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Play Rockabilly Wolves Slot Game - Free Bonus & Spins


Launched by Microgaming in collaboration with Just for the Win, Rockabilly Wolves is a simple slot casino game with a great graphical user interface. It is simple to play and can be found on all top casino websites. With a high RTP and winning probability, Rockabilly Wolves has a rocking design, simple functionality and great chances of winning, which makes it a game that you should try at least once. The online casino slot game also offers a variety of bonuses including money prizes and free spins. We will discuss all the major features of Rockabilly Wolves in this review so that whenever you’re playing the slots game for the first time, you don’t end up making decisions that you later regret. Read on. 

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Rockabilly Wolves Slot Screenshots

General Details

  • Game: Rockabilly Wolves
  • Reels: 5
  • Pay lines: 20
  • Coins Range: 0.10 to 50.00
  • Free Spins: 9-12
  • Multiplier: 2-6x

We have discussed the major features of Rockabilly Wolves below. Take a look.

Slot Features


With a RTP or Return to Person rate of 96.06%, Rockabilly Wolves offers high chances of winnings. RTP of 96.06% implies that as a player if you bet 100 coins in Rockabilly Wolves, the probability of you winning the game is approximately 97%. So, this slot game offers a good chance to win and a person who’s new to the slots game can begin with small bets and then gradually move to larger bets, once she’s well versed with Rockabilly Wolves slots.


Rockabilly Wolves offers a very simple user interface and simple graphics to players that make its gameplay more effective than the others. With Rockabilly Wolves, you can focus on the slots 

Software Microgaming
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 20
Slot Game Features Bonus Rounds Wild Symbol Multipliers Scatters Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.1
Max. Bet 50
Jackpot 20
Slot RTP 96.03%

game without getting distracted. The background of the game screen is inspired by caricatured graphics and the symbols have a 50’s fragrance to them.

The most important symbols in the game include letters in the alphabet A, K, Q and J, cherries, eight balls, and a wolf. The wolf is rocking and the letters are inspired from a card deck and are designed in a simple manner. The rocking wolf holds the most value in Rockabilly Wolves and can generate 20 times of your bid if it pops up. There is a Wild Symbol too that can replace all symbols.

Bonus modes:

Rockabilly offers multiple avenues to extract bonus out of the spins you undertake. Bonuses can be achieved in different ways to gain different results. The amount of bonus you receive depends on the symbols, their quantity and their presence on the reels. When looking for free spins as a bonus, try to land the free spins symbol on more than one reel. When you manage to do so, you win a free spin to re-spin the reels and enter the bet again. This occurs often and lands you in good bets more times than not.

When you land more than 2 of these symbols of free spin on the reels, you get 9 more spins as a reward. As soon as your number exceeds 3, a multiplier is added for every individual symbol which starts at a minimum of 2x and extends up to 6x. The maximum real money that a player can win in an individual spin in Rockabilly Wolves is £120,000.

So, Rockabilly offers a number of opportunities in the form of free spins and bonuses to claim big wins in the online casino game. One of the reasons for its popularity, the best thing about these bonus modes is that they do not come with a lot of risk, and can be bet for a minimum bet of £0.1.


The design for the Rockabilly Wolves is so simple that the word Wild written in capitals itself represents the wild symbol of the game. It is a powerful symbol that can replace all other symbols in Rockabilly Wolves.  Wild symbols come with a lot of free spin opportunities and chances to multiply your bets in a single spin.


Rockabilly Wolves is simple in every sense; be it design, functionality or feature. The jackpot in Rockabilly Wolves is also extremely simple. When you manage to get a good number of wild symbols on your reels along with the rocking wolf symbol, you get an opportunity to draw the major jackpot of the game.

This can be achieved by collecting rewards such as bonuses that come from wild symbols and the multipliers earned in the consecutive free spins ahead. On your day, you’ll be able to maximize your winnings that are 6400 times of the actual bet you’ve placed. This is possible as the number of symbols is multiplied by 6 times here to achieve this number. A big jackpot for a low-risk game indeed.

Final Verdict

Rockabilly Wolves is a simple game with limited features and graphics. It is an online slot game for people who believe in trying their luck peacefully rather than in a club. The most amazing thing about Rockabilly Wolves is that all you need to play this game across all electronic devices such as mobiles, desktops and laptops is the internet and your registration. Make sure to check the authenticity of the online casino website before playing with real money, and read reviews to know what it holds for you.

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