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Learn all about game addiction

In any part of the world, to any person, it can happen to you that you have so much fun in a game that you spend hours in it, but then it becomes an obsession with serious consequences. Game problems can interfere with a person's work, with family relationships, with relationships with friends, unleash financial disaster, etc. It does not matter what game you bet on, be it slot machines, roulette, poker, sports, in an online casino or in a land casino, on a track, etc. the problem worsens and brings dire consequences for the person.

You even start doing things that in your life you would imagine that you would do them, in those cases, you should seek professional help and fix everything that has been destroyed due to addiction to the game, and regain control of your life, because you lose it totally with addiction.


What is the addiction to the game and the problem of the game?

Compulsive gambling, gambling disorder or pathological gambling, is a disorder in which the patient cannot control his impulses, it is an addiction, in this case, that of gambling. The compulsive gambler cannot control those desires to play and is aggravate more as time passes, the person cannot see the negative consequences that are beginning to generate towards their relatives, friends, the people that surround them and even the same. As the player is out of control, he will bet no matter the consequences, although the odds are against you, will continue without stopping.

You may also have a gambling problem, regardless of whether you are out of control. This is any behavior towards the game that could disturb your life. You may be spending time and money, be full of worries about the game, you may be pursuing bets and losses despite having serious consequences in your life, that is having gambling problems. In general, this gambling addiction is associated with behavioral disorders of the state of mind.

Sometimes players who suffer from this disorder also have problems with the use of substances such as drugs, unaddressed ADHD, depression, stress, anxiety, and bipolar disorder. So to be able to attend to his addiction to the game, he must also attend to these other disorders and the possible causes of them.

Signs and symptoms of gambling addiction

Gambling addiction is not like other diseases in which you can see physical symptoms or signs that you have that disorder, which is why many call it the occult disease. Players with problems deny or want to minimize the problem itself, even to themselves. You may have an addiction to the game if you present the following:

  • You lie about the bets or you make them in secret, then you have the need to reserve the fact of betting and you think that everyone around you does not understand that soon you will surprise them with the jackpot.
  • You cannot control the game when you start playing, you cannot separate yourself from it until you are bankrupt, and you bet again and again to try to recover what was lost.
  • And even if you do not have money, you will play. Spend all the money you have allocated for bets and when it is over, spend to spend the money you do not have, which you must use to pay the credit cards, to pay the bills or monthly payments of the children's school, do not It matters what money you spend in order to place bets. And by not having more money, you start borrowing, selling your things or you can even steal to continue betting.

Your whole family feels concerned about you, your friends and coworkers, listen to them carefully. The denial that you have a problem only aggravates the situation, not only emotionally but also financially.

Asking for help is a good option is not weakness; on the contrary, you can get out of that abyss in which you find yourself. Sometimes older players, who have this problem, do not want to approach their children because they bet the inheritance and lost it all.

So many players are left in ruins very quickly. Depression and worries later make him sick and he will be worse off than at the beginning. Gambling addiction, as mentioned at the beginning, is a disorder which must be treated by a specialist. You must get out of that vicious circle before it's too late. Recovering your life and your family is the most important thing to focus on.


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