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Rooks Revenge Slot

The newest 3D video slots game is a feature from BetSoft named Rook’s Revenge. The theme is based on the proud and beautiful Aztec civilization of Mexico that flourished 500 years ago until the Spanish Conquistadores showed up unexpectedly with horses, fire sticks and epidemics previously unknown to the indigenous people.

Rook’s Revenge is a great way to rediscover and relive some of the salient points of a great culture and civilization. Although the graphics are bright and sharp, the artwork itself is rather crude for my taste. The characters and artifacts appeara lot like those in the movie “Shrek” and to have been drawn by high-schoolers who only half-heartedly aspire to become graphics artists.


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I have to admit that the name of the game threw me for a loop at first. I approached the game expecting it to be based on a chess game, with the rook (the horse) seeking revenge against a foe who had killed its rider or the king — or a Eurasian blackbird. But lo and behold, the game’s motif is Aztecan instead.

The animations, however, are top notch and Chief Rook must agree because he likes to dance a variety of jigs whenever you win a prize. To win at this game you will have to travel alongside Chief Rook to find treasure and enhance your stake. The reels and background are filled with Aztecan artifacts, the number magical number 825, sounds, totems, carved masks, and Bonus Spins.

Game Strategy

Rook’s Revenge features five reels with 25 paylines that combine to offer you up to 31 winning combinations. That should give you ample opportunities to win often and big. Plus, the game’s algorithm is tweaked to give you over 94% RTP (return to player), which represents the percentage of wins a gamer can expect per 1,000 games over a stated period of time.The jackpot is limited to 12,500 coins based on a minimum to a maximum bet of 25 coins to 125 coins, respectively.

On each payline, you can put 1 to 5 coins. Coins come in denominations of NZD0.02 to NZD1. Recognizing that some people are so excited to be in a real Las Vegas casino or sitting at home in their pajamas at the laptop anxious to play that they don’t want to waste time fidgeting with buttons and knobs to set the game up, Rook’s Revenge offers to automatically start the first game with a pre-set bet of NZD0.10 placed on each payline. Of course, this can be easily modified to reflect your preferences by pressing the buttons and knobs on the gaming console or your computer’s keyboard.

Bonus Features

The golden mask represents the Scatter symbol, while the Wild is represented by the mundane question mark. The Wild symbol traditionally assists you in getting a winning combination by substituting itself for all less powerful symbols on a payline; the exception is the more powerful Scatter Symbol. The appearance of a Scatter symbol on the screen will award you a relatively rare Bonus Spin. Advance players with deep pockets can wager as much as NZD125 coins on every reel and during every spin. The Wild symbol appears only on the 4th, 3rd, and 2nd reels.

Scatters can only appear on the third, second and first paylines. You get 10 Bonus Spins if you land 3 Scatter symbols on a payline and they come with multipliers of at least 15x for your 4th prize or 3x for your 1st winning combination. The Bonus Spins can be triggered and retriggered by lining up the correct symbols for a match. This clearly has the potential of allowing you to reach high roller status as your winnings continue to mount up.

As we have seen, the key to hitting it really big during play is the prize multipliers. It’s easy to trigger the multipliers. Once you press the Spin button and base play starts, the winning symbols explode allowing additional icons to tumble downward. The game’s algorithm is set so that in most cases the falling symbols will automatically give you winning combinations. After the first winning combination, the multipliers kick in, and the multipliers increase themselves after continued wins. Soon your coins will be adding up enough to load your virtual pockets with a lot of loot!

Don’t forget with each win Chief Rook puts on a dancing show for you as he animates himself around the reels and paylines in a gesture of support of your successes. His dances are accompanied by explosions of celebrations that signal the appearance of the helpful multipliers and abundant Bonus Spins.


Well, you see how exciting this game is from BetSoft. It seems that Rook’s Revenge (I still don’t understand this title) is keen to give you all the money he can in the form of coins and prizes every chance he gets. That alone is enough to keep you playing this slots game frequently and to tell your friends about it.

Software Betsoft
Slot Types Video Slots
Reels 5
Paylines 25
Slot Game Features Wild Symbol, Scatters, Free Spins
Min. Bet 0.02
Max. Bet 1
Jackpot 2500
Slot RTP 94.5%

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