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Everything You Need to Know about Authentic Gaming

Authentic Gaming is a relative newcomer to the online casino gaming world. Starting in 2015 with only 3 employees, Authentic rapidly has become one of the premier providers of online live roulette.

And what an experience Authentic’s online roulette is! Nearly all their roulette games stream live from the floors of elite, high roller European casinos, so you get to play roulette with some of the wealthiest players in the world. The croupiers? The best in the business.


Can I Play Authentic Gaming Roulette on iPhone or Android?Authentic Gaming Roulette

Authentic Gaming leads the pack in mobile technology.

Of all the live online gambling companies, Authentic has mastered the delivery of high-quality video attached to an intuitive and fun interface that's built primarily with mobile users in mind.

Best of all, if you’re playing on a smartphone you don’t suffer tiny, frustrating controls. You can tap the screen to make either the controls or the video feed full screen, making it easy to see what you’re doing.

Authentic Gaming has done its homework on interface usability. The interface is easy and intuitive and sports many interesting features. The interface also includes information like a history of winning numbers, stats, and even a Bet On Stats function that places your bet based on the past history of winning numbers.

Unique to Authentic Gaming, the interface also includes a Full Complete and Max Bet function, allowing you to instantly make the highest bets possible.

Where Do I Find Authentic Gaming Live Games?

Authentic Gaming roulette streams through 64 European online casinos as well as several on-site casinos. Of the 64 online offerings, only one, Mr. Win, allows players from the United States.

Authentic Gaming is also showing up on cruise lines throughout the world. For those patrons who don’t want to schlep themselves over to the casino, they can play Authentic roulette in their cabin or on the deck using their smartphones. Don’t be surprised when Authentic roulette shows up on your next cruise!

What Games Does Authentic Gaming Offer?

Roulette. That’s it.

Let’s take a look at their offerings:

  • Live Roulette Original

Live Roulette Original comes in one version, European Roulette, and is streamed from a casino floor with live players. There are several camera angles to choose from, including a bird’s eye view of the wheel.

  • Live Roulette Superior

Live Roulette Superior is Authentic Gaming’s streaming version of French roulette. It is streamed from a casino floor with live players and multiple camera angles.

  • Live Double Wheel Roulette Superior

Live Roulette Superior includes a Double Wheel variant that is Authentic Gaming’s version of American roulette. The wheels don’t always operate in tandem, so while one ball is spinning, you can make bets on the other.

Like Live Roulette Superior, Double Wheel is streamed from a live casino floor with real players. Because there are two wheels, there is only one camera angle that focuses on the wheels.

  • Live Roulette Turbo

Live Roulette Turbo is Authentic Gaming’s version of speed roulette. Streamed from a live casino floor, players have only 60 seconds to place their bets. Betting is allowed for only a few seconds after the ball is set in motion.

Because the game has live players, the croupierspends some time handling the table bets, so the gameplay is not as fast as speed roulette streamed from a studio. That being said, it’s still pretty fast. These are some of the best croupiers in the business, so the table bets get handled amazingly fast.

Like most other Authentic games, there are multiple camera angles and the same controls. The only difference is the higher speed.

  • Live Auto Roulette

For players who want a faster game, Live Auto Roulette is Authentic Gaming’s automatic version of speed roulette. You can choose Live Auto Roulette that is streamed from either a casino floor or studio. Like all Authentic Gaming roulette games, there are multiple camera angles, including a bird’s eye view of the wheel.

The game comes in two variants: Auto Roulette 30 and Auto Roulette 60. In Auto Roulette, 30 players have 30 seconds to place bets before the ball is spun, while auto Roulette 60 gives players 60 seconds.

Neither of the automatic games includes a dealer – hence the name “auto.” This differentiates Authentic Gaming’s speed roulette from those offered by other companies.

Duo Roulette combines both auto games into a single interface so that you can play them simultaneously.

  • Live Lucky Ball Roulette

As the name suggests, Lucky Ball Roulette is European roulette that includes a randomly chosen bonus number as the Lucky Ball number. This side bet can sometimes pay up to 120 to 1.

  • Live Casino Floor Roulette

Nearly all Authentic Gaming roulette games stream live from a casino floor.

So why do they have a game that is specifically called “Live Casino Floor Roulette”?

In this game, although it’s played on a casino floor, there are no live players, only online players. In other words, it’s just like studio roulette, only it’s played on a casino floor.

With Live Casino Floor Roulette game play is much faster than other Authentic Gaming roulette wheels, since the croupier does not have to take the time to pay out floor bets.

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