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2 Million BC Slot

Ever wonder how cavemen and women satisfied their urge to gamble and earn a little “money” on the side? Wonder no more. 2 Million B.C. Slots is here to help with your imagination. While you learn the answer to that question you’ll be entertained by a perfect period-piece of gamesmanship software that will take you back to what it was like a couple of ions years ago. So let’s take a look at this game.


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The motif of 2 Million B.C. slots game is decorated with icons one expects to find in the life of a respectable cave family. There are cave paintings “hanging” on the walls, fanciful jewels, lots of cave females running about, big cats with gigantic teeth shaped like a saber sword, and specially crafted clubs to fight them off.

For all of its antiquity, the 3-D graphics are quite good, especially the live fire that appears occasionally on the screen to keep you warm and cozy. And many surprises and bonuses are deftly hidden in the bush, so to speak. It lacks an awe-inspiring soundtrack of primitive echoes of beasts in search of a midnight or morning snack. However, other things hidden in the bushes may shock and awe all but the bravest caveman or woman.

The 3-D animations are quite good as the cavepersons interact with the various animals and artifacts in the most interesting ways. The interactions with the stone tablets and fire are particularly noteworthy for your entertainment. Animal contact is quite frequent and you will be made to feel like you are truly an outdoorsman, hunter and gatherer, and protector of the clan.

Since the cave family had not yet discovered electricity or the gas street lights of the 19th century, the game has a night mode that is triggered while the Bonus Rounds are in play. I like the night mode because it gives a touch of authenticity to the overall theme. But don’t take too long to bet or otherwise make your strategic moves because the Caveman will demonstrate his impatience by letting out a haughty yawn of boredom.

Game Strategy

2 Million B.C. is a member of the Slot 3 family of Betsoft game makers. It is structured on a 5-reel, 30-payline format and allows up to five coins on each active payline. Coins are in the denominations of NZD0.02 up to one dollar, which makes for a maximum bet per spin of NZD150. A minimum of three matching symbols will earn Bonus Rounds. Certain icons will trigger special features within the game. For example, 3 acorns will result in opening the Saber Attack Bonus feature and a minimum of 3 Fire symbols on a payline result in Bonus Spins.

The Diamond Bonus is where the money is. With it, you can earn as much as two hundred credits when you manage to line up three of them on a vertical reel. And on a separate screen, the Caveman symbol might try to steal a diamond from the big cat with the sabertoothand if he does, you win another Bonus Round. But he has multiple methods to steal the diamond and you are prompted by the game tochoose a scenario. The more difficult the methodthe higher are your winnings if the Caveman is successful. How neat is that?


The biggest Caveman is the one with the most Cavewomen/Cavegirls, using antiquated political correctness. So naturally, if you get 5 Cave females on a single payline, you will receive the maximum payout of 500 coins for every coin you bet! That gives you the maximum payout of up to 2,500 coins if you have used the highest coin denomination. Five Saber Tooth symbols on a payline reward you with 400 coins and five flying insects will get you 300 credits. Fighting off the bugs, escaping the Sabertooth tigers and collecting as many members of the opposite sex will keep you jumping with excitement. So you probably will not even notice that there are no progressive jackpots in this game. Survival is probably enough to keepyou playing long after the Bonus Rounds have ended.


Throughout the game are surprising rewards and a few bonuses that are neatly tucked away until you stumble upon them. And while 2 Million B.C. slots are not the most “modern” game on the gameroom floor, it is still fun and exciting even though it lacks the best of high tech, complicated and confusing Bonus Spins, and progressive jackpots. So give it a try, you might enjoy it.


Software Betsoft
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 150
Jackpot 2500
Slot RTP 91.94%

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