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Unveiling NetEnt Live Casino: Games, Features, and Bonuses

NetEnt is one of the world’s leading providers of casino software, so it is a name you will see often when you are looking for information about online gaming.

Here’s what you need to know about games that are powered by NetEnt Live.

The company is based in Sweden, and the name is actually short for Net Entertainment. It has been on the scene since the early days of online gaming. If you have been to an online casino, it is likely that you have used its software, as it is the software behind more than 130 of the most popular slot games. Its live component, NetEnt Live Casino, is one of the largest operators in the industry.

The idea behind it came from the drive to offer live blackjack and live roulette games to customers, against real dealers and croupiers, just as if you were in a real casino.


History of NetEntWhat You Need to Know About NetEnt Live Powered Games

When online casinos first began, variety was slim. There were only a handful of games, powered by the same algorithm, so the online experience paled in comparison to the live gaming experience in a casino.

Since then gaming innovations have come quickly and have inspired incredible creativity. Today there are more than a hundred online casinos running off NetEnt software.

One of the best innovations has been the ability to offer instant play, meaning there’s no need to download any software before you can begin playing on a desktop or on a mobile device. Then, in 2013, NetEnt launched its first live casino games.

NetEnt Mobile Casino Games

NetEnt’s entry into live mobile gaming began after other software companies’, but it has become a major competitor in this area due to its already-established reputation in game development.

Today, NetEnt Live mobile software is hugely popular, offering tens of thousands of hours of live streamed games every month. There are real croupiers running games in 25 languages, with software that allows you to fully customize your mobile experience.

NetEnt offers live blackjack and roulette games, but the real appeal comes from their interface. Their graphics are sharp and appealing, and their features include the ability to have a nearly unlimited number of players at the same time.

NetEnt Live Casino Games

NetEnt’s live roulette is the standard European version of the game, although there are some casinos which offer the same game with French rules as well. The interface is clean, clear, and easy to understand. You can customize the background, and for those that like additional information, there are lists of previous winners and the numbers that are running hot and cold.

NetEnt live blackjack allows for seven players at one time, and it provides clear visual menus with all your game options. There is also additional information on the screen showing recent wins and some player percentages.

NetEnt’s Common Draw Blackjack version allows an infinite number of players at a single table at same time. The interface is exactly the same, but there is only one betting spot at the table that all players use.

Additional features

In all of these games, there is a chat function available so you can talk to the other gamers. Some online casinos even use this feature to allow you to interact with the dealer.

If you are playing on a site that allows you to play multiple tables, there is a slider on screen that allows you to see all of your games and their stakes.

Bonus Structures

NetEnt software also powers the bonus packages for many online casinos. It is the system that allows casinos to offer free play to first-timers who want to test the games before committing to a bet. It’s also the software that powers automatic welcome bonuses and free spins without you needing to enter any special codes.

FAQ: All About NetEnt - Top Provider of Live Casino Games

What is NetEnt, and what does it do?

NetEnt, short for Net Entertainment, is a leading provider of casino software, mainly known for its live casino games. The company is based in Sweden and has been a prominent player in the online gaming industry since its inception. With over 130 popular slot games and an extensive live casino component, NetEnt has significantly impacted the online gaming world.

What types of games does NetEnt offer through NetEnt Live?

NetEnt Live provides a variety of live casino games, including blackjack and roulette, where players can engage with real dealers and croupiers. Their live component was developed to mimic the experience of being in a physical casino. NetEnt's games are known for their high-quality graphics, intuitive interfaces, and unique features like real-time chat and customization options.

How did NetEnt contribute to online gaming innovations?

NetEnt has been a pioneer in online gaming, primarily notable for its innovation in instant play technology, which allows players to start playing directly without downloading software. The company launched its first live casino games in 2013 and has become a significant competitor in live mobile gaming. Their ability to provide real-time streaming and customization has set them apart in the industry.

How does NetEnt's live mobile gaming compare to other providers?

NetEnt entered the live mobile gaming market later than some of its competitors but quickly became a major player due to its strong reputation in game development. Their live mobile software is top-rated, offering tens of thousands of hours of live-streamed games monthly. The games feature real croupiers in 25 languages and provide fully customizable mobile experiences.

What features make NetEnt Live's interface appealing?

NetEnt Live's interface is user-friendly, with sharp graphics and clean designs. The interface allows for easy customization, and players can see previous winners and current hot and cold numbers in games like roulette. Their blackjack games are similarly well-designed, offering clear visual menus and relevant information on wins and player percentages.

What are the unique features of NetEnt's blackjack games?

NetEnt's blackjack games, like their Common Draw Blackjack, allow an unlimited number of players at a single table. Their versions of blackjack offer clear visual menus with game options and provide information on recent wins and player percentages. Additionally, their interface is customizable, enhancing the player's experience.

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