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Ghostbusters Slot

Recreating the history of the 80s, the company International Gaming Technologies (I.G.T.) brings the most animated slot machine, known as Ghostbusters. Based on science fiction facts, it can be enjoyed in the casinos of Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Reno.

The game was created in 2011 and was widely accepted in all gaming centers in the United States. It is ideal for fans of the film, as it reproduces important aspects that make the player a ghost hunter. In addition to offering great opportunities for profit, with bonuses, bets with cash and other benefits, the story involves the player, so that you can spend time without realizing it.


Ghostbusters Slot
Ghostbusters Slot

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Sound and Special Effects

For being a game that is inspired by a very funny movie and whose theme was a success at the box office, the music and the soundtrack are spectacular, listening “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts” while developing the game is truly exciting.

​Symbols and Characteristics

As already mentioned, the Ghostbusters slot is inspired by the legendary and successful film that caused a worldwide frenzy. Based on this fact, aspects of the game have many similarities with the characters in the story. The most representative symbols of the game are the heroes of the film Peter, Egon, Ray, Winston, and Louis. Also, there are others of great importance, such as the trap to hunt the ghosts, the vehicle that is used as an ambulance,

Also, you can see other special symbols, such as the bag containing protons, the P.K.E or psychokinetic energy meter used in the meter and special ecto lenses, to detect any unusual presence of ghosts in the environment. In what corresponds to the wild card, there are three different types, the wild card Slimer that is a green ghost and the violet ghost, both can be used as models during the development of the game.

The other relevant icon is the bonus Ghost symbol, the main task of this symbol is to activate the Buster bonus and provide free spins to the player. So, this icon is important to increase the chances of increasing profits.

Development of Mystery

This machine has five drums and 30 pay lines. During the game process, several characteristics must be observed, which are key to progress and obtain greater benefits. These peculiarities are granted to the player, in a fortuitous way. Therefore, they can appear at any time. Among the most outstanding, it can be mentioned when multiplying, whose objective is to multiply the gain that is possessed so far between 2x and 5x. The cash prize, which allows the player to obtain a reward in cash of 50x and 1000x of the value of the currency.

Another additional feature is the wild-card drum, which appears in the scene when the Slimer wild card is placed between the first and third drums, this makes everyone wild, offering more chances to win. Finally, there is the extra joker, when it is between drums one and four, it becomes a wildcard for the violet ghost. The number of winnings can increase, considerably, if the icons on the sides become wild cards.

In the Ballroom Buster function, two phantom bonus symbols and a Slimer bonus are activated at the same time. Once activated, you can get five proton downloads, which can discover the hidden ghosts in the ballroom and multiply the bet up to 5x.

Different types of Bonuses

Since the Ghostbusters slot is not paying huge amounts of money in profits, if it grants them in small amounts, but in a constant way. This is one reason so that the player stays active as long as possible and filling the pockets continuously.

To get cash, the best is the Stay Puft bonus, which offers free spins and also offers the option of supplying violet or slimmer phantom jokers to turn the drums into winning combinations. When you manage to get special and sticky jokers, at the beginning of the game with the free spins bonus, you have the full guarantee that you will get a cash payment and for a considerable amount.

Just by collecting two phantom bonus symbols, along with a Stay Puft bonus you can activate the free spins and achieve a total of eight in the 40 payment lines offered, instead of the original 30 lines. As the drums spin, more Stay Puft elements appear. You can see flying marshmallows and toasted marshmallows, which modify the location in various places of the drum and are transformed into wild cards or characters related to Stay Puft.

One of the disadvantages of the Stay Puft bonus is that it is not very common in the game. There are other alternatives, which are available to the player and can be seen more often during the game, such as The Ballroom Bonus and Psychic Bonus, which are not easy to hit.

Despite being a game with many features, difficult to get, it also offers some small incentives, which encourage the player to stay active and keep looking for ways to make a profit. All these small options make the game more interesting and have been adding over time, from the main game servers, to print more excitement and offer the possibility of increasing prizes.

As an example of this, from time to time a ghost appears on the screen, leaving behind it a trail of wild lands. This effect is similar to the one that appears in the Wizard of Oz game when the Flying Monkeys are presented and stuck to the screen. Another feature that is quite attractive to the player is the unpredictable way in which the icons corresponding to the bonuses appear since they come out without anyone waiting and must be taken to obtain the winnings.

When two are achieved, at the beginning of the game, an extremely scandalous sound is produced, which is difficult to ignore. At this moment, the third drum seems to be possessed by a ghost and starts spinning at a higher speed, which makes the player be astonished and not want to stop playing.

Game Availability

The Ghostbusters slots can also be played online, with the same emotion and particularities, offered by the original version of the Las Vegas casinos. IGT did an excellent job in developing the game online and with identical qualities. For the inhabitants of the United Kingdom, there are many options for the enjoyment of the game, with an extensive list of casinos on land, which have machines to play with real money and live the experience of the protagonists of Ghostbusters.

On the contrary, the residents of the United States and Canada are not so lucky, since in these countries there are many limitations, in terms of the necessary permits. One of the reasons is that you can play with cash, only in land-based casinos; online players do not have this alternative.

In Canada and Australia, game fans can find similar ones to play online that are available in certain areas of the country. You only have to review the different listings of online casinos and, surely, you will have fun with a similar one. For those who wish to play with the Ghostbusters slots, the free version is now available, which can be used without many complications, since it does not require registration, provision of personal data, download or installation.

Software IGT
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 50
Max. Bet 2500
Jackpot 250
Slot RTP 94.5%

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