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Play Online Progressive Jackpots and Win Big

If you have been trying to win a gigantic jackpot from casino games, you should take a look at progressive jackpot slots. So these games can turn your life upside down, as you can win a jackpot of millions of New Zealand Dollars. If you are interested in playing popular progressive games, you can check a large list of progressive jackpot pokies in Jackpot City Casino.

Progressive slots are famous for being really entertaining and unique due to their gigantic prizes and their capability of changing your life for the best. Such exceptional jackpot cash will definitely encourage anyone to play these games. Regular playing can give you better chances in hitting the jackpot. However, you should know that the jackpot rewards are generated haphazardly. This means that every spin you make creates new hope. Due to its extremely big prizes in jackpots, online slots are very beloved games among casino players. Its popularity exceeds the popularity of table games. Tens of millions of Dollars are extremely lucrative.


Best Progressive In AU

The rules of online slots are so simple and straightforward that you will not find it hard in keeping them in your mind. When you play progressive slots you should not forget a very important element for winning the jackpot. You should wager with the max number of game coins. If you have a limited budget for betting, you should decrease the value of your available coins. This will increase your chances of nailing the jackpot, because the reward is generated haphazardly.

You can have access to the progressive jackpots through playing on a video poker machine or online slots. The amount of the money in each jackpot gets higher every time a player chooses to play any of the games. The amount of such increase is not very large. This routine keeps on happening till any player generates the jackpot. At this moment the jackpot gets back to its minimum limit that the casino determines. The idea of progressive jackpots depends on a network that connects between several slot machines. This connection lets the value of the prize increase really quickly because there are numerous players that play the same game at the same moment.

The Way Progressive Jackpot Operate

The majority of online casinos work as members of one network. This unified network is a result of utilizing the same games. Most of the games at each online casino operate independently. This rule, however, does not apply to progressive jackpots. Casino gaming companies have provided pools for each jackpot in the casinos using their games. These pools aim at increasing the value of the jackpot fast and more frequently.

This means that if a player places a bet at a certain casino, the value of the jackpot will be higher due to the network linking. All players at any of the network casinos have the same fair opportunity of nailing the jackpot. Right after reaching the grand prize, the same routine starts all over again.

Playtech and Microgaming are two famous companies for online casino games. Those companies have networks for progressive jackpot games that link many casinos. The value of jackpots from these companies can exceed a million dollar. This prize is available for all players anytime they hit the jackpot. Microgaming is now offering more than AU$3 million for each jackpot winner.

The Way to Play

Playing progressive slots is similar to playing fixed slots. You should choose the numbers of your paylines, coins and size of your coins to provide a wager. Then, you should press the Spin option to make the game reels spin. In case you get winning symbols, you will get your reward. The casino’s pay table determines the amount of each reward.

In order to be a winner in progressive slots you have two ways. You can get winning symbols of a spin. You can also access a bonus game that can assist you in your quest.

For example, if you are playing King Cashalot, you must achieve five of the King Icons along the 9th payline to be a winner.

If you are playing the traditional three reel mode of Major Millions, you should get three of the game logo icon to be a winner.

In some cases, progressive jackpots are generated haphazardly. If you are playing the Real Time Gaming or Real Series of Slots modes, you do not need to achieve any winning combination. This is because the jackpot can be triggered while you are spinning the reels.

Progressive slots come with amazing options including bonus games, free spins, huge set rewards, scatters, betting options and wilds. At King Cashlot you can get a set amount of 1000 game coins if you achieve five Queens along an active line.

Progressive Pokies Technique

All players want to know how they can increase their winnings shots. There is nothing you can really do to achieve that. The whole thing is up to Random Number Generator of each game. This generator is responsible for setting the requirements of winning.

Yet there are some useful tips that can assist you in nailing the grand prize

Placing the maximum wager can give better chances for nailing the pot. This does not mean that placing a small wager will prevent you from winning.

If a jackpot has not been nailed for a large period of time, many of enthusiastic players will be interested in it. You should constantly review jackpot values of different progressive slots and determine the right moment for playing and claiming your prize before it is too late.

Knowing the playing instruction of each game is also useful. It will help you recognize eligibility requirements for nailing the grand prize. In some games, players should provide the highest wagers, while other games do not require this.

Choose a game that entertains you. It is important to be amused while you are playing. No matter what the result will be, but having fun is important.

Some gamblers use a devised playing technique. They play two progressive slots at the same time. They provide the lowest wager on high jackpot game and leave it on autoplay mode. As for the second game, they work on it in a separate window.

