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Quick Hit Slot

The Quick Hit Slot machine is one of the most complete slots manufactured by Bally. The product of the great acceptance that reached this game in its first version, it became necessary to launch other games, with the same foundation, such as Quick Hit Black Gold, Quick Hit Pro, and Quick Hit Las Vegas.

Despite being present in the casinos, the originality of Quick Hit is still maintained among the players, because of its characteristic theme, which invites us to continue playing and to obtain increasing profits. One of the main characteristics of this company is to design very novel games with wonderful alternatives to obtain attractive sums of money in effect, while the player is having a happy and lively moment.


Quick Hit Slot

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Another innovation from Bally Technologies

The presentation of the game is very well programmed since it offers quite explicit graphics, which offer clarity and the sound effects are pleasant and tend to raise the excitement of the game. Quick Hit is a classic version of the most traditional games, which can be found in any casino. It is based on a few standards, which are extremely simple and easy to follow. The results of the game are obtained in a short time, which provides a greater opportunity to achieve more incredible prizes. Although the presentation is not very impressive and the methodology is not complicated, you can get fantastic rewards with this fruit game.

A little History

The company Bally Technologies is part of the Scientific Games Corporation, a pioneer in the launch of online casino games. Its beginnings go back to the year 1974 and it has more than four decades designing free games or with cash. Bally has launched the brand Quick Hit, with many titles, making this game belonging to the field of fruit slots, has an excellent acceptance among players, although it does not have very impressive graphics, the gains make this worthwhile.

Characteristic Symbols

This classic game offers icons such as 1Bar – 2Bar – 3Bar, number 7, Cherry and bell, present in red, white and black. In addition, Quick Hit and all the other games work in the most innovative system, known as “ALPHA 2 Pro Stepper”. Being one of the most refined techniques on slot environment, they offer the player simplicity to develop the game, which you will not find in other machines. Further, it does not consume too much energy, so it becomes more acceptable for the casino, not to mention that it has a state-of-the-art model. One of the privileges offered by the ALPHA 2 platform is that it has computerized systems, which provide greater performance and provide more speed for the graphics, to achieve gains in less time.

Have fun Quick Hit

Quick Hit is ideal for all players, who are fans of traditional games and like to keep insured, the money they have available to make bets. The presentation comes with five reels and thirty pay lines. There is the possibility to bet with cash, any or all lines at one time. Play with coins that go from a penny to ten cents. Bets have a maximum amount of 300 credits per spin.

You can also choose coins with different designations, which can vary from 1 cent to NZD50. For this reason, this game is a pretty good option for those who do not bet very high and for experts. The highest payments are 2500 credits; you can have the option to multiply this amount by the total amount of the bet. It also has the distinction of providing bonuses to increase rewards.

When you get a prize with Quick Hit online, a purple and black warning will appear on the screen, which attracts the attention of the player. This visual effect, combined with the sounds that the machine emits, gives the game a lot of emotion. Likewise, it is possible to bet a max of 600 credits, only with this game. This is a great attraction for the biggest bettors and offers a lot of options to increase profits.

The percentage and the frequency of options for the symbols of winning are very varied, ranging from 50.19% for the icons that are represented by 7 black and white, as for the stars and bars, 64.85% come out and the “Black Gold Wild” symbols have a 40% repeat. For the symbols that correspond to the Jackpot Triple Blazin Sevens, they appear in a similar way to the 7s, that is to say, a little more than 50%, with which there is a high possibility of hitting with an icon of the game.

As for the bonus rounds, this Bally design has some excellent alternatives, presents the option, very tempting, to play with the opportunity to reach a well that is growing, as the game runs on the five reels. This accumulated amount in the progressive pot is displayed on the machine’s screen, at the top. The characteristics of this pot are related to each machine since the account is carried in each specific slot.

The amount of the payments leaves the player quite satisfied and, in addition to the simplicity of the same, they constitute important causes, for which Quick Hit is so sought after by the players in all the casinos. With Quick Hit, the player has the great possibility of obtaining a maximum amount of 7500 credits. This amount of credits is multiplied (x) by the value of the currency, to achieve a fairly large reward.

The alternative of activating the amount of pot accumulated during the game, in 1 of the 5 reels, is a wonderful privilege that the player can use to win immense prizes for formidable amounts. The wildcard is represented by the icon Firs, which is identified with an emblem of “Wild Jackpot”. This wildcard has a very high payout value and can replace the other icons in the game, minus other special symbols. The Scatter is represented by a “Bonus Games” logo, when three scatters appear on the first line or on the second, third and fourth reels on a single play; you will be rewarded with a bonus round, which brings free spins.

The Mobile Version

Finally, the Quick Hit game for mobile, iPhone and Android is now available. If the player requires having the application on the mobile, it can be downloaded directly from the App Store. This application comes with the same features and has a similar theme, which is shown in the machines that are in the casinos of Las Vegas. The extraordinary sharpness of the graphics, the condition of the game, in terms of emotion and fun has priority in this application.

In addition, it offers a system of very simple controls, an option to find the winnings, a rewards room to invest prizes, a ranking list, a series of rounds with extremely special bonuses, progressive pot, credit gain and a technique that closes the coil, among many more. The only disadvantage of the mobile application is that it is not possible to play it with cash. If the player wishes to bet with real coins, then he should look for a slot machine, since this application is only for gambling credits.

Software Bally Technologies
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 30
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.30
Max. Bet 30
Jackpot 150000
Slot RTP 94.06%

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