being taken against the offender. When in some other country, it becomes imperative to follow their law and the online gaming website or app which is legal in Australia may or may not be legal in that particular country. These are certain areas which brew doubts in the minds of gamers.

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