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Jaguar Princess Slot

The “Jaguar Princess Slots” uses wild felines as the main thematic, but they’re not the main character. When you read “Jaguar Princess”, you think of a literal jaguar, right? Well, you’re wrong; the main character of this slot machine game is a woman, a very wild one (literally). The game is very attractive at first sight, the main character portrayed by some kind of princess of the felines, and of course, a jungle to explore. Are you ready to find a treasure among all these tall trees while being surrounded by the queen of the jungle and her not-so-friendly pals?


Jaguar Princess Slot
Jaguar Princess Slot

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This game uses a young woman who loved so much the jungle and the felines that she decided to stay with them and make the jungle her own kingdom, becoming the Jaguar Princess, ruling all over the jungle and having the wild cats as her best friends.

The game may seem like your typical slot machine game that uses a 5-reel system, but it actually has some unique features that make it a bit more interesting than many others slots that use a similar theme and system, as there are several slot machine games that use the jungle, wildness, and felines as their main attraction, such as the CATS slots or the Wolf Run (though the last one doesn’t use felines, uses wolves instead).

The Jaguar Princess likes to live in the jungle so much, despite the wildness and the dangerous environment that it has. You will find a lot of symbols that are related to the jungle theme that the game provides, including, of course, several feline species as the game’s name suggests. Who knows? Maybe finding randomly a jaguar in this game isn’t exactly that bad.

Although the theme of the game is a bit unique, the machine’s sounds are a bit familiar and will remind you of other games developed by the same company (the IGT) such as the Wolf Run Slots, but not all the effects are recurring, there are many other things that make this game unique. It shows a different facet of the feminine side. Some of the symbols used in the Jaguar Princess Slot are several felines or wild cat species, letters (such as the Q, the A, and the K) and jewelry, and as it’s typical in many of the slot machine games, the game’s logo is also used as a symbol.

In this game, you’re up against the princess and her feline friends. If this was a real-life situation, you’d be in great danger, but lucky for you, this is a game, so if you find the wild cats or the princess on the reels, you’ll actually be rewarded with a great prize. The game has the unique feature “Super Stacks”, which selects a specific symbol on the reels; it means that if you fill the reels with that exact symbol, you’ll get even a bigger prize.

If you’re able to stack some of the letters we mentioned before, you’ll be able to get a maximum of 20 coins. Everything starts to change when you start to find the princess’ jewelry, but that won’t be an easy task in such a dense jungle, but if you’re able to get them, you will get a maximum of 30 coins.

The Princess’ friends aren’t that friendly when someone who isn’t her tries to get close to them, but that’s no problem, having those dangerous interactions will give you different rewards, so you should overcome your fears and challenge them to get a great reward!

Talking about the wild cats, what rewards can you get when you find them? There are many wild cats species that you will find when you start to play the game. As we said before, there are other symbols that will appear and make this task a bit difficult, but don’t worry, you’ll get a great reward if you’re able to stack any of the feline species that can appear on the game (leopards, snow leopards, and panthers), that will give you a maximum of 60 coins.

Once you have found the dangerous felines, found some clues and got some minor rewards, what is the last task for you? To find the Jaguar Princess! Not an easy quest though, but that doesn’t mean that is impossible; don’t let her wildness and charm defeat you, if you’re able to capture her, you will get you a maximum reward of 100 coins! Isn’t it awesome?

Did you think that was all? There’s even more to this quest than what you’re thinking of. There are other things that you can do in the Jaguar Princess slots, such as stacking the game’s logo to get an even bigger reward and get some extra spins on your game.

As is common in many games, there are some extra quests that’ll make your game a little bit more interesting, and this time, the Jaguar Princess logo will be in charge of that! This symbol acts as the Wild Symbol of the game and will activate the bonus spin feature. You can get up to 16 bonus spins, giving you the opportunity of getting an even greater reward to take home!

This is a game worth trying if you’re a fan of wild felines. Jaguar Princess Slots will give you the sensation of being on a dangerous quest, traveling the dangerous jungle while you’re surrounded by the dangers of it, but in the game, those dangers are actually rewards that can make you take a big prize (or treasure) home!

There are several ways to win in Jaguar Princess Slots, you just have to be brave enough to face the dangers that are waiting for you on the jungle that is in the form of many wild cats and their Princess, which will make this task a bit difficult, but there’s no need to worry, because having in mind the great rewards that this quest has for you, you will be brave enough to challenge the felines and the Princess. Good luck on your quest!

Software High5
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 50
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 500
Slot Themes Jungle
Slot RTP 94.9%

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