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Discover the Best Playing Card Brands for Poker, Blackjack, Bridge, and More Casino Table Games

Playing card brands play a significant role in the world of tabletop gaming. Whether you're playing poker, blackjack, bridge, or any other classic card game, the quality and handling of the deck make a big difference in gameplay. Casinos and professional card rooms only use decks from the most reputable brands known for their durability, flexibility, and overall performance.

When it comes to playing card brands preferred for table games, a few names stand out from the rest. Bicycle, Bee, Copag, and Tally-Ho are the top brands for serious table gameplay. These cards are designed to withstand hours of shuffling and dealing while maintaining playability. Their markings are bold and clear, and they are coated for smoothness.

For casinos, it is crucial to partner with a reputable card manufacturer that can provide decks customized with their branding and design. Many casinos use Bicycle or Bee cards but will have them personalized with casino artwork and logos. Using branded cards helps casinos promote their brand while ensuring fair and consistent gameplay at tables.

Performance is still crucial for card magicians, flourishers, and amateur players, but customization may need to be more critical. Bicycle and Tally-Ho cards excel in cardistry and magic because of their handling and flexibility. For home poker or blackjack games, brands like Copag and Bicycle hold up well for frequent use.

This guide will explore the top playing card brands preferred for tabletop gameplay. We will cover how they compare handling, flexibility, durability, and customization options. We recommend the ideal decks for popular table games like poker, blackjack, and bridge.


Factors to Consider in Playing Cards for Table Games

When selecting playing cards for table games, there are several important factors to keep in mind:


Cards for table games must be durable enough to withstand hours of handling and shuffling. Typically, plastic cards will be more long-lasting than paper cards for casino use. However, brands like Bicycle use particular card stock and coatings to improve the lifespan of paper decks.


The flexibility of the cards is essential for certain table games like bridge. Cards need to bend easily for bridge players to handle their hands. Tally-Ho cards and Bicycle-brand paper cards are known for their flexibility.


A slick finish allows the cards to slide smoothly across the table during shuffling and dealing. It prevents cards from sticking together. Bee and Copag plastic cards have a slick finish perfect for smooth table gameplay.


Markings on the card indices need to be bold and clear. Gameplay must make suit symbols, numbers, and face card artwork evident even under dim casino lighting. Casino grade cards are designed with this in mind.


Many casinos want fully customized decks with their branding and artwork. Card manufacturers like Bicycle offer custom printing services to create casino-quality personalized cards.

Popular Playing Card Materials

There are a few common materials used to manufacture playing cards, each with their pros and cons:

  • Paper - The most affordable option but less durable. Bicycle paper cards use a coating to improve longevity. Great flexibility.
  • Plastic - Most durable but slicker and challenging to shuffle for some. Copag and Bee 100% plastic cards are perfect for casinos.
  • Composite - Layer plastic laminated to paper core. Improved durability with a paper feel. Ellusionist makes great composite cards.

Now that we've covered the key factors that make for excellent table game cards, let's look at some top brands and how they compare.

Top Playing Card Brands for Table Games



Bicycle is the most well-known and popular playing card brand among players and casinos.

Founded in 1885, Bicycle produces a wide variety of high-quality paper and plastic playing cards. Their Air Cushion paper decks are found in casinos worldwide and are preferred by professional poker players. The paper cards have an embossed texture and special coating, allowing them to resist oils and dirt while maintaining flexibility.

For plastic cards, Bicycle offers a 100% plastic "Prestige" deck and a "Duran" series with a plastic laminate bonded to a paper core for improved durability. Bicycle playing cards are available with standard or extensive indexes for optimal visibility. A vast selection of customized designs and finishes are offered.


Bee playing cards are a casino favorite known for their durability, consistency, and handling. These 100% plastic decks are designed to last through hours of play while maintaining smoothness.

The Bee brand was founded in 1892, and its modern Ace plastic decks are regarded as some of the highest-quality playing cards in the industry. Bee cards have a Cambric finish that provides just the right amount of slickness for easy shuffling and dealing. The cards also resist oils and liquids and can be easily wiped clean.

Bee cards are trusted to deliver consistent performance even after prolonged use for high-stakes table games. Their bold standard or extensive indexes ensure optimum readability. Fully customizable printing is available.


Copag playing cards are another top choice when only 100% plastic decks suffice. Known for their extreme durability, Copag cards are built to withstand hefty usage in casinos.

