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How important is age verification in the area of mobile games?

Cell phones are being used more and more for isolated things from which they had proposals from the beginning; one of them focuses on the area of casino games.

It is estimated that the growth of this method has become so great that last year it was learned that more than 50% of online gambling fans are active from mobile devices.

Almost at the same time, a report was published that highlighted the development of these devices as one of the reasons why growth in the sector has been increasing over time. Internet speed and availability are also increasingly highlighted.

The truth is unquestionable, as networks such as 5G spread throughout the country and the power of smartphones increases, it is possible to find more than satisfactory opportunities that are determined by gaming companies. They will only seek to take advantage of the innovation that does not stop and give experiences full of creativity.

Moreover, it is estimated that in the mobile random game market (the world area) there will be significant growth in the annual rate, this will be more or less 19% and will be composed between 2017 and 2021. This information was given by Technavio thanks to a report.

But of course, the warnings do not wait. For many users, online casino games are a form of entertainment that only serves for that, fun. It is a pleasant time in which the problems of daily life do not exist and can only be enjoyed through spending without guilt, but there are also people who do not like this, and this emphasizes mental health.

Studies have shown that an alarming number of people have been admitted to hospitals for these same problems just a year ago; moreover, helplines around the UK have increased by 30% for emergency calls. According to the report written by Technavio, the game on mobile platforms, in particular, is one of the components that make an addictive person back, all thanks to the facilities he has to enter and the speed. It is for all this that important entertainment companies have a duty to guarantee customers support to avoid as much as possible all these patterns in behavior, which can cause severe long-term problems. These interventions are so important that even in mobile games they are reflected.

mobile gamesPlayer protection

But what exactly does this kind of intervention refer to? Those who make up the small number of players with addiction problems need a complete treatment. This will be provided by the largest casino companies, which in a statement promised to donate £60,000,000 a year for the help of these people. It will be Brad brokes, William Hill, Fair Go Casino, Skybet, Paddy Power Bet fair and even Bet 365 who will make an increase in the rate of voluntary earnings from 0.1% to 1%. What would end up giving a figure of about seven digits. Even with all this prevention is important, because it is much simpler than cure directly. Companies must take the necessary measures so that players do not develop habits that are not healthy at all for their lives. A restriction plan even in the advertising and marketing area is more than precise. Also, in online games and especially mobile phones, mechanisms have to be included that help identify and avoid behavior patterns that are worrisome, which would even imply enabling and warning all users who present the problem. Even blocking some sites or applications, this would only be considered if strictly necessary. All this may mean that prevention goes a little further; avoiding at all costs that some types of people enter the game, such as children, who have a slightly larger capacity for addiction.

Gambling for young people

It has been established through a study that the number of problematic players is alarming, but what is worse is the fact that 55,000 of those players are between the ages of 11 and 16, which has increased significantly in the last couple of years. In a general way, it is established that perhaps 450,000 young people participate in the games on a regular basis. The number that will go up while mobile facilities become better and better. All this is not surprising, because as one does not suffer from the rejection that a minor would face in a conventional betting shop, here age is simply falsified and that’s it. Almost anyone can be inside. Besides that, it would be easy for a young man to mislead parents of this kind of thing. This leads to the fact that a verification of the age on the online path becomes a very important issue for entrepreneurs who are dedicated to this part of the entertainment, especially because of the problem of addiction that is present which would imply more strict systems, something that is not very pleasant for users than if they are of the required age.


An interesting approach to this dilemma is exposed by Age Checked, since this provides all customers with what would be a more than satisfactory process, due to its simplicity in detecting who are the players who can enter or not. All you have to do is enter some type of document that supports your age, such as a driver’s license or a bank card. Having a balance when it comes to protecting the user is essential for any mobile game application, it is the key to not losing customers and at the same time meets the necessary requirements that will allow a healthier gestation of the entire process. It is not easy to please everyone, but it is when you think in a more moral and ethical way that a difference is truly made between who is better than another. The mental health of the players is a factor that is now being considered as something vital, so caution is essential at all times.

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