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5 Highly Rate TV Slots Games You Should Be Playing

Ever since their inception into the market, games based on TV shows have become a mainstay in the market and have always had a special place in every player’s heart. TV shows have continued to grow over the last few decades, so it is no surprise that a large variety of slot games based on these shows have been popping up over the past few years.

TV-inspired slot games work well with one another as the TV show serves as reasonable grounds for game design and theme, while the slot game helps promote the TV show and allows the creators and developers to explore and expand the world even further.

With the large array of TV slot games available, finding the best one that stays true to the source material while still offering a great gameplay experience can be daunting. This guide here can help you find the best selection that is familiar yet entertaining.


Why Should You Play TV Slot Machine Games?

It comes as no surprise that the biggest reason why you should consider playing TV Slot Machine games is simply for the fun and entertainment value you can get from them. A large majority of the slot machine games in this guide pay heavy reference and homage to characters from the series while offering gameplay enhancements that properly fit into the theme.

Aside from these, there are additional compelling reasons why you should consider taking TV slot machine games a spin:

• Characters in the slot game play a central role in-game mechanics rather than just making an appearance.
• They add a level of fun and entertainment that wouldn’t be possible with other slot games.
• Many of these slot games can be accessed on the go making it possible to play them regardless of place and time.
• The slot games show a different look into the characters, help you become more familiar with the world, and show where they came from.

Top Rated TV Slots Online for 2022

Game of Thrones

Starting the list off with the best TV slot game is, Game of Thrones. This legendary series achieved its high-ranking status thanks to its colorful cast and an intriguing plot line that keeps you at the edge of your seats with each episode.

This slot game was developed and powered by a collaboration between Quickfire and Microgaming, which assures you that you will have the best gameplay experience possible. The reels in this slot game follow a five-reel and 3-row layout, leading to 15 paylines and over 240 ways to win.

As with the game of thrones standard, beginning a session with this slot game entails you supporting one of the four households. This mechanic plays a central role in determining the number of winnings you can earn, as you can earn as much as 18 free spins with 5x multipliers and wilds.

Jurassic Park

Continuing with the list of hyped TV shows, the Jurassic Park-inspired TV slot game sets you up to enter the fictional setting of the Isla Nublar. The game is played on five reels and three rows, with 243 possible ways to win. As with most slot games, winning combinations require three matching symbols; with the payout increasing, more symbols get matched.

The game offers features that draw inspiration from the Jurassic Park series, such as roaming dinosaurs around the reels that lead to bonuses such as free spins and multipliers. Furthermore, the unique and iconic T-Rex alerts can net you big money with its 35 extra wilds for more winning in this adventure-packed slot game.

Family Guy

Going to the animated side of things, we have a slot game based on the popular adult comedy TV show Family Guy. This slot game borrows many familiar elements from the TV show and even brings along the humor it is well-known for.

A great example of how well this adaptation of a TV show turned slot game is Peter blasting cash rewards and Brian serving as the main trigger for the bonus round. Stewie serves as the game’s wild symbol, which can drastically increase your winnings when paired with Lois, who transforms random characters into scatters. Peter’s nemesis also makes an appearance in the game, as you can get Peter and the Chicken to duke it out for the bonus round for even bigger winnings.

We recommend this game if you want something more easygoing and lighter while still having key and unique elements for a slot game.


Stepping away from a more recent release, Conan is an acclaimed cult classic feature film that was popular back in the 1980s and was modernized into a good slot game with the same titular title and name. Players familiar with Conan the Barbarian will find this slot game to tickle their fantasy as its developers, NetEnt, strike a perfect balance of nostalgia and modernization.

The reel used in this slot game follows a six-reel and 4-row setup, with the classic symbols being replaced by more familiar pieces from the namesake franchise. The game also has two main bonus features that can net you tons of winning, such as the Thoth-Amon Feature that transforms mystery symbols. The three-free spin feature also makes playing the game worthwhile, as you can net up to 50 free spins as you continue playing.

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Megaways

This popular TV show turned into an actual game keeps everything you know in the film to make things even more exciting with its slot game variant. Thankfully, the slot game doesn’t mainly feature tricky questions and challenges but follows a classic slot formula that can easily make you win big.

Lifelines appear in the series when questions get popped your way that you can fully take advantage of to get the best answer possible. True to the name, you can earn as much as 50,000x from your original bet or up 1million in cash. Several key features, such as 50 free spins and multipliers, keep the game exciting and fun.


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