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Mad Scientist Slot​

Bet Soft is always amazing with the games it launches and all the games that this development company has derived have been at a very high level. The game we are going to mention now is a game that is fatigue with a lab and with great experiments and very important to a scientist. The movie is called Mad Scientist and is a slot consisting of 5 rolls and 20 lines available to set betting coefficients and to make the right combinations. The game is not currently on the Togo platform but a sequence of games can be found and players will have the chance to play after the games are in Windows and Linux.


Where to Play Mad Scientist Slot​ for Real Money:

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Game Theme and Design

The game has a very interesting theme and the design of the game also has realism nuances inside. The game’s theme is very clear from the title of the game and it is about a scientist who has a subterranean lab and is at all times looking to draw the next invention. This time he has discovered a chemical formula to transform all objects into gold. But a major problem with the scientist is that he has no interest in looking for rare inventions, he is just a hungry man for money and all this effort with fatigue and hardship makes him want to have plenty of weal th .The scientist tries hard to get and reward them, but now he needs someone else to help him experiment.


The game naturally uses all the symbols that relate to science and some of the symbols that scientists have and which mostly use are: Voltage High, Atomic Model, Microscope, Giga Watts Metter and Tube Test. Like all other games at Bet Soft, this game also has many benefits that the player can feel appreciated. The game uses wild symbols and distribution symbols that give the player a lot of advantages. Like all other games rediscovered by Bet Soft in addition to the ease of use, the games have many benefits and one of these benefits are the main symbols that are divided into wild symbols and distribution symbols.

Wild Symbols and Bonus

Wild Symbols are the ones that increase the value of money whenever possible combinations are made. The wild symbol in this game is the Blackboard symbol which is very important and Return is the distribution symbol. If the player finds more than 3 passwords then he can win up to 250 coins. As the game is mentioned, there is a huge chance of monetizing money. The Mad Scientist game is a game that focuses on scientists studying various chemical formulas to convert any object to gold. If the player has a line more than 3 Beaker symbols can then benefit the bonus round. The player will be paid based on the conversion of objects that can be converted into gold, bronze or silver. Also, the game has the option of activating the Round to Bio-Pick and this bonus is activated when the player has 3 or more Hizard icons and this bonus can pay the player up to 175 coins and the multiplier will be multiplied depending on the bet every player has in a line. The player can place coins that range from 0.02 to 0.5. The player can play with different values and can play up to 20 lines but can also set the maximum bet amount that can reach up to 100 coins. The player has the option to gain more monetary value only when placing the maximum bet.

The Craziest Machine Ever

Mad Scientist is a very nice and very enjoyable game, although many people may look old-fashioned in style as they create the idea of school and experiment, of course, the game is beautiful and exciting because the colors used, the sounds and animations are accomplished in a very good way. Imagine how nice it is to now find in a machine a game that allows the player to enjoy a real story and now to be present in a game. Mad Scientist is a game that, besides emotions, also gives the player emotions and positive feelings.

Available in Online Casino

If you want to play this game, you can find it available in online casinos that are created by Bet Soft and there is a large collection of online games. You are welcome to watch casinos online and understand how many games there are and where to find yourself because online casinos are similar to real-life casinos and see which games are more rewarding. You can also find a manual on how to play the game and some of the ways the player can play the game are listed below. The player must first choose the currency they will play and choose the size of the currency, then choose the lines in which you want to play and which lines are free to make the right combinations. Once you have made these moves you have to choose the bet you will place in a line that may be the minimum bet or the maximum bet. The maximum bet is the bet with which the player will benefit more money and in this way will win more money.

Auto Play Features

In this game, there is also an Auto Play feature. The player should know how much money he will spend in order to be rewarded. Bet Soft has always built games not too difficult to use and so every player can play without problems. The way the platform is built is nice and simple so the player is left alone to know how to do the moves in order to receive the deserved reward. Saying and above the player should know how to use the existing buttons in order to serve them to collect money. Everyone is welcome to play this game because it is totally easy and everyone can play. People just have to download and Install.

Software Betsoft
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.05
Max. Bet 1
Jackpot 1000
Slot RTP 96%

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