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The Growth Of The Murphy Casino

Casinos are definitely the most popular and global adult entertainment and gambling business. To spend a weekend, serve as a night activity or go to earn money and have fun, young people, adults, and even older people always choose a good casino.

Like every business that is linked to recreation and tourism, hospitality and entertainment, among the casinos, a competition is created: how many tourists visit each year, how much money comes in and goes out, how much competition there is per day. All these aspects are used to measure, in some way, the growth and potential of these sites within the area in which it is built.


Owners Prefer Metropolitian Cities For Casino

Murphy Casino

The metropolises are, in general, the main venues of the great casinos of the world. There are specific cities that support much more and are recognized as cultural icons of this kind of entertainment. The most named place in the world and which receives hundreds of thousands of visits per year in Las Vegas, in the state of Nevada, USA.

However, around the United States and the world, hotel emporiums and representative casinos are built for each community. The business grows and expands, as evidenced by the Harrah’s Cherokee Valley River Casino in the city of Murphy, between the American east coast, in the state of Georgia.

With its third anniversary just completed, this 41,000-square-foot casino is the entertainment source that is expanding the most within Murphy’s boundaries. Since it opened its doors, on July 23, 2015, its popularity and fame have spread and increased thanks to its bowling facilities, gambling halls and slots, and an excellent service restaurant.

Estimation Of The Visitors

According to the person in charge of the place, Lumpy Lambert, the expectations of growth faced with reality, are being surpassed by far. Visits were 138,673 in its first year -2016-, and that figure experienced an increase in its second operating year, reaching 169,616 in 2017. During the current year, until June, more than 103,867 people were reported, a figure that It will be extended towards the end of the year.

The expansion of this place, which has become so popular among the residents themselves, is expected to host more tourists for the purpose of entertainment and, perhaps, other more relevant events that can be held in Georgia.

Source Of Employment

Besides noticing a prosperous growth, this casino offers employment to 900 people, with aspirations to hire another 75 for the new entertainment areas that will be inaugurated soon. This is a very significant achievement for a city with such low demographics, with a population of only 1,627 according to the census of the year 2017.

Internal employees and residents of the area, show the enthusiasm that this produces. On the one hand, for the economic prosperity that predicts the dizzying growth of such a popular business in the United States and, secondly, for the recognition of a city in Georgia practically unnoticed on the map.

Upcoming Openings

Currently, Harrah’s – as this casino is popularly known – plans a tangible expansion. Under the financial and administrative supervision of the company UltraStar -which takes the order of its current facilities-, to this site will be added the Multi-Tainment Center in Murphy, with restaurant of 225 seats, 16 bowling lanes arcade games facilities and, of course, bars.

This expansion plans to turn the center into a meeting point for a large number of tourists, visitors, and residents interested in knowing how new the place has to offer. Given that, it is estimated that its current area will expand enough and according to the 13 million dollars allocated for it. This project falls within the framework of constructions carried out this year, to which must also be added the installation of its $2.39 million solar farms, which opened on May 29.


The ecological projects abound in this center of entertainment and do not stop. With the newly installed solar greenhouse, the amount of kilowatts it can produce amounts to 700 and is expected to cover between 8 and 10 percent of the total energy that occupies the entire area.

The pressure of the government, activists, and nature to create spaces of biodegradable and environmentally friendly sustenance is a requirement that is taken into account in this place, for legal, moral and human reasons.

The Brain Behind The Success

The merit received by its general manager, Lumpy Lambert, is proportional to the work it develops. His face, for the workers, is the image of Harrah’s. The skill and action to cover the necessities of all the construction to maximize the recognition and the quality of services is part of the strategic project that Lambert handles and that makes it an indispensable piece for the coming successes of this place.

Collective Impact

Murphy is a modest and quiet geographical space compared to the noisy, developed cosmopolis of Atlanta – the capital of Georgia. However, contrary to what you might come to believe, the natives of this place did not see the installation of a casino north of their geographical space as an interference with their activities and the peace of being a low profile city. In fact, the receptivity to the influx of people is a point in favor of this casino.

So positive is the impact of Harrah’s for the town of Murphy, that the Chamber of Commerce, with the representation of its director, Meridith Jorgensen, encourages tourists and temporary visitors to continue approaching the area to enjoy a unique entertainment experience and unforgettable. Of course, the interests of the State are not only bordered by the social beatitudes. Economically, the growth of such an important casino increases sales and purchase taxes and creates a thriving financial and commercial security environment.

Attractive Point Of Interest.

In the commercial sphere, things work rhythmically when there is such an attractive point of interest. In conventional economics, the richness of the soil, the influx of hydrocarbons or mines of precious metals is reasons more than enough to awaken the interest of a community for a site.

Murphy is not the only town that has managed to make a name for its tourism activities, but as part of that exception to the rule, it is valid to mention how beneficial the installation and investment in tourism sources within a region can be. In numbers, the tax increase for housing taxes between 2016-2017 was from $269,351 to $334,196, almost $100,000 in just 365 days. For sales and occupation, the figures are a little more imprecise to calculate.

Not Everything Is Rosy

Housing is the biggest problem for Murphy’s inhabitants, in Cherokee County. Because not all casino workers are residents of the locality, some, initially, had to move from North Carolina, Tennessee, and the western state of Georgia. The urgency to save miles towards work caused that a significant number of people decided to move to the site, and, in such a small geographical space, the houses do not abound. This has unchained that, for the date, hardly half of the inhabitants of this site enjoy a housing tenure.

Both the authorities and the inhabitants are aware of this problem, and it is hoped that it will be solved as soon as possible, because, although there is a very small percentage of people living on the street -3.7% of homeless-, the highest source of employment is favored by the casino. Behind, are the health sector and less formal financial activities.

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