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Hexbreaker II Slot

Hexbreaker II is an electronic game created by IGT, a developer of electronic games with many years of experience. The Hexbreaker II is a game that can be played in a number of ways and so far around 720 modes have been found which game can be played. The game’s theme is very interesting and very impressive since the main symbols used except that are very nice are also very lucrative and the people who have played this game have always been very pleased.


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Hexbreaker II is a very popular game created by IGT and as always they have a very high quality on all the games that launch in the market. The game has been released in the market in 2015 but it looks like it is a classic game and it has been many years since has been built. Hexbreaker II also creates a lot of opportunities to win the bonus and also to gain high-value money. The way the game is built on the graphical and visual side is very, very beautiful and also impressive, cannot be missed even the animations know and hurry sounds to continue the game.

Game’s Version and Sound

The second version of the game is built on the basis of the first version of Hexbreaker II, though the first version is classic and the second version has retained the elements of the first and moves in the same steps. The game seems a bit cold because the machine does not resemble the original in Las Vegas, but the game is amazing and the emotions are also magical.

The game consists of a six-sided screen and has a very nice way to play. The game has many similarities to the Siberian Storm, which is also created by IGT. If the player closes their eyes and decides to hear the sounds then they will make the connection and understand the similarity between the IGT products. This machinery is excellent and also very nice to win and to experience emotions.


The main symbols used here are: a black cat that will change the budget. Each symbol in this game has the goal to help the player so he can raise his budget and his earnings are high. Do not get worried and don’t despair if number 13 is displayed, you will be very lucky if you know how to make the right combination. Other equally important symbols that naturally increase the many values are:horseshoes, Lucky 7s.

The game is very magical, all the symbols are in favor of the player because he can win as much as possible if it is shown clever in the combination of the symbols. Each symbol used in these games has its own relevant values, and if the player wants to win a lot and then he has to pay. If a player has more than three to five identical symbols on a line then he or she can earn a lot of money. Each symbol is paid: the symbol of the raven has a monetary value of 125 coins, if the player has a line of 5 black cats then he is able to win 500 coins, the poker symbols result in the value of 100 coins.

More Symbols to Increase the Monetary Value

In this game, there are also symbols that are otherwise labeled by players as symbols of destiny as they increase the monetary value and give the enthusiasm of profit and reward and there are a lot of chances to win big cash prizes. Poker symbols have a corresponding value of up to 100 coins, the white cat has a value of 300 coins, while the ladybug and four-leaf clover has a value that corresponds to 125coins,and the symbol that has the highest value is the symbol of the light logo symbol that can reach up to 1000 coins.

There are wild symbols and distribution symbols as well, and the game gets the true meaning only in relation to these symbols because they raise monetary values and give the player the opportunity to win money. This slot is free and can be played without being downloaded. The distribution symbol in this game is Jinx which can triple the player’s income by 3 symbols, can twenty-fold to 4 symbols and hundredfold five symbols.

There is also another distribution symbol which is the symbol of the Karma and can multiply from 3-5 symbols.The game also offers free rolls that can be used depending on the symbols available. The freer rotation slot is the horseshoe symbol that creates the possibility of some free rolls if there are 5 such symbols.The player can get 10 free spins only if you pay 100 coins for 5 horseshoe symbols.

A player before starting to play must know the terms and conditions of the game. The player, as well as all other games, must place a bet, and the lowest bet in this game is worth NZD 0.05. You just need to know how to do the right combinations so you do not spend much money but earn more than you spend.


As mentioned above, this game can be played in 720 modes and the game can be played in the 5 main rolls we mentioned. The game creates bonus opportunities and bonus rounds for all people who succeed in combining.The player must be cautious in any action as a combination can create an increase in monetary values and another may result in a downturn.

You are welcome to play and you will be rewarded all the time!Just click and the Hexbreaker will be appeared and you will be ready to play and to feel the emotions

Software IGT
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 720
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 50
Jackpot 2000
Slot RTP 96.45%

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