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Play Planet Moolah Slot Game - Free Bonus & Spins

When was the last time you fought down aliens? Those invaders in the Planet Moolah are said to be like cow species. Even though this is not the first time the theme of the game is being used but it is the first game that will use cow alien theme. Luckily, the slot is designed with the kind of arrangement whereby the reels are overlapped while the highest jackpot is around 3750 coins. What a cool graphics installed in the game! The sound of the game makes the alien more exciting and full of entertainment. In case you have been catching fun with the Plant Moolah slots in any new casinos in Las Vegas, surely, you will like to play it over and again when it comes to the online version of the game.

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Planet Moolah Pokie

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Abduction of Alien

From the beginning, everyone is aware that the Planet Moolah slot is full of real fun with the alien theme design in the game. The Planet Moolah game is all about the cow (aliens) from the Planet Moolah that encroached upon farms nobbling cows. Whether the aliens are kidnapping the cows for milk, beef or for the both, it is still considered to be a mystery. The theme of the slot is very amusing due to the melodic theme behind it. Almost all the symbols are used directly from the farm with the galaxy images offered from the background to the players. The symbols comprise of five flying saucers that are made up of cow pilots that are flying very near to the reels. Among the symbols are Grandpa, Dogs, jackpot symbol, Outbox, Chicken, mailbox, Milk, Truck, Trailer, Barn, Cowgirl, and Man.

Cascading Reels

As said earlier, the Planet Moolah slot is packaged with cascading reels. How does it work? You do not need to bother about this because anytime a combination of winning drops on the reels, any symbols that are involved in this will disappear. By this, it lets the other symbols fill the spaces that are empty for other potential combination of winnings. To be realistic on the theme of alien, rather than the disappearance or explosion of the symbols, the symbols on the combination of winning vaporize by one of the five UFOs. This is not the same as those that are intended to be visible in Area 51 which is known to be a mysterious arena. By forming the combinations of winning with the aid of Wild symbols, they will be transmitted up by the UFOs which will permit more symbols in filling the spaces that are empty. The outlook of the cows that were unfortunate is just invaluable. Cascading reels provide special settings with the great expectation of winning cascading. Great kudos to the capability of cascading!

50 free Spins Winning

If you think that you have known all about Cascading reels, then this is the time to look for the free spins and which will need to win when you have a minimum of four consecutive cascading reels. At the left side of the reels is Free Spins meter. All you need do is to fill a spot on the meter whenever you have consecutive cascading reels. Make sure you are able to fill up the whole eight spots for you to win about fifty free spins.

Options of Simple Betting

For anyone to work out the options of betting is very easy more so that the slot makes use of 25-paylines which is fixed. The value of coins as well is between the range of 0.01 and 5 coins and the highest bet for the whole lines is 125 coins. You could be a winner of 3750 coins on each of the spin. For a probability of winning more cash, you may like to keep trying your luck on the slots like Double Double Bonus poker or go for the other versions of the video poker devices.

Free Online Version of the Game

Free spins as well are found among the perks in this slot. If you have a minimum of four consecutive cascading reels, this implies free spins are to kick start. On the left side of the reels, you will come across a meter that is used to measure the free spins numbers rewarded. Every time there are consecutive reels of cascading, a spot is filled on the meter. However, with the whole eight spots on the meter well replaced, the reward is just 50 free spins. If it is for four to eight consecutive winning, then your free number of spins will be seven, ten, fifteen, twenty-five and fifty spins. This particular bonus round is called the Invasion Feature.

In this game, cows are referred to as Wilds. They can emerge on the second, third, fourth and fifth reels. The reels will not just spin in the manner you always used to see them but rather drop from the above. With these peculiarities, one can easily conclude that the game really worth it due to the fact that it enriches the experience of gaming with this kind of slot. The Invasion Feature, which is also known as the cascading reel feature is actually bewitching most especially when one of the staple delights is entering the free spins rounds. The greatest attractions do come with the jackpot anticipation. This kind of anticipation set up a lucrative value which really worth hoping for and playing.


Sincerely speaking, the Planet Moolah slots invaders make use of original humor and the cascading reels in addition to free spins which are the powers. All about the Plant Moolah slot is very nice starting from graphics, sounds, and features. Of course, you would be dreaming of more bonus features form the game of this kind but only a few are available when it is excellently played and use to entertain oneself. Why not take advantage of this game and try it out? Merely playing it once, will prompt you to play over and again. You will surely love it.

Software WMS
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 25
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.25
Max. Bet 125
Slot Themes 750
Slot RTP 96%

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