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Frozen Inferno Slot

For those looking for games with interesting themes, WMS has created the Frozen Inferno slot. Although the title is quite difficult to understand, the magic that surrounds the game makes that not so important.

The techniques used in the development of the game, are accompanied by a graphic design that contains many magical details and transports the player to another dimension, where he will seek the greatest reward. You can make use of the immense list of icons, so this game of 5 reels, 3 rows and 40 lines, unfolds between the magic of the actions that are taken and the luck that accompanies the player.


Frozen Inferno
Frozen Inferno

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The Magical Frozen Inferno Slot Machine

The main feature of the game is based on magic, which brings ice and fire to be employed in hexes and sorceries practiced in legendary cultures and civilizations. The theme of Frozen Inferno slot is set in the mystery and enigma of other eras. As in the movie The Lord of the Rings or the Game of Thrones saga, recognized worldwide as the best and most intense, in terms of the elements of secrets, evil and magic, Frozen Inferno also has these epic themes and fantasy, that transport him to moments full of perversity and malice.

Magic Symbols

The symbols shown on the reels of the game have blue and white, like snow. Among other characteristics, it can be found that the wild symbol is represented by a frozen window, which is in a place on the reels. As you can see, it seems that they are two games in one, they have the ability to change the design and colors to make a turn and move from fire to ice and vice versa, which makes Frozen Inferno slot is a very versatile game.

In this game, the symbols that make up the reels are carefully designed, all the details of design, give a magical realism to all the icons and enhance the beauty of the environment, whether it is frozen or burning. The variety of symbols is very wide, but you can highlight the ancient scrolls, enchanted rings to complement the spells, the typical sticks used by magicians to say their spells and others, which belong to this class of millenary and dark practices.

As for the graphics, the images present a lot of realism and make the player feel very committed to the scenario, whether it is between frozen mountains or volcanoes spitting fire, the emotion will not stop for a moment. The music that has been selected to give the game more life is perfect and moves the player to the darkest and most spooky scary scene. It has a series of special effects and spectacular sounds that combined with all the above, will keep the player captivated for a long time.

To play Frozen Inferno

The game has certain difficulties and to start playing, it is recommended to do a previous training and play it in the free version. In this way, you will not be risking money and will become familiar with the ins and outs that it presents. The level of games with this machine is quite high. That is why, you must play first with the bonus option, so as not to make a deposit in money, which is surely lost, since the game has many elements that have to be handled, before trying to play.

Among the options that must be assimilated, there is the immense amount of symbols available to make combinations in each of the 40 payments that are active. It should also be conditioned to the design of the screen, to locate important buttons, such as the one that controls the payment table.

Both the Frozen and the Inferno, you can start with an icon, which is used as a wildcard in the reels. This wildcard has the ability to adapt to the stages of the game; it can be used in fire mode or when playing on ice. If it is used when playing on ice, the wild card freezes where it is desired and when it takes on the functions of the ice assistant. Each of the styles of the game can add a wildcard each time they are used.

By accumulating the amount of 5 wildcards, the possibility of the bonus round is given and the player is given a number of free spins, randomly assigned. With this alternative, you have the opportunity to accumulate double winnings, since you are playing in both modes. The wild cards for one game and for another are activated when entering the bonus round, which allows offering the turns. Ice is used as a viscous joker and fire can be used as a joker that is able to move, since it has the quality that it can move to the position occupied by the wild ice in the reels.

By making a turn and winning, while in the round, you will get the opportunity for one reel to become the other component. This change will be made from the left reels and will advance from there. To improve the value of the winnings, it is necessary to make this combination of wild cards. When 5 wins are achieved, rounds of free spins are finished, so you have to continue with the combinations for as long as possible.

Despite not knowing the exact number of turns, this is not a very important point, because the number of wins that can be allowed is a stable amount. So, you can play traditionally with a number of fixed wins. Another particularity of the bonuses is the conditions of the Pick a Win bonus. In this bonus, a sorcerer appears who comes from legendary times and chooses one of the crystal balls that are available. When the sorcerer makes the selection, an amount is shown, with which the final value will be determined by that amount of credit found and will be combined with a random amount, which will be the multiplier.

The main theme of the game is the legendary magic, treated in a different way, because to start the adventure you must choose one of two modes, for each of the characters. This method of play is very novel since it expands the possibilities within the game. When selecting the magician that represents the fire or the assistant of the ice, that gives life to the opposite side of the game, each one has identical human characteristics, with which the player must be familiar. In addition, if are very similar, have different elements, both in clothing as in the color assigned to them and the skills and qualities they possess. These are the elements that establish the only differences between ice and fire.

If you choose to start with the part that corresponds to hell, located in the title of the game, you will see a design as a wallpaper, recreating active volcanoes, which have hot lava inside, predominantly fire red.

In this section of game belonging to hell, the symbols that are represented by black smoked and thanks to the wild transfer, the whole scene will be set in incandescent fire, similar to hell itself. When you enter to play the frozen game section, you will find yourself in a chain of mountains full of glaciers and in a completely frozen landscape, which is located under a completely starry sky.


Summarize Frozen Inferno is not easy; the methodology of the game is quite complex, taking into account that it is a game with two different themes and completely opposed. This could lead the player to have to practice beforehand, in order to understand the benefits offered by the game. Among the advantages offered, you can mention the incredible profits, although the bonuses have a limit. The possibility of playing in two different environments and with the same icons is also a plus point.

Software WMS
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 40
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.40
Max. Bet 200
Jackpot 200
Slot RTP 96.46%

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