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Gladiator Slot

Let’s mention another game as important as all the games we’ve mentioned before. The slot which we’re going to mention now has a very interesting theme and all the symbols used are coordinated with the main theme. The game has a lot to do with the movie with the same title. The game also consists of 5 rolls and 25 lines in which the money can be placed and can be played.


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Game Theme and Symbols

The game has a very interesting theme and at the same time uses symbols that relate to this theme. As we mentioned the game is inspired by the film with the title Gladiator and the main symbol of the game is the gladiator. This symbol of Gladiator has the biggest credentials and also represent the wild symbol which the player is able to win the bonus round and thus increase the chance of winning the money. The Gladiator slot, therefore, the wild symbol can be found in the 2-4 roll and its function is to substitute all other symbols except the distribution symbol. The player is able to win a lot when he makes the right combinations and then he is going to win the biggest prize.

In addition to the wild symbol that is mentioned and represented by the symbol of the gladiator, but there are other symbols as the distribution symbol, which in the concrete case is the symbol of the Coliseum. In this slot, there is also a wild symbol that has the multiplication function. The game is built with the rows where the stones will be placed where the combinations will be made. A player who is able to make the right combinations can use the options that favor the game: The player can choose free games, decide on all the prizes in a major column, another option is to set a price down below. The player may choose to play as he wishes and can create the potential of the benefit

Game Play

The player is able to make different selections of how he wants to play the game. The player can benefit 2x more than his monetary value, using a button called the gamble button, should also predict the color of the letter he wants you to come after that may be black or red. A player who knows how to play well can get you to make up to 2500 coins.

The Coliseum symbol is the greatest achievement a player can have. Great prizes can be earned when players encounter a distribution symbol when displayed in three or five times and at this moment the player is likely to benefit from large sums of money. When the player first moves the stone then he can get free games, the stone moves in the second line will allow the multiplier price. The symbols and the women’s symbols when they appear several times can give rounds bonuses and player earnings can be multiplied by 100.

Some of the most important prizes that can be taken are: Rates that can give the player up to 350 coins are Senator Gracchus and Derek Jacobi, Lucilla can make up to 1,000 coins, Commodus can get up to 5000 coins, and 250 coins can come to Juba and the Gladiator Champion. The player is likely to win the bonus rounds in order to win the highest amount of money. A symbol that we mentioned as representing the wild symbol is a Gladiator mask that can replace any other symbol except the distribution symbol. If the player has a wild symbol more than 3 times in the 2-4 rolls then the Gladiator Bonus is activated.

The Best Slot Ever

There are some very important buttons in this game and in fact, each one has a special function. If the player presses the Line button, then this button serves to change the number of lines when the player presses the Bet button for line then he can set a bet on the line where it will play, when the player chooses the spin button then the spin will start to rotate.

In addition to the functions mentioned here, there are some buttons that are mentioned here. There are also some other important buttons. Start Auto is a button that can start to rotate or not. This button represents the number of automatic scrolls ranging from 1-99. The other button is the Click to Change button and you can choose the currency you will use and has the maximum value and the nominal value. The minimum value is 0.01 pounds and the maximum value reaches 0.05 pounds.

There is also the Bet Max button which creates the value rotation option current. The player can press the Gamble button, and this button creates the option of doubling the money. As the Info button explains the bonus games and the payment table.You are welcome to download and to install the game, and you can take it to your devices and you can play wherever you want. You are welcome!

Software Playtech
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 25
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 5
Jackpot 5000
Slot RTP 94.1%

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