Larger prizes are not always the best solution. Progressive pokies that are offering tens of millions of dollars can be really hard to win. You can go for a smaller progressive game that is offering less amounts of money. Such pokies are easier to win.

Where to Play Progressive Pokies

Each company for online casino games possesses its special array of progressive slots. Each company also has a couple of crown jewels under the category of progressive slots that are extremely beloved.

We want to assist you in finding the best pokies, so we have made a list of the most preferred progressive slots of the main gaming companies. We have also listed which casinos operate these games.


-NetEnt: is available at Mega Fortune, Arabian Nights

  • Casinos: is avalible at AllAustralian Casino,Leo Vegas
  • Playtech: is available at Beach Life, Marvel Slots, Gold Rally
  • Casinos: is available at Casino.com, Grand Reef
  • Microgaming: is available at Mega Moolah, Major Millions, Dark Knight,
  • Casinos: is available at All Slots, Royal Vegas, Spin Palace

Preferred Progressive Pokies

We like to be aware of the largest and most successful online slots jackpots available online. In case we find a worthy progressive game, we will definitely let you know. You should not hesitate in trying our recommended games.

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot

Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot is offering one of the largest and most lucrative jackpot prizes. In fact it will be unusual if you hear that the jackpot is lower than $1Million. So if you nail that prize your life will be completely upside down. Mega Moolah Progressive Jackpot has amazing audio and visual effects. The game adopts an engaging theme of a savage animal in a safari journey.

King Cashalot Progressive Jackpot

King Cashalot Progressive Jackpot is using a Middle-Aged theme. The game can draw us into a far away kingdom, where a king is in charge and money is all around. King Cashalot Progressive Jackpot has five reels and nine paylines. These basic features can make you gain more than one million dollars. The symbol of the golden dragon will provide you with access to the bonus rounds. You should play this entertaining game at Mummy’s Gold or Ruby Fortune Casinos


TunzaMunni is a traditional progressive jackpot, but it does not mean that the game is dull or humble in rewards. The game is offering a set of the largest progressive rewards in the game selection of Microgaming. The typical amount of jackpot winnings can reach $80 000. You should prepare yourself to great winings with TunzaMunni.

Marvel Ultimate Power

PlayTech has developed Marvel Ultimate Power to provide all casino players with an opportunity to get one of the 3 lucrative grand prizes. The biggest prize of all three is The Ultimate Jackpot. This prize is offering the players payments that exceed half of a million dollars. The best feature in Marvel Ultimate Power is that players do have to fulfill specific requirements in order to win the jackpot. The jackpots are generated haphazardly.

Fruit Fiesta

This game is one of the most beloved progressive slots nowadays. Players can enjoy limitless entertainment and ongoing amusement. The game is rich with impressive and dynamic visual effects. You can get used to getting payouts more than once in each month because the prizes are generated regularly at Fruit Fiesta.

Treasure Nile Progressive Jackpot

Are you fond of Ancient Egypt? Get ready to visit this amazing place and to see enchanting monuments such as the Sphinx, Mummy’s, Nile and tombs. Treasure Nile Progressive Jackpot contains several amazing features such as five reels, nine coins and paylines. The game is considered one of the most successful progressive slots. You should give Treasure Nile Progressive Jackpot a try at Spin Palace, Ruby Fortune and Mummy’s Gold online casinos.

Lotsa Loot

The main theme of this game is inspired by the Luck of The Irish. The game releases payouts each week. It is considered one of the most regular progressive slot game launched by Microgaming. The typical rewards on the game is approx $35 000. However, many players can get total winnings of $90 000 from playing Lotsa Loot regularly.

Major Millions Progressive Jackpot

Major Millions Progressive Jackpot is one of the most successful progressive slot games in the market. Winning the jackpot means getting more than $200k. Major Millions Progressive Jackpot is developed by Microgaming, which mean that all casinos using the company’s network participate in improving the amount of the jackpot. Lucky players who achieve a symbol featuring Major Million will be able to nail tripled prize.

Cash Splash

This game is a progressive online slots game. Cash Splash is offering all players great chances to win lucrative jackpots regularly. If you take a look at the most progressive jackpot games, you will find out that they release payouts each month or even week. This is not the case with Cash Splash. The game releases payouts a couple of times in the same week. Every single time a player nails the game’s jackpot, his reward can exceed $25 000. This means that all players should be ready for getting amazing jackpot rewards regularly and constantly. In order to increase its convenience for all levels of players, Cash Splash made its maximum wager worth 3 bucks only. This means that the game is suitable for the budgets of almost all players.

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