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Mamma Mia Slot

Let’s mention another Slot that has created Bet Soft that is as important as the other slots created by this video game developer. Mother Mia is another tearful and profitable lottery that is made up of 5 rows and 30 available lines to make possible combinations.


Where to Play Mamma Mia Slot for Real Money:

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Game Graphics Designs and Color

This slot is very diverse, the color, graphics, design, and features of this game favor the player to make money and pleasure. The game is keeping alive and fascinating by the sounds and from the animations that make it intriguing. Mamma Mia is a slot that has some special features compared to other games created by Bet Soft because when it comes to hanging wild symbols it is possible to gain free spins and increase the chances of gaining bigger money if the player plays carefully and makes the right combinations.

Electronic Game

Mamma Mia Slot is an electronic game that is built in accordance with Mac, Windows, and Linux and can be found in electronic devices but not on mobile devices. The game has a very interesting theme because in this game as the main character is an Italian chef who cooks Italian foods that are famous all over the world. The cooker Salvadore doesn’t disappoint anybody with their own culinary skills as well as with the companions that make the food with famous Italian wines. The focus is that the player will make the role of Salvadore is serving the best possible people. Everyone will get positive impressions and will also benefit from great and wonderful prices. The game is not difficult to play simply has to be understood first and then there is no difficulty. The player needs to match the symbols from one side to the other and some of the most important symbols of this game are: Pizza, Dishes, Boiling Water, Menu, Chef Salvadore and Food Critic.


There are 9 symbols that are worth the effort. If the player has 5 Chefs symbols on a certain payout line then he has a lot of opportunities to increase his earnings by bringing in 500 coins. Another feature that can be activated here is the Locking Wilds function that can increase the player’s ability to win lots of money. To enable this feature, the player must click on the buttons that are displayed and are yellow button buttons which are located below the betting buttons. Slots Mamma Mia also consists of wild symbols and distribution symbols that increase the player’s profit potential. One such symbol in this game is the Pizza symbol, if the player has more than 3 Pizza symbols in an available line then you will have the opportunity to get the free spins and return to the Pizza ingredients which may be: Tomato, Pepperoni, Onions, and Olives. Once you make the right combinations the cooker serves a Pizza and he gets the full reward by rotation. Bet Soft has created its entire program and all its games can be offered a bonus round on the second screen and this round is triggered when they hit more than 3 Menu symbols. In the Bonus Round, the player is able to work with The Chef, who will help him choose the food to send food criticism, and the critic appreciates the food. While he gives to the player the best impression that he is going to be rewarded with the highest credit round.  Another key is the Click me button, which is activated only when the player hits 3 or more food symbols.


The player can set the currency they want with values ranging from NZD 0.02 to NZD 0.05, but the player can also place the bet he wants from NZD 1-5 for each row. The player is likely to benefit from a lot of revenue reach up to NZD 150, but the player is able to profit and the big prize that can reach up to NZD 12,500. The cheerful chef is the one who welcomes the players and makes them feel happy that they are part of this game. He will accompany all the action with songs and will comment on any action that the player occasionally takes in the right tools of the kitchen and he welcomes everyone that wants to be part and to want be rewarded. The chef is totally friendly and the animations and the colors of the game are really impressions. The game consists of very exciting and beautiful graphics that give the player a sense of real life and serving a traditional Italian chef with his wonderful cooking, pizza, spices, and wines. The Chef is a totally happy person because he loves his job and he loves eating too!

Welcome to Play

The players who love eating and rewarding are welcome to play and to feel the great emotions that the game serves. The player must know the way the game is played to know how to make the possible combinations. Simply the player must choose the currency, it size and then place his bet on every line he plays, of course, he has to choose and the number of lines that will use. The player can use the maximum bet or minimum bet on the entire game and can also activate the Auto Play button. Mamma Mia Slot is a very nice game and very easy to play and the music on the background is very intriguing and gives the player a lot of priority to go ahead. For playing the game is very simple because Bet Soft is never disappointing all the values that are placed, bets and payment lines are accurate and clear. The player is impressed by the colors and animations that are placed in the game.

Game Backgound

The background music is very interesting and can earn more money if you set the right amount of money and if it does the right combination. Everyone is welcome to come and play this game and to feel rewarded. The player can download and install the game and play in every time they want and enjoy

Software Betsoft
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.02
Max. Bet 1
Jackpot 500
Slot RTP 95%

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