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Michelangelo Slot

Michelangelo is a slot machine with a five by three distribution, which currently has an incredible popularity in casinos around the world.The most common slot games have a general feature that is spin to play. Well, the Michelangelo slot instead of turning like the other games, to fill the screen: he falls from the top of it.

Players cannot miss the opportunity to play a game like this, as loaded with Renaissance art and culture as Michelangelo. This betting game is compatible with iPhones and Mac computers.Will the slot games and the cultural movement reproduce in Europe known as “the Renaissance” have something to do with them?


Michelangelo Slot
Michelangelo Slot

Where to Play Michelangelo Slot for Real Money:

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A man named Michelangelo is that something, or someone who relates them. Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni (1475-1564), better known as Michelangelo; He was an extremely important artist, poet,and sculptor from an early age until his long days on earth, in the European Renaissance movement and he is still an artist remembered by history. Of course, worthy of a tribute given by a software developer, who has decided to create a betting machine with up to ninety nine pay lines with the very common five reels and three rows that was inspired by this great artist, sculptor, architect of the Renaissance that took place in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries.

No one can deny the charm of Michelangelo

This betting machine traces in it one of the most popular works of Michelangelo, which is the white marble sculpture of King David, another sculpture of a female not very prominent and also the statue of Moses. Apart from these mentioned above, it counts graphs like the letter M, the one that grants more credits and the graphics of letters A, letters K and letters Q.

A game like this can have ninety-nine lines, but these are adjustable to the amount the player really considers playing. You can choose from a single line, progressively increase to ten, twenty, fifty, the number you like most or choose the ninety-nine in total. The minimum bet can be zero-zero (0.01) credit and the maximum bet for a serious turn of ninety-nine credits, which is considered an extremely flexible range to what the player can really bet, There are those users who would like to play without sacrificing all their money.

Michelangelo allows everyone to play equally, from those who have a lot of money available and those who also have little of it. Although it is good to emphasize that the more you put, the more you earn.Michelangelo also has an option of automatic play and start rounds of turns followed one another. Select the spin button and choose the number of rounds, which must be at least five.To the reels set in motion, the graphics will come together in fall.

As explained above, the graphics of this game will not turn as in other betting machines. But they will fall from the top and if you get to obtain the right combination of graphics to obtain prizes, the graphics that make up this combination will explore as bubbles and open up space so that other graphics fall back from the top and refill the screen.These types of game dynamics completely different from the common one increase the probabilities of obtaining bonuses in each fall, which makes this type of reels very popular.

The Michelangelo betting machine has a ninety-four point percentage (94.9%) of the return of bets. This is extremely extraordinary because not all games have a percentage as high as this.Fans of Renaissance art will know the extraordinary bonuses offered by a slot machine-like Michelangelo.Michelangelo’s chart is one of those charts that gives more credits to players, it can offer up to five thousand credits if it falls: it takes place on all five reels and in the same row.

Of course, this Michelangelo betting machine has free spins that are obtained with the “free games” graphics; they can only see it falling into reels number one, number two and number three. The bonus of a combination like this is just four free spins. Attention, this only if the graphics of free games fell all in the same line.There is a chance that these free games graphics fall into completely different game lines at once because these combinations are also accepted and the free rounds are added together.

The basic mode and free spins mode have the probability if a combination that brings profit to the player occurs; the function referred to as “tumblingreels” explodes said graphics that cause the prize to be awarded and gives free positions to others graphics that will fall later. This fall of graphics will not end until you get new key combinations to get more prizes.

It should be noted that slot games usually have a single wildcard, which is the main and most powerful one. Michelangelo does not have a single wild graphic, but two of them. These will appear on different reels, so you will never see both of them on the same reel and these will replace the other graphics without any problems.The wild Red Ruby graphic will take place only on the number one, number two and a number of reels during the free spins mode, while in the base game the wild graph may fall on the number two, number three and number four reels, without power take the place of the “free games” graphic, the scatter of the game.

Pros and Cons

It is a little disappointing that although this game has different combinations for the player to get bonuses, this is not easy to reboot.Many critics allege that the game lacks many things and details; because this looks unfinished and although it has an incredible source of inspiration as it is this incredible and recognized artist considered the most incredible that the planet could have ever had, it did not bring enough imagination for those who were in charge of developing it.

The creative company did not take much into account the impact that a slot machine could generate with a topic as historic as this one; the effort to make this machine even better was not as great as it could have been. Well, it gave just enough for the graphics and bonuses to be as nice as the fact of being created more than eight years ago can allow the graphics are: not very incredible compared to the most current.

This slot game is not available for players from the United States of America or Canada, nor will it be available online with the option to invest real money. Anyway, the hopes are not lost yet. Players who want to experience a similar experience can get many similar games in virtual casinos; accessing the different lists they have available in their portals.

To play the Michelangelo slots on the internet, do not ask players to register or download any application; this game of bets can be enjoyed after waiting for it to download in a common virtual casino and to spend the time playing for free without any restrictions; The player will not have to worry about sacrificing his money, and in each loss the only thing he will really lose is nothing but fake and virtual money without any value.

Software High5
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 99
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.01
Max. Bet 99
Jackpot 5000
Slot RTP 94.9%

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