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Lady Robin Hood Slot

Let’s mention another equally important and interesting game that has one theme which is so beautiful. The game features a main character such as Lady Robin Hood, who is brave and fearless of the situations that are created. The game consists of wild symbols and distribution symbols that have the greatest role in multiplying the revenue and gaining bonus rounds as well as free rolls.


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The story of Robin Hood as we all know is the story of a person struggling for the rights of the poor as well as the equality between the rich and the poor. Rob Hood hopes to protect the poor and needy people. The player has the opportunity to feel that they are experiencing all the same feelings as Robin Hood fights with arrows with different weapons, as well as his habitat is leafy forests, which give priority to nature and the fighter.

The most important symbols in this game are wild symbols and distribution symbols that increase the monetary values of the players and the symbols used are: Quivers and Daggers, but also playing cards should be used in order to make the right combinations.

Lady Robin Hood is a highly rewarding game and players need to make combinations and use the symbols to earn money. The wild card can appear in rolls 2-5, and Scatter is the logo of all the game. Arrow Mystery Wild is a bonus that is activated in rolls 2-5 and can benefit from the lower value of wild symbols 2 and the highest value 8. This symbol can replace all other symbols except the symbol of the distribution.

Game Strategy

The wild symbol will be on the side of the distribution symbol and they can become both a symbol of wild and if the proper combinations are made will become a symbol of free games. The game is located deep in the heart of Sherwood Forest and the slot machine is wonderful in ways of construction and the player has a lot of benefits. The rolls are placed at the top of the medieval rotation and the character intends to place the arrow near the logo.

This slot has a lot of admirers because it is present and in real-world casinos that are equally popular. The Lady Robin Hood is also one of the most amazing creations created by the developers of gaming, a slot consisting of 5 rolls and 40 lines available to make the right combinations and to be rewarded. The slideshow creates the opportunity for money monetization, pleasure, and emotions. This slot offers exciting features and gives the player the ability to create the right combinations and gain additional Wild Symbols.

The player can activate the free roll function and can continue to be wild up to 4 rolls. Robin Hood’s story behind slot machines may seem strange but in fact, the game is so much rewarding that it will surprise the player in the end. If the player is Robin Hood fan then you will see the magic of the game and its reward. Lady Robin Hood is always looking for the rights of the poor and equality with the rich. Snapshots may seem slimmer but when accompanied with background music as well as animations that naturally accompany and whole look gets a different meaning.

Bonus & Symbol

The game features both birds and symbols that make their mysterious and enigmatic game with their tweets. Lady Robin Hood is a slot that comes with a RTP of 94% and is likely to be very volatile. The game can cause free spins, bonuses and free games functions. If the game distribution functions are present is likely to become more interesting and more profitable. The game, besides the basic symbols, also contains other symbols that are equally important and some of the symbols that will appear are: Flagons, Quivers, Lady Robin, Coins and also uses playing cards that are from 10-ACE.

The wild symbol as mentioned is the symbol that has the most important function in the whole game because this symbol replaces all the symbols except the distribution symbol, which in this case is called the symbol of the logo and the wild symbol appears on the rolls 2-5. Most used in this game are: chocolate brown color, maroon and green color.

As mentioned above, the bonus that can be used for the free spins is the Arrow Mystery bonus that has the lowest value of the 2 and the most expensive 8 and can also be found in rolls 2-5 and it has the power to substitute all other symbols except the distribution symbol. The player is normally interested in getting the bonus round and this round is triggered when the player has three distribution symbols and he can also multiply the incomes he has with 2 as well as get 10 free games.


The most important thing to these games is the activation of the bonus round, the player must also consider the three Arrow symbols for winning the bonus round. Also worthy of note is the Shield symbol located on rolls 2-5 and this symbol will unlock Reel Locked Wild.

As we mentioned this game turns the spin in free spin but the biggest benefit of this is that it replaces all the symbols and gives them the opportunity to make money. Players can play because they will enjoy the game because it is very rewarding. Everybody is welcome to download and install this game and to feel comfortable in playing it because the game is so much interesting.

Software Bally
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 40
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 10
Jackpot 1000
Slot RTP 94%

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