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Discover How to Play Craps at the Best Tables & Win

There is always at least one party going on in every casino. You’ll almost always find it at the craps table.

Want to join the party?

Learn how to play craps, and you can win. You might be tempted to lose if you have ever walked up to a craps table and looked at the wagers.

However, first impressions are not always right. Craps is much easier than you might think. You'll soon be winning at craps with our complete guide and tutorial on craps betting.


The Craps Table

You’ll notice first that craps is played on a long table with high walls to catch the dice. The table features a large number of bets, some of which make sense and others which may look a bit bewildering.

The main game, the PASS- and COME-lines, encircles each table. These wagers are surrounded by a variety of field bets that offer higher payouts.

Three employees work at each craps table: the dealer and the boxman. The stickman is the third.

  • The dealer exchanges player’s cash for chips, places bets on the table, and pays off winning wagers.
  • After each play, the stickman moves to move the dice.
  • The game is monitored by the boxman, who keeps an eye on the dealer and players.

How Do You Play Craps?

Each player takes turns throwing the dice.

The craps "shooter", throws the dice across a table. To be considered a roll, the dice must bounce off of the wall.

  • The game begins with the first roll of the dice, also known as the comeout roll.
  • It's a win if the shooter rolls a 7 on the comeout roll. It's a loss if the shooter rolls a 2, 3, 12, or 12 on their comeout roll. Any other roll is a point.
  • If the comeout roll is a win or a loss, the game is over and the same shooter starts a new game with a new comeout roll. The dice do not pass to a new player.
  • The game starts when the player rolls a point on their comeout roll.
  • The shooter can roll the dice as many times as necessary during the pass sequence until either one or both of them are satisfied.

    • hitting the point, which is a win, or
    • hitting a 7 – craps or sevening out – which loses.
  • A win is a player's chance to begin a new game, with a different comeout roll.
  • The stickman will pass the dice to the next player if there is a loss.
  • With another comeout roll, the game resumes.

How Do You Bet in Craps?

You're not there to just throw the dice. You're there to make some money.

The betting table can be confusing if you are new to the game. It will make sense, don't worry.

First, craps wagers come in two types:

  1. Multi-roll craps betting is a wager on specific outcomes within a single game. These bets include the PASS, COME and FIELD. Multi-roll bets remain on the table until the winner is announced or the game ends.
  2. Single-roll craps bets offer higher payouts and are based on the outcome of one throw in a given game. They are only allowed to stay on the table for one throw of the dice. Our complete guide to craps betting will provide a detailed explanation of single roll bets.

Unlike roulette or many other casino table games, you only put your chips down on the PASS, COME, or FIELD areas of the table.

You must count your chips and place them on the table. The dealer will then place your chips in the correct spot.

You must place your chips on all of your bets in order to play online craps.

What Are the Multi-Roll Bets?

Multi-roll bets often are called the main game. They are also even-money bets, with a very low house advantage.

  • PASS

Pass bets wager that the player will win the comeout roll (throw an 11 or 7), or any other time during the pass sequence (throw point).

  • COME

A Come bet, made after the comeout roll, treats the current pass roll as a comeout roll. If it wins as a comeout roll (7 or 11), you win the wager. If it loses as a comeout roll (2, 3, 12), you lose the wager. Any other combination becomes your point. If the player rolls that point at any time during the rest of the pass, you win your wager.


You're betting against your shooter by placing a Don't Pass wager. If the shooter loses with either a 2 or 3 or more, you win the comeout roll. However, you lose if they win with 7 or 11. It's a push if the player loses with 12 or more. If the shooter wins the Don't Pass wager, they will win a point if they roll a point.


This is the exact opposite of a Come bet. You're betting on the current pass throw, just like the Come wager. However, you are betting against the shooter. If the shooter throws either a 2 or 3, you win the first roll, but you lose if they throw a 7 or 11. Another push is a 12 If the shooter rolls a point, you win the Don’t Come wager.

  • Laying or taking Odds: After the comeout roll has been completed, you have two options. You can either increase your Pass or Come bets or your Don't Come or Pass odds by placing odds. If the bet is successful, you win. You can wager how much on laying or taking chances depending on the value of your point. If you are betting on any of the pass and come bets, it is important to max out your odds by laying or taking chances.
  • Field

You can bet on the outcome of the game by placing a wager on the field. You lose if the shooter rolls a 7, before you roll your number. The bet pays out 2:1 if the shooter rolls a 2, or 12. The bet is paid 1:1 if the shooter rolls another number.

  • Place

You can bet that the shooter will throw a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10 at any point during a sequence. This includes the comeout roll. You lose if the shooter rolls 7 before you roll your number. The payouts and the house edge can vary. For a better payout, you can "buy" rather than "place", by paying a commission. You can also place a bet against a number if you are gambling in Australia or England.

How Should You Bet in Craps?

The best rule to follow when betting on craps is this:

Never bet based on the payout, but on the lowest house edge.

This rule states that you should only place your bets on the Pass, Come and Don't Pass lines. You will always have a payout percentage greater than 99% if you do this.

There is no better deal in the casino.

You're now ready for craps with a little luck!

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