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The Top 5 Slot Games to Look Out For in 2022

It is not an uncommon fact that online casinos have seen a surge in popularity in the recent years leading up to 2022. Traveling and venue restrictions have been placed in the light of the lockdown for most of the year. Most offline and traditional casinos have been encountering problems left, right, and center when it comes to keeping up with operating costs and attracting and retaining customers throughout the lockdown period.

Many businesses have been starting ventures online to establish an online presence and reputation to appeal to a new customer base. The online casino industry has become an active and growing community that is slowly on the way to overtaking and maybe even replacing its predecessors for their typical use.

Having everything said, the growing group of online slots has grown quite a lot ever since. It means more competition from one another, which will require a set of unique and new creative ideas that customers will find appealing and enjoy, especially regarding your game library.

We’re here to help as we have gathered different slots of games for 2022 that you consider adding to expand your game library.



We are kicking this list of slot games off with the first slot game, Cleopatra. As the title suggests, the slot game emphasizes ancient Egypt, which serves as the game’s setting and place. The game features 20 paylines where you need to lineup symbols to earn an amount. As with most games, the better the symbols that get lined up, the better the rewards you will receive.

What separates this entry from others in the genre is how its Egyptian theme influences certain aspects of the gameplay. Scarabs, motifs of the eye of Horus, and Cleopatra herself make an appearance in the game and serve as the logo.

The bright and cheery game makes the colors pop and can be pleasing to the eyes. We find this a good slot game for both beginners and veterans as the game doesn’t provide overcomplicated mechanics. At the same time, they still have a moderate amount of difficulty for more experienced players.


Starburst is one of the more intriguing titles we have listed down in this list because of its sheer amount. This slot game is a science and space-themed game and offers you a myriad of choices that you need to make to land the right decision. At a glance, Starburst seems like every sci-fi slot game, but it is more in-depth as it influences your experience for the entire playthrough.

There are five reels and three rows available with a pretty good payout which makes this game considerably fair as you can scale it up or down based on your budget and financial situation. We found a few characteristics that would make this game highly enjoyable, such as the unpredictability that keeps you looking out for more.

Players who enjoy taking risks and reaping the rewards of those risks will indeed find this game favorable. The reward system will give a higher probability for rewards if you also take risks, so everything balances out.

Gonzo’s Request

Here is another game that gives another unique experience, as the previous title is the colorful and vibrant Gonzo’s Request. The game pays excellent attention to detail and design along with gameplay which shows that the developers pay proper attention to making the game look pretty and perform functionally.

The payout for this game is considerably well and can be adjusted to match your playstyle. The game is more catered to players with experience with slot games as it looks to innovative common gameplay while adding a touch of unpredictability.

Reel Rush

Stepping to the safer side of things, Reel Rush is an excellent option for players who don’t enjoy taking risks and want to play games on a budget or for free.

However, playing the game with real money is where the gameplay starts to shine and get interesting. It is because what you can get in this game is a broad selection of different options that make each playthrough unique and fun. Combining everything creates an ideal strategy for earning and playing with real money.

You could experience random wild symbols that you can take advantage of to make 1000x your initial bet if you manage to roll a five-matching symbol on your board. It makes things interesting and exciting when you nail this symbol combination. We find this game to be carefully designed with efficiency in mind, which makes it an excellent option for more conscious players.

Mega Moolah

Next on the list is Mega Moolah, a game that offers 25 different paylines with a progressive jackpot system to complement its overall gameplay. The game allows you to potentially win four different jackpot prizes at any given point in your gameplay, with the bonuses triggered based on how large your bet size is.

By spinning the game’s Wheel of Fortune, you can get the potential to unlock the jackpot and even bigger rewards that are exclusively available through this method. The game offers its players many ways to make money and is an excellent option for those looking to start something new and fresh.

The game prides itself on the unique premise of being able to play in different ways, and its unique jackpot system will get you things you wouldn’t expect. Beginners and experienced players will enjoy this game for several hours on end.

The Bottom Line

All of these games are just some of the best games online that you can try out. The vital thing to finding the perfect match for you is taking the time to explore and experience the different options you have that are available to you. Objectively, these are just some of the most popular slot machine games available on the internet, and 2022

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