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Heist Slot​

Heist Slot is an electronic game created by the famous gaming developers who have a development company called Bet Soft. This electronic game is made up of 30 payment lines and 5 rolls. This electronic game is built in a very wonderful way and the music in the background is exciting and contains a classic story. This game allows the player to profit more money through wild symbols and through distribution symbols. The game is not available for the moment in the Bet Soft platform but later it will also have links to operating systems: Linux and Mac and no need to download the game in order to play with it.


Where to Play Heist Slot​ for Real Money:

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The theme of the game is very intriguing and gamers have brought this game in a very interesting way because the main character who is a bank robber is always in the race with the detective who tries to catch him. The thief is very brave and the only one its purpose is to get into the hut and steal the money that is available. The detective must be careful in order to keep all the money.

The game has a lot of magic and at the same time many emotions and monetary benefits. A player who decides to play this game at first has a very impressive impact from the background music that makes the player experience more intuitive emotions, as well as graphics and the visual aspect of all the game has very impressive notions.


The player will initially be charmed by the colors of the diamonds that appear so beautiful and will soon fall in love with them. Heist Slot also has the main and most important symbols of all the game, of course, make it even more beautiful. Some of the most important symbols are: Diamonds, The Vault, Bank Blueprints, the lock.Heist Slot is a game that has many potential benefits based on the appropriate combinations that a player does. Naturally, the player must be careful and quiet in how he will manage the game.

The slots consist of 5 rolls in which the player can play and can also set the values to play with, he can also activate Max Bet Spin a feature that enables the player to choose the winning lines.An example where the player can refer is if the player places 3 symbols by activating the Glass Cutter function. This feature creates the player’s ability to choose and then decides to qualify for the immediate prize. The player can activate free rolls, extra credits or activate the function of bonus rounds.

The player may also want to win wild symbols that are also important and increase the chance of winning money. If the player places a C4 symbol then he will win the badge whenever the player wins in one of the rolls he will double its own revenue, but the player may also restrict the movement to the next lap. The player can be shown attentively to activate the bonus round must at least place 3 Vault symbols and then the player has the freedom to choose the method: crack the code, demolition, safe cracker.

Distribution Symbols, and especially 3 Scatter Drills, will bring profitability if tripled, fourfold and five fold then have the ability to yield multiple currencies that start from the value of 150 and reach the multiplier of 5 to 750. This slot from how it is built and the central theme that has is compared to a famous and well-known movie all over the Hit Man world and is really similar. The game can make you feel really like a movie character or if you are in real life.

Game’s Features and Monetary Value

Heist Slot is a very interesting game created by Bet Soft and is never too disappointing at any moment. Anyone who wants to play this game should be informed that Heist Slot is a very lucrative game and do not stop enjoying the beauty of this game: The game contains a very interesting and intriguing thematic, it is created based on very interesting figures and symbols, it also has very interesting rules and gives the player the opportunity to win bonus rounds and creates the possibility of the benefits.

Heist Slot creates the betting option for the player and he is able to set certain values ranging from minimum to maximum. In the 5 available rolls, the player can set monetary values ranging from NZD 0.02 to NZD 0.05 and the player is able to play and place bets on it all. The highest bet value is 150 coins and the highest monetary value the player can take is 2500 coins. The player is good to play at all by being trying to win the maximum.


Bet Soft Gaming is a company that has developed electronic games in a very interesting way and each of the games has its own feature. The game enables great and very nice emotions as the player is immediately fond of everything that the game offers. Bet Soft as always is not at all disappointing the game always creates for all the people great emotions. You are welcome to play and enjoy! If you want to be part of this game you can only download and install and you can have it in your personal device.

Software Betsoft
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.05
Max. Bet 1
Jackpot 60
Slot RTP 95.5%

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