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The Poker as a Market Strategy

One of the most common premises that are frequently heard in the world of investments is: Do not mix pleasure with business. However, you can take some strategies or ways to understand the game to improve the skills as an investor in any type of endeavor you want to have.

Among the funniest activities to do in Las Vegas is playing Poker, where risk is part of the play at all times, that adrenaline produced by not having the certainty of what will happen, prompts the player to invest expecting good results.


Play Poker in Las Vegas

You could easily make a comparison between the strategies applied in poker and those used at the marketing level, watching carefully, it is easy to see the similarity between one and the other. In both cases you start with a bet investing money in order to make a profit, you must understand and play with the odds and have enough astuteness to discern when, to withdraw, it is the most convenient. Here are some useful tips for game strategies that can be advantageous to consider when investing in the market.

Tips for Game Strategies

The pokerWhether you are in the business world or in a poker hand, it is essential to know all the rules of the game, you must be clear about what can and cannot be done, know the game or the market in the game which is competitive, allows greater clarity regarding the actions to be taken by the person in search of obtaining the best possible results, with the least risk

One of the most important aspects that should be taken into consideration when playing and that are perfectly applicable when investing in any type of business is patience, taking the time to carefully observe the environment and wait for the right moment and more advantageous to make the play that brings greater profits and that represents less risk.

Although it is also necessary to have value and risk many times without having a clear perspective of the results that can be obtained, in this sense, the investor’s intuition plays a fundamental role, the risk that he himself wants to take on, the backing with which he has and market conditions. Sometimes you have to be willing to risk and it is “all or nothing”.

Learn to Handle Yourself

There are factors outside the investor that can be beneficial or harmful depending on how and when they are taken. When there is knowledge of having an advantage it is time to bet, always taking into account that the “hand” that you have may not be as good as expected.

As much or more important than previously stated is knowing when to retire, assess the possibilities and know at what time it is best to step aside. It is always preferable to retire when you are winning, when you intuit or know that the market trend, after some stability tends to fall.

In poker, there are intrinsic psychological aspects. In the game you must learn to read people, similar to business, you must know how to listen carefully read between lines and more importantly, understand what the other says without words, just as you need to learn to read to the market itself, its fluctuations and stability.

It is important at the time of investing, (either in a poker hand or in business) to discover what are the strategies that others have, based on an observation capacity that transcends the obvious, as well as preserve the image and not demonstrates a marked interest or fear in relation to any transaction, it is necessary then to make use of the famous “Poker face” and avoid, in this way, that you know in advance what are the intentions that you have or the movements that will be made next.

However, not only in this aspect is it useful to know how to use a neutral, inexpressive face, because in the business world there are important commercial relationships and alliances that may be represented by people who are not necessarily of your liking, in this sense, maintaining calm and serenity in such a situation can represent the difference between winning or losing important allies and even between becoming or not being enemies or strong competitors that may prove to be harmful within the competitive market.

The game of poker is surrounded by a certain aura of mystery. The risk is always present, but if you have the luck and astuteness necessary, it can result in significant gains. That mystery can be used perfectly in the investment market, not showing the cards that are held, reserve the hand until the moment when the gain is imminent, creating expectations for others at the table results in a significant appeal at the level of marketing, do not show the whole product, but little by little interest the potential buyers.

This strategy also allows you to preserve the product until the last moment and only show it when no other player has the possibility of matching the play or of competing in the market knowing the characteristics of the product to be offered.

The Best Combinations are The Winners

In the game and in investments there are factors that the player/investor does not control, however, his cunning depends on being able to discern which are the best possible combinations, discard options and risk when necessary, raise the bet, withdraw when you know that the odds are against you and why not, do an “all in” and play all the remaining chips in search of a stroke of luck.

A fundamental factor for success is to know how to position one, achieving a strategic site that allows the highest probability of winning against other competitors and where the croupier (or the market) plays in their favor.

One of the main purposes when investing, in games or business, is to give value to the bet that is made, for this it is necessary to capture all the possible information of the other players and know what they are facing and be clear about the resources that are counted, always trying to “deceive” others so they do not know first what is their play and protect it from others.

Although the initial premise of “you should not mix business with pleasure” may be true, it is feasible to transpose some strategies of the game to business and make immersion in the market world pleasant.

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