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A brief history of casino games and their evolution in the online world

Those who visit casinos do it with the purpose of having fun, seeing other people playing, spending time in a different place, full of lights and flashy machine noises, people screaming and having fun, probably to meet other players, and also play and try to multiply their money before going home.

But for various reasons, not all people can attend casinos on the mainland, since casinos and gambling are not allowed in every city or country in the world. However, in almost everyone it is possible to play in online casinos, just have an internet connection, a PC or some mobile device and you will be entering the wonderful world of online casino.

Playing in an online casino is a pleasant and fun way to spend your time, and you could also earn some extra money, but it is important to know that there are sites that do not provide the necessary security, but instead just want to keep your personal information and your money.


It is important to know both the rules of the casinos and the ways of how to recognize if a site is legal and safe.

Perhaps not all people know about the history of online casinos, but here you will read a brief history of online casino games that will be full of sweetness and action, so that you become familiar with this world full of technology, and also learn how to find the best online casino sites.

Gambling and casino have evolved

For thousands of years, communities around the world have had games as a common feature. It has been under the table or exploits that managed to organize artisans, enthusiastic speculators or skilled bookmakers who only wanted to get money in some old Chinese street or village, until they reached a modern casino with elegant walls and cocktails, distributors and class, and that is undeniably an activity that is enjoyed and is never enough. This practice dates back to ancient times in history, a fascinating legend in which are ruins of games , relics and ancient establishments scattered throughout various corners of the earth.

Its history dates from the year 2000 BC when the first dice created by man were found in the mysterious territories of Egypt, reaching about 200 B.C with the Chinese gambling houses and the Roman Amphitheater and the clubs of life or death.

The tax revenues, as well as the investments coming from the games, are gigantic and currently form an important motivation to regulate them and allow them, as a reference is a fact that Yale and Harvard have created thanks to the financing obtained from the profits from the North American state lottery.

Reason enough for gambling to be currently an allowed, regulated and organized activity in most countries worldwide, and where it is not authorized is because they do not agree with the practice of gambling or lack of infrastructures that can regulate these activities.

Both the producers of the games and the governments are aware of the tremendous potential to maximize the market, seeing that a huge investment has been implemented for this purpose, benefiting the players in large part.

Both epic games and real-time games are equally appreciated

Classic games are known and loved by most players, whether they have been played or have not been appreciated through famous books, movies or popular culture. Games like Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker have undoubtedly positioned themselves as the kings of gambling.

Historically, the first cards were originated during the ninth century in China, blackjack in Spain during the seventeenth century, roulette in France in 1655, and poker is attributed to North America in the nineteenth century. These classic games generally have rules in stone and payments on offer quite large.

The new versions of board games continue to be similar to those already known and how they were played, with the great exception that they have graduated on online platforms, which are available at any time, regardless of whether it is day or night they can also be played live from any device with internet access.

Social games, virtual sports teams

Online games are increasingly popular, which is why players have realized that it is definitely more convenient to play online, but the community factor, which is reflected in the game’s practices, has also been removed.

And not only have online games taken off in every corner of the planet, but many people find themselves playing online games in which social interaction and teamwork come together, resembling past games, where they were made face to face.

Is the Blockchain the future of online casino games?

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchains are transforming not only the internet but also doing it with the world of payment methods and ways in which online casinos operate.

The Blockchain constitutes the new generation of transactions in the games, with an infrastructure that allows smaller payment operations, becoming a great advantage for the house, not only for offering instant transactions and dividends but also offering greater credibility to this type of transactions, which result in gains for players in new and future casinos.

With this technology it has been to develop innovative gaming systems, Blockchain technology is committed to privacy, accessibility, and it is also completely legal and cheap, so the casino and online gambling industry have relied on this technology to continue evolving.

For now, it is worth continuing to observe how it is affecting casino games and their users.

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