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Play Book of Oz Slot Game - Free Bonus & Spins


In all approaches where the Book of Oz is tested, the great work of Microgaming can be evidenced. Awesome prizes can take you to the adventure of the incredible mystery hidden behind the symbols of this much sought after game. All the potential it has is a game provider has been evidenced in the cleanliness of the entire game.

A difficult aspect of this slot is a simple game that any player can develop if he wants to win large sums. What differentiates this slot from others is the fact of placing the Respin component that differentiates it from others. In the same way, you can have the option of spinning the reels individually so that you have a chance of winning.

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Book of Oz Slot Screenshots

Enjoy the mystery that Book of Oz gives you

The entire design of this slot is focused on the mystery of the oz book that plunges you into the mystery. All symbols are focused on this magical story so that you feel part of it during the time you invest. The first thing you will notice is that in the background are the magical symbols representing the magic of classical sorcerers.

In another aspect, each of the magical functions of the game transports players to a fantasy world. The bonuses allow players to feel part of the story by doing magic with every spin they make. It has 5 reels that have 25 pay lines so that the chances of winning are open to you.

Within the Respins function, you can anchor any of the reels as many times as you want for a single bet cost. This generally gives players the option to find winning options or combinations to achieve the proposed objectives. In another aspect, you can also make free shots when you exit this function so you can take advantage of this amazing function.

Let the bets begin!

All you need to know before betting is the 5 reels that this slot has and its methods. All slots retain the original form by implementing the mathematical algorithms that give a result when the spins stop. The cost of each spin has a different estimate for each local currency where this wonderful game is played.

Software Microgaming
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 10
Slot Game Features Bonus Rounds Wild Symbol Multipliers Scatters Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.10
Max. Bet 25
Jackpot 1000
Slot RTP 96.31%

Speaking of a solid currency in the world, it is estimated that minimum spins of 0.10 Euros can be made starting. Similarly for players who do not mind risking more money they can place bets for 25 Euros, this of course making it clear that the currency may vary depending on the country of origin and internal conditions.

Each casino manages its own game limits in a unified way, so you can start with the lowest bet. Whenever you use a casino to play you must comply with registration before accessing any of their online games. The welcome bonus issues correspond to the casino you choose for your bets and their generosity with the players.

Microgaming as a Book of Oz provider

This company has created this game with all the responsibility that its slots work for all possible players. All the development of the spins is given by giving the best players up to 25 free spins to play. In this perspective, this company has shown the value it has for players to trust this original slot.

To explain a little more in-depth this game provider implements important symbols so that you are always a winner. The symbols that monkeys bonus possibilities get are represented by the traditional cards K, J, Q, 10 and A. Of course, these are not the only symbols that should be considered after each game and can make the most of it.

When symbols of hearts, books, keys, and magicians come out you can find better bonuses during those symbols when you make a turn. Another symbol that you should not miss its meaning is the book that features the wild card of the gameif you manage to remove the symbol of 5 times. Magician, you can take 500 times the value of the bet you made.

One of the most global casino gaming industries

You know that casino games are one of the entertainment factors that many young people use to win. Similarly, all Microgaming slots are being one of the industries that have distributed more money worldwide. After taking out 2 magicians and missing only one the Respins turns out to be a very valuable ally that you will use.

From this point of view, this industry is very global since people from all over the world can achieve goals. Those who know the functions of this slot have been able to find a way to have the results you expect in a short time. One thing that you should take into account regardless of the casino you choose is not to stop the spins without reason.

What it does is that it decreases the chances of getting the Respins you need so much to get the most out of it. After collecting 4 to 5 books in scattered plays you can get free spins so you must be aware. Try to make a good configuration of your games so that you get the best results after each play made.


The Book of Oz has not been the only slot that has been created for similar storybook stories. However, this has achieved the best worldwide recognition of all giving new possibilities to earn more money. Every time you discover new ways to earn money with this slot you will be one step closer to victory.

The Respins function will always be your best alloy when you use real money in bets generating possibilities to always win. Follow the internal instructions of each casino so you do not stop earning money for violating their policies to play. Remember that from persistence you can achieve victory; you just have to have confidence in yourself after placing your bets.

A large majority of players who use this slot pursue the adventure behind their spins. No doubt the magic does not wait if you get your original set to multiply achieve up to 500 times. Always look for the rules of the game and then get the best out of it without breaking them when you make the turns.

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