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Safari Sam Slot​

BetSoft Gaming is off on another safari, this time with a sure winner called Safari Sam. It’s a 3D video slots game that will capture your attention and keep you interested as you travel with the Game’s mascot over the savannahs to meet giraffes, monkeys, and other animals traditionally found in the African safari motif. The graphics are excellent and the soundtrack is remarkable in that it brings you the sounds of Africa wildlife and the rhythm of the villagers.


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Of course, as the name suggests, the theme of the game is the African Wildlife and includes symbols like the memorable Bilbao trees, lions, gorillas, zebras, monkeys and other expected flora and fauna of the continent. The soundtrack, as indicated, supports and complements the theme very well. Of particular mention and beauty is a young tribal girl who has a warm and welcoming personality. Often she can be seen hiding behind trees, swinging from limbs and generally making a playful nuisance of herself as she cheers you onward toward more and more winnings.

Game Strategy

Safari Sam has a standard 5-reel, 30 paylines grid format. The coins come in denominations of 2 cents to one dollar, allowing a maximum of 5 coins on a single payline. Of course, you can wager on all 30 paylines if you wish which extends the wager range from two cents up to NZD75. This substantial flexibility in the betting range allows regular gamers and high rollers to feel at home playing Safari Sam. The jackpot is a respectable 25,000 coins. Gamers can readily avail themselves of all the usual fare of gaming slots like Wilds, Scatters, multipliers and Bonus Rounds.

Bonus Rounds

The Bonus Rounds are triggered by getting at least 3 stacks of golden coins on an active payline. When that happens, entire reel collapses and you win 25 coins, creating an opening in the reel. The empty space will then be occupied by additional coins that can contribute to more winning combinations to enlarge your stash. The Wild symbol is more liberal in Safari Sam and can randomly present itself during any spin. A random Wild carries with it its own multiplier of up to 10x the wager. This favors the gamer and presents him or her with additional opportunities to win and win big.

Scatter Symbols

The Scatter symbol traditionally is considered the most powerful icon in slots games. In this game, the Scatter symbol is represented by the legendary Bilbao tree. Five Bilbao trees will get you 1,500 coins; four will get you 750, and three Bilbao trees will net you 450 coins. The Bonus feature rewards you with an entertaining interlude involving an animation by Safari Sam and the tribal girl.

The animals have a very important part to play in this safari game, for without the animals a safari is just a walk in the park, pun intended. If you can manage to get a combination on the first payline with a monkey, zebra or gorilla icon your screen will open to the Wild Animal Free Spins bonus. There will be prompted to choose one of the three animals just mentioned. The one you choose will act as a Wild in the subsequent Free Spins. These Wilds come with a 2x multiplier. Random Wilds can also occur during the Free Spins.

Double Up Option

The Double Up option is both hated and loved among slots aficionados. Safari Sam has a Double Up option, too. Upon achieving any winning combination, you are prompted to select a Double Up option, which is essentially a “heads you win or tails you lose” feature. So depending on your choice, you either double your winnings that you won in that round or you forfeit all coins you won. If all 5 rows of an active reel are filled with a single symbol, you are awarded a multiplier of 3x the normal payout value of that icon. Then all 5 symbols merge into 1, which forces at least two additional symbols to descend and fill the empty spaces thereby increasing your earnings.

Other Symbols

The binocular symbol represents the final Bonus Round. You are Safari Sam in this game. That means you have to follow the map in search of animals, both predator, and prey, using your binoculars to aid you in your noble efforts. Different animals spotted by you will credit you with a different number of coins. Your spying for wild animals activity continues until you happen upon a Collect symbol, then you are allowed to collect your winnings during this phase of the game.

The maximum number of coins you can win in the Binocular Round is 4,500, but that doesn’t come close to the excitement you just had looking for rare and endangered animals whose predators don’t know they are on the rare and endangered list. Super fun all around.


Safari Sam is both simple and challenging. It is easy to learn to play, it is captivating and it has just the right amount of win features to keep you involved without dragging you into the trap of worrying about keeping up with a complicated scoring system.

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