The finish on Copag cards provides excellent flexibility right out of the box. Many magicians prefer breaking in a new deck of Copags for card flourishing and magic routines because they handle it so smoothly. Their slick finish prevents card marking and makes it easy to mix or spring during cardistry moves.

Copag decks are also offered in large and giant index sizes for maximum visibility. Fully customized card designs can be printed on Copag decks while retaining their superior durability.


If you prefer the traditional feel of paper cards, Tally-Ho decks are a top choice for table game play. These paper cards have a light air cushion-style finish, allowing them to glide smoothly across the table. The finish also makes them resistant to dirt and oils.

What sets Tally-Ho cards apart is their fantastic flexibility right out of the box. The paper stock and embossing pattern give them a soft, malleable feel, perfect for advanced shuffling and card flourishing techniques. This also benefits bridge players who require pliable cards that won't damage easily.

Tally-Ho decks are available in circle, fan, and spread-back designs. While less durable than plastic cards, their flexibility and handling make them a top paper deck option.


While not typically used in casinos, Ellusionist playing cards deserve mention for card enthusiasts and magicians. Many of their specialty decks are made from a composite material, layering flexible paper between slick plastic sheets.

This gives an outstanding balance of durability and handling, perfect for card tricks and flourishing moves. Ellusionist also produces 100% plastic cards with original designs focused on artistry and magic. Their Black Tigers and Artifice decks are also excellent choices for table gameplay.

With a wide selection of back designs and special card finishes, Ellusionist decks have a loyal following in card magic and artistry. They offer decks explicitly built to enhance the sleight of hand, card springs, fans, and other card flourishing techniques.

Choosing the Right Deck for Different Table Games

Now that we've covered the major playing card brands, let's look at what to consider when selecting decks for popular table games:


For poker, you'll want a durable deck that can withstand many hours of play and frequent shuffling. Plastic cards like Copag and Bee hold up best for heavy poker use. Bicycle's Prestige line is also a good option.

Visibility is also vital - choose large index-size playing cards so markings are evident even in low light. Standard poker card back designs are lovely; players don't need to see the back.


Blackjack requires many of the same qualities as poker cards. Durability is paramount - plastic cards will fare better than paper. Significant index markings are also ideal for blackjack card visibility.

One difference is blackjack players handle and shuffle their cards. You may want a deck with more flexibility, like Tally-Ho or Bicycle paper cards. Just know paper decks will wear faster with individual player use.



For bridge, flexible, bendable cards are most important so players can comfortably hold a 13-card hand. Tally-Ho and Bicycle Air Cushion paper decks are preferred.

Plastic cards are typically too stiff and slippery for the bridge. But brands like Copag and Bee offer "bridge size" decks with a narrower width that enhances flexibility. Still, most bridge players will opt for bendy paper cards.

Three Card Poker

This popular casino table game has needs similar to poker and blackjack. Durability is critical as the dealer handles the cards extensively. Plastic Copag or Bee decks are great choices.

Significant index markings are also preferred for visibility. A slick finish facilitates smooth dealing and less clumping of cards. So plastic cards like Bee and Copag work well for three-card poker.

Buying Guide - Where to Buy Playing Cards for Table Games

Now that you know the top card brands and deck features for table games, where can you buy them? Here are some recommendations on where to get quality cards:

  • Amazon - Extensive selection of cards. Compare brands and prices. Check reviews. Prime shipping.
  • Rare Playing Cards - Specializes in unique custom decks. It also stocks popular brands.
  • Ellusionist - Good source for Ellusionist branded cards and accessories.
  • Shops of Manufacturers - Buy directly from brands like Bicycle, Copag, Bee, etc.
  • Brick and Mortar Shops - Local hobby and magic stores. Please inspect it in person before buying.
  • eBay - Find new and used playing card decks. Check seller ratings.

When buying cards online, check the shipping cost and delivery time. See if wholesale pricing is available on multiple decks. Look over the return policy in case you need to exchange decks.

In summary, when selecting playing cards for optimal table gameplay, key brands to look for are Bicycle, Bee, Copag, and Tally-Ho. Consider the specific game type and needs like flexibility, durability, handling, and visibility of card marking.

Casinos will want to partner with a reputable card manufacturer offering customized deck branding. For most table games, 100% plastic cards stand up to prolonged use, but paper cards provide more flexibility.

By choosing the right deck and caring for cards properly, a high-quality set of playing cards will provide excellent performance for many hours of table game play.

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