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The mathematical strategies of casinos in slot games

To be able to predict in a casino, the slot machine that will award a jackpot or the one that will give winners is something really difficult to estimate. For those who want to know a little more about this game, it is essential to understand its operation, the reason why they are so attractive to players, and understand certain data that are essential for their understanding.

In casinos in the United States and the world, these slot machines represent one of the highest profit percentages for casinos, estimated at 65 to 80 percent of their total income. In cities like Las Vegas, this percentage can be even higher, due to the volume of players or visitors to their casinos and the large sums of money that are handled in the gambling table games.

For the ease of betting on these slot machines, their popularity, and always noticeable presence inside and outside the casinos, they are the attraction wherever they are. Without complications, to play in them, you only need to insert the coin in the machine, select the amount of bet and then press spin to wait for the winning or losing a combination of your game.


With large modern and eye-catching varieties, in casinos, you can find everything from slots with physical rotating reels to these machines but in video format, with a basic game operation but with differences in technological changes and visual appeal. For poker lovers, casinos also offer video poker, allowing players to demonstrate their abilities and knowledge and experiences through the handling and use of cards with advantages in the plays.

With this difference, slot machines offer to gamble without strategies or application of knowledge based on experience, but with a little luck, you can win. That is why you will always find countless slot machines in the casinos you visit, as they represent the pillar of the economy and profitability. With the handling of mathematics, it is possible to understand the operation of these machines, this being the main casino knowledge strategy.

For them, the fundamental of these machines is represented in the fall, attributed to the stupid money deposited in the machine by the player. In this way, they also take into account the amount of the players' bets, to estimate the win of the house and the prize to be distributed to the winning player.

In the end to determine the amount to be paid to the winners every so often is calculated through statistical calculations on the slot machines.

Slot machines connect directly to a random number generator, represented by an algorithm that once pressed the spinning movement in the machine, determines and calculates the amount of winning or losing spins, as well as the amount to be awarded in one Big or significant victory.

In this way, for each machine, there is a predetermined cost and payment table, and using mathematical control, a waiting percentage is determined that specifies the frequency of losses and winning spins to return money to its players or casino visitors.

In this sense, games that have a higher volatility rate or low volatility are classified within casinos, with large payments or low profits representing volatility. An example of this can be mentioned video poker, which due to being a low volatility game for the casino, offers the possibility of winning results frequently but in lower amounts compared to other games with higher casino volatility.

In this way, knowing exactly and predicting the behavior of slot machines is very difficult, being a game based on chance rather than strategies, and it is difficult to estimate the behavior of casino statistics to give winning results.

In this game, what is certain is the significant winnings for the casino, with math constantly in its favor. Although sometimes they are great prizes or a large number of winners, always the greatest advantage and profitability will be in the hands of the casino to stay in operation and obtain the business profitability.

For these reasons, there is a large number of slot machines at your disposal, with striking, attractive models, colors for all tastes, desires of fun and entertainment. However, do not stop having fun in them, always remembering that although they can make a profit, the biggest advantage will always be the casino.